The Men behind the scenes are Dick and Alex Heidenberger, father and son, owners of Café Soleil. (Shown Above)

Dick began his entrepreneurial restaurant ventures over 30 years ago with the opening of the Bottom Line. The restaurant industry has been the “Heidenberger” way ever since. Now there are 13 businesses with the entire Heidenberger family contributing to their success.

Before Dick was the driving force behind The DC Restaurant Group, he was one of the most notorious bartenders in DC in the 80’s and 90’s, working seven days a week at the Bottom Line and The Madhatter.  Alex began his career scooping ice cream in Crystal City, VA at one of Dick’s ice cream parlors appropriately named Dickey’s.  He went on manage the Bethany Beach, DE location for a summer before moving to Mango’s to bus tables and work the omlette station for Saturday and Sunday brunch.  Alex explains, “It is all I ever known! I’ve never really had a choice, but I loved working with my father and brother. There is nothing better than working side by side with your best buddies, my Dad and Brother!” Alex continued working at Mango’s as a server, then as a bartender with his brother Eric (who you can see every weekend at The Madhatter), before he moved up to managing Mango’s.  He continued working at Mango’s for the past 13 seasons before the opportunity with Café Soleil came to fruition.  In December of 2009, Alex partnered with his father to become part of a new family here in the District.  “Café Soleil has been a very fulfilling experience.” Alex says, “I love our staff here, the energy is so great, and the customers are wonderful. The best part of the restaurant business for me is the sense of family, not just with my Dad and Brother, but with all of the staff and customers. In any of my Dad’s restaurants, I always have a ‘buddy’.” The atmosphere at Café Soleil embodies the “Heidenberger way,” and the Heidenbergers promise to make you feel welcome and at home.

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