Are Shun Knives Good? – An Ultimate Guide To Shun Knives

The Shun knives are favorite cutlery coming from Japan but popular in the USA. The shun knives come in a variety of designs to make to suit the personality of a chef. Are shun knives good? Definitely, the knives are accurately sharp and the razor blades suit the experienced chef. However, with a habitual use, these knives can be one of the best brands to shape your vegetables perfectly in your home kitchen.

Are Shun Knives A Brand Product?

If you are looking for a Japanese-style ultra-sharp knife, there is no way you will miss the Shun knife. It is a premium quality and stands on the foremost top of the list of all the brand cutlery products. The gorgeous-looking handcrafted knife performs excellently. Expensive, but worth the cost!

Are Shun Knives Good

So why are shun knives graded the best globally? What is so special about it?

Let us review the characteristics of Shun knives to build your confidence before you buy a set. 

The Origin Of Shun Knives

The manufacturing company of shun knife is KAI group established in the City of Seki,

the KAI Group in Japan in the year 1908. This city in Gifu Prefecture is famous has for long years as the founder of blades. Originally. The company was producing folding knives and razors but later added cutlery in their line items.

The Shun Cutlery founder is the KAI Group in 2002 to export Japanese design knives to the markets of the Western world. Before that most of the cutlery was European style, which was heavy. Shun reached popularity because of its thinness and sharp blades. The exceptional quality raised the popularity of Shun cutlery, presently around 30 countries of the world. The Seki City in Japan is still the manufacturer of shunning cutlery.

Are Shun Knives Good

The functionality and the gorgeous design make Shun a top brand although it is high priced. The razor-sharp edges and the high retention of the edge comfort the user. 

It is surprising to know that handcrafting takes more than 100 steps to make the Shun knives. The method of crafting combines traditional and modern materials makes them a high-grade competitive product. The historical value is the pride of the company and the product. 

The Collection Of Shun Knives

The collection of Shun cutleries comprises a variety of designs. The major knives popular with blade construction and handle makeup are given below.  


Name of collection

Blade construction

Material of Handle


Shun Classic Blonde

VG-Max type cutting core and Damascus cladding of 68 micro-layers

Blonde PakkaWood


Shun Premier Gray

VG-Max type cutting core and Damascus cladding of 68 micro-layers

Grey PakkaWood


Shun Classic

VG-Max type cutting core and Damascus cladding of 68 micro-layers

Ebony PakkaWood


Shun Dual Core

71 micro-layers of high-carbon, high-chromium VG10 and VG2 stainless steel

Ebony PakkaWood


Shun Sora

VG10 steel on the cutting edge and Japanese 420J stainless steel on the upper part of blade

Textured PP/TPE polymer blend


Shun Seki Magoroku

VG-MAX steel on the cutting edge and SUS420J2 on the upper part of blade

Blonde PakkaWood


Shun Kanso

AUS10A high-carbon stainless steel

Tagayasan  (or wenge)


Shun Premier VG-Max type cutting core and Damascus cladding of 68 micro-layers

Walnut PakkaWood

The above collection varies from each other in their quality and price. You can choose the type from the unique features of blade type, the handle quality, and the price.

The Method Of Construction

The Shun knives are constructed with an artisan’s hand. The Japanese traditional method of construction makes the blades, although there is variation in the process among the collection. Let us what the various types are:

1. Damascus-Clad Blades Kitchen Knife

The Damascus clad is a layering and folding the metal alloy when still hot and before making a shape from the ridge onto the edge of the blade. 

On each side, these shun blades consist of 34 layers of metal, 68 in total. The blades are with acid to create a non-stick structure to prevent the sticking of food. The etching by acid causes the blade’s carbon layers to become dark with strands of light color. A wavy pattern occurs on the flat sides of the blade.

This method makes the Premier and Classic collections. Blade making by this style is known as Kasumi or “mist” as the rippling design on the blade looks like mist. The blades are strong, resistant to stain and look beautiful.

Are Shun Knives Good

2. Process of Tsuchime (TsooCHEE-May)

Some of the premier collection of the blade is also made by the process tsuchime, meaning hammered. These blades are different as along the top the blades have grooves. The hammered finishing ends up with a beautiful look of the blade.

Few of the Shun’s knives, such as the Premier collection, go through the technique called tsuchime (Tsoo-CHEE-may). The word Tsuchime means, “hammered”as these knives have ridges along the top surface of the blade. Cutting meat and vegetables with these knives are seamless with no sticking. 

The hammered finishing creates a beautiful look that resembles olden times Japanese knives. Besides looking good, the ridges reduce drag. The knives cut vegetables and meat seamlessly without sticking.

3. The Shun Sora Method

They create this type with the San Mai method where the steel core surrounds the softer steel that is shock-absorbing. The core consists of VG10 stainless steel that remains sharp but at the same time may be brittle. Therefore, it is supported by more durable soft metal. 

The Material Of The Blade

The various materials of the blade are of high-quality steel that includes Dual-Core VG10/VG2, VG10, AUS10A, and VG-MAX. The composites of the Shun are of super grade and make it sharp. Let us see what composes the different steel materials.

  • Dual-Core VG10/VG2:

This type of steel makes up the blade of the collection that makes the Dual-Core, two metals come in layers and are forged to produce stainless steel, which holds the sharp edge of the blade.

The Material Of The Blade

  • VG10:

This VG-10 steel is a material of blades of the Sora and Dual-Cora collection. The manufacturer mixes elements and metals to make this alloy. The VG10 makes the blade resistant to corrosion, wear, toughness and hardness.

The Material Of The Blade

  • AUS10A:

They utilize this steel in making the Kanso collection of knives. The steel makes the blade anti-corrosive and holds a good edge. It is however not as good as VG-10 or VG-MAX. Therefore, the price of knives made with this steel is affordable.

Are Shun Knives Good

  • VG-MAX:

The collections made from VG-Max are Classic, Premier, Magoroku, and Seki. The steel is a combination of carbon, tungsten, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum. These elements make the blades both strong and durable.

are shun knives the best

Material Of The Handle

i. PakkaWood

Most of the handles of the Shun blade are made of PakkaWood. PakkaWood is made of resin and hardwood. With the PakkaWood, the handles look elegant besides being durable and resistant to moisture.

are shun knives good quality

ii. Shun PakkaWood handle

This is wenge wood another name of Tagayasan that features the Kanso collection of knives. The wood is dark, hard, and long-lasting. 

The Sora collection has handles produced from polypropylene/ thermoplastic elastomer. Although it is a synthetic material, it depicts the beautiful look of wood. The grip of the knife is equally excellent.

The Edge Grind

The grind of a knife is such that the blade is thin to allow cutting with it. The Shun knives usually feature edges with double-bevel. This enables the knife to be equally sharp on both sides with a pointed end. The double-bevel is easy to sharpen, durable, and cuts well. The Sora has San Mai edges whereas the Dual-core Yanagiba has single-bevel.

Are Shun Knives Good

The San Mai is like a double-bevel but has hard steel surrounding.

The double-bevel allows sharpening of the knife at an angle at the two sides and creates a point. This type is common as it is durable and easy to sharpen.

The Shun’s Dual-Core Yanagiba knife features a single-bevel edge; the blade is very sharp on only one side. The single-bevel knives are sharper than the double-bevel and excellent for cutting meat and fish.

Design Of Shun Knives

The design of the Shun brand has replaced the European brand of knives in many countries. The knives have an excellent combination of practicability and style. They are easy to grip and helps a chef to work cutting for a long time. The cutleries are lightweight and easy to move and very aesthetic. Thus, it catches the attention of guests around the house.

are shun knives good quality


Shun knives are a brand product that shows cases of Japanese crafts from many years ago. The design and quality of the product have been maintained by blending traditional and modern methods of manufacture. The combination of steel in any of the 8 Chef knives is of excellence in quality depicted by their durability, resistance to corrosion, and holding grip for easy handling.

No wonder, the Shun knives are a popular brand around the world.

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