Best Bread Storage Container to Keep Bread Fresh for Days

Bread is our regular food. For breakfast, we mostly have bread with juice and egg. Moreover, in sandwiches or burgers, we have bread. So, we all need to know the better way to store bread.

The bread storage container comes at the top popularity for its convenient use and high ability to keep bread fresh. You can have fresh bread for a pretty long time without any worry. The best bread storage container can do much more than a customer thinks. You can be sure to keep the bread in a safe hand if you have a bread box.

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Why Should You Use a Bread Box?

Bread box has exceptional capacity and benefits that increase the shelf-life of the bread and keep the bread naturally fresh. The main reasons to use a bread box are-

  • A bread box keeps the bread in sealing conditions to prevent mold formation and other insect attacks.
  • There is breathability inside the bread box while locking the bread inside. This breathability keeps the bread enough crusty and naturally soft.
  • The temperature and humidity stay in the optimum condition to keep bread fresh and prevent mold formation and bacteria production.

Things To Check Before Buying A Bread Storage Container

When you decide to buy a bread storage container, you should check some points. Know those facts and buy the best bread storage container.

  • Build Material

If the build material is strong, the durability of the bread box increases. Besides, the material should be 100% food grade. So, you should find a solid and durable material. But the more robust material can be heavy, which reduces the portability. There are carbon steel metal-made boxes or even iron-made bread boxes. If you need portability, you should choose the lighter pack.

Bread Storage Container


  • Food Storing Solution

How is the storage system? You should check it first. It is about health safety. If the bread box is airtight, then the bread will be crusty. So, the bread box should have breathability. Most of the bread boxes are sealed by the lid, providing extra breathability. If the cover is made of metal, check for the holes in the box. The wooden or bamboo-made top provides enough air into the box.

  • Capacity

Bread boxes are available in different sizes. Some come in a standard size, and some come in extra-large size. Decide your need, and then choose the desired bread box size.

  • Space Saving 

You can find big bread boxes inside and space-saving shapes outside in the market. Look for these saving designs of the bread boxes so that you can save some space on your countertop.

Top 10 Best Bread Storage Container Reviews

If you do not know what bread boxes are right for you, check these top ten bread storage containers. 

1. RoyalHouse Metal Bread Container

ROYALHOUSE Modern Metal Bread Box with Bamboo Lid, Bread Storage, Bread Container for Kitchen Counter, Kitchen Decor Organizer, Vintage Kitchen

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When you need a completely safe solution to store bread, RoyalHouse brings the ultimate answer for you. The design o the box is vintage and traditional, where the capacity is modern. With the surety of the security of the bread, the package comes in style. It suits the kitchen interior, and it is portable too.

The most attractive feature is the capacity. It can hold more than you expect. The design is gorgeous and spacious from the inside. It suits everywhere from a kitchen countertop or table to a bag. 

Key Features:

  • Construction: This bread box is made of metal, and the lid is bamboo. It is a vintage-style construction to keep the bread safe and lasting longer. You will get a fresh bread loaf after more extended storage than regular. The spacious inner part can be achieved by the claimed corner design. Though it can hold more, it takes less space to sit. It becomes easier to keep it in a small area on your kitchen countertop.
  • Capacity: The design of the bread box is such that it can hold two whole loaves of bread inside. But it does not look like this box can have so many. Besides, this bread box can keep pastries, cookies, donuts, etc., safe and fresh for a long too.
  • Design: The bread box can be a decorative part of your kitchen countertop. The metal box boy color and the bamboo lid design bring elegance, and the corner widening structure is unique. It easily suits the kitchen interior look and setup.
  • Durability: As the box is made of metal, you do not think of durability. There is a record of its long-term durability. After years, it can serve as new. The smooth finish of the inner and outer part of the box makes it last an appreciable long lifetime.

FAQs on RoyalHouse Metal Bread Box

Q: What is the dimension of this bread box?

This bread box is 9 inches long, 8.5 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.

Q: Does the bamboo lid seal the box?

Yes, the bamboo lid makes an airtight seal and keeps the bread fresh.

Q: Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, this box is dishwasher safe. But you should dry it out after washing.

Q: What type of metal makes this box?

It is painted metal. This looks nice and strong.

Why Is It Special?

  • Long-lasting life with solid durability
  • Gorgeous painted design on the outer surface
  • Keep food safer for long
  • Airtight lid made of bamboo


  • It takes a longer time to be dry


A bread box is a relief to have bread and other baked foods longer. It can be a great solution to gift someone on a birthday or party. This RoyalHouse bread box comes in precisely the correct sizing, high portability, and a space-saving framework. It meets customers’ demand, and thus, it has earned its popularity to the maximum.

2. Farmhouse White Metal Bread Box

Farmhouse Bread Box - XL Size Bread Storage Container with Matching Biscuit Tin in White Metal - Bread Boxes For Kitchen Counter Extra Large (Vintage Design)

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Keep your food in style. The Farmhouse bread box is premium in quality and robust in the framework. Your biscuits, bread, and other baked foods are safe in these boxes. Yes, there are two containers. One tin is for biscuits, and it comes with the bread box. Both are airtight and keep foods fresh.

This food storage solution comes in vintage design and assurance of food safety. The inner space is enormous. It holds more food than you expect. But the structure is space-saving. The framework is innovative to keep complete love and stay in a short space.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: This bread box’s size is XL. You can keep whole loaves in one package. Not only bread, but you can also keep pastries, cakes, cake balls, etc. too. The extra benefit comes with the tin. This tin can keep biscuits, cookies, etc., safe for longer.
  • Space-saving Design: The bread box is designed in a rectangular shape with extra space at the top part of the box. The lid of the box is structured so that it provides additional space inside. The bread box is 13 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep inside. Besides, the tin is another container to keep more food. This tin is 5 by 4 inches in size.
  • Robust Frame: The bread box is made of pure metal that makes it stronger. You can be sure of the long-lasting performance of this food box. This frame is absolutely food-grade metal-made. You can be tension-free by keeping your food in it.
  • Washable: The bread box and the biscuit tin are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe. You can wash them by using any dishwasher and dry them fast; when you can wash a storage container wash easily, the durability of the box increases.

FAQs on Farmhouse Bread Box

Q: How many loaves of bread this bread box can hold?

This bread box can hold one standard size bread loaf and other pastries or cakes at a time.

Q: How is the bacteria formation?

This bread box can increase the bread shelf life by one or two days. Besides, it can keep the bread soft enough. But if the bread is expired for more than two days, you must discard it.

Q: How long is it from the bottom to the lid?

Generally, the bread box is 7.5 inches deep. But if your measure it from the top of the lid to the bottom of the box, it is 10.5 inches tall.

Q: How tight is the lid?

The bread box’s lid is not too tight. It comes easily out. Though it is smooth to remove the top, it can seal the cover and keep the food fresh.

Why Is It special?

  • Vintage design and painted metal style
  • It comes with tin for biscuit storage
  • Extra-large size to store more food
  • Increase the food shelf life


  • The wall surface of the box is thin


In a reasonable price range, the Farmhouse bread storage solution is premium. It provides extra benefit with the tin for storing the biscuits or cookies. The white metal color and decorative design keep your kitchen decorated and nice.

3. G. A. HomeFavor Bread Storage Container

Bread Box for Kitchen, GA Homefavor Bread Bin, Bread Holder with Bamboo Lid, 11.56'6.7'5.5', Grey

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If you like to keep your bread safe increases its shelf life while keeping its crisp crust, then you should choose this G. A. HomeFavor bread box. This container can keep your bread fresh and crust-tasted for a more extended period.

This bread box is an ideal solution to keep your bread intact, and this box can also hold the sandwiches or pastries safe. So, whatever bakes foods you have, you can store them safely and have them as long as you want.

Key Features:

  • Portability: The size and structure make this bread box super portable. This box has two handles that keep it simple in design but benefit from holding it. You can carry the container by holding it by hand and keeping it in your luggage.
  • Capacity: This bread box is 12 inches long, 6.7 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep inside. So, this box can hold one entire loaf of bread while there is still space to keep your pastries or sandwiches. The rectangular shape construction of the box makes it more capable of holding.
  • Safety of Food: This box is made of food-grade metal, and the lid is made of bamboo. This traditional design allows keeping the bread fresh and crisp. If the cover is airtight, the box holds the moisture inside the box and keeps the bread soft. But this box allows the bread to breathe, which ensures the bread surface’s crispiness. So, it is sure that you can find the fresh food from the box when you want to have them.
  • Dishwasher Safe: This bread box is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You can wash it using the dishwasher without any tension. Carefully dry the box after washing with water when the food storage container is safe to use and regularly cleaned. The durability of the box increases.

FAQs on G. A. HomeFavor Bread Box

Q: How many loaves can the box hold?

A whole loaf and some pieces of other loaves can be placed in the box easily.

Q: Is the bread box is 6.7 inches wide, including the handle?

No, excluding the handle, the bread box is 6.7 inches wide.

Q: Can I use the lid as a cutting board?

Yes, the bamboo lid is ideal for bread to use as a cutting board.

Q: Is the paint of the outer box surface free of lead?

Yes, this box is absolutely safe. The painted wall of the package does not contain any lead.

Why Is It Special?

  • Keep safe the bread, pastries, and other baked food safe for longer
  • Space-saving rectangular shape design
  • Cutting board bamboo lid to ensure the breathing 
  • Affordable


  • The lightweight seems not so strong


When the bread stays in a breathable condition, it becomes crusty but naturally fresh for a long. This bread box ensures this natural look, color, and taste. In terms of safety, you can be worry-free about this. Your bread or bread-made things or baked items are secured from bacteria or mold formation.

4. Baie Maison Extra Large Bread Box

Extra Large Black Bread Box - Bread Boxes for Kitchen Counter Holds 2+ Loaves for All Your Bread Storage - Bread Container Counter Organizer to Suit Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, Vintage Kitchen, Rustic (Bread Box)

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You can select this Baie Mason bread box if you like to have a powerful solution to store your everyday breads or baked items like pastries, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. This bread box can promise to keep your loaves of bread or foods fresh and provide the maximum food holding spaces.

If you like to choose the best bread storage container, you can be sure that you have selected the right one with this Baie Mason bread box. The durability, dent-proof finish, bold black color design, and vintage style suit the kitchen interior with maximum elegance.

Key Features:

  • Build Material: The build material makes this bread box strong enough to last longer. This bread box is made of carbon steel, and this steel is food grade product and dent-proof. The bold black color looks stunning on your countertop. This box has two handles to hold it easily while transporting it from one place to another. There is powder coating in the inner part of the box to keep the food safer.
  • Storage Solution: This is an ideal bread storage container. The lid is set so that it provides an option to breathe enough air. If the air passing is high, the bread crustier, and less air passing can make the bread softer. So, you will get your bread as you want, not so complicated and not so smooth.
  • Capacity: This bread box can hold two whole loaves of bread. Yes, it is an extra-large size to have more. After keeping two loaves of loaves of bread, you will get some room to hold more food. If you search for big, this bread storage solution is premium.
  • Space-saving: The bread box is a space saver. Though it is extra-large and holds more foods, the design is done in such a way that keeps it taller. So, it provides more room inside but takes less space to sit on the countertop or dining table.

FAQs on Baie Maison Bread Box

Q: Does the design is on both sides of the box?

No, the painted design and logo are only on the box’s front side. The back surface of the bread box is clean black colored.

Q: How is the bread box size?

This bread box is 13.2 inches longer, 7.5 inches wider, and 9.5 inches taller. There is extra space under the lid. In that case, the height of the box from the bottom to the top of the cover is 12.5 inches.

Q: Where is this bread box made?

The bread box is made in China. 

Q: How does the lid fit?

The lid of the box is not so tight and loose. It is perfect to fit and seal it so that enough air can pass inside to keep the bread fresh.

Why Is It Special?

  • Extra-large size to hold two whole loaves and more
  • Space-saving construction
  • Steel made body
  • Breathable bread storage option


  • Removing and resetting the lid is quite a hassle job


This bread box is perfect to have the bread storing solution for the entire family. You can keep more food inside safe and occupy less space. This bread box seems a miracle when you have your bread as new even after 4 to 5 days. So, stay safe with safe food.

5. Kensington London Bread Storage Box

Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop - Large Metal Breadbox with Wooden Bamboo Chopping Board Lid - Kensington London Bread Storage Container and Holder - Cut, Serve, and Store Bread Fresher For Longer

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Another best bread storing solution comes with Kensington London. This bread container can hold the bread in large quantities and enhance the foo’s life force by preventing mold formation and bacteria growth. You can have the natural taste of bread after long-term storage.

This bread box is great for storing the loaves of bread and baked items fresh for a long time. It is extra large and can hold two loaves of bread and more. You can keep food for your complete family or store food for 5 to 6 days. So, no worry about collecting bread regularly. Buy them once and have them fresh over the week.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: The bread box has a substantial body of galvanized iron. So, you know how strong the iron is. With the high-strength material, this box is highly durable. You can be sure of the long-lasting use of this box. Besides, the smooth finish on the corrosion-resistant material of this box makes it dent-proof and fresh for a long.
  • Bread Storing Solution: This box has a bamboo-made cover lid. This keeps the box intact and keeps the bread fresh. You will get a premium taste as new whenever you have the stored bread. It is possible for the system of storage through this box. This lid seals the package in such a way that keeps the bread not so soft and not crisp. It stays natural. This is possible for the breathability of the box.
  • Bamboo lid: The bamboo lid covers the box and is the main reason to keep the bread fresh. Besides, this lid is natural friendly material which is bamboo. This lid is a cover and acts as a chopping board. You can chop the bread and serve right after removing it from the box. It is easy to have the bread ready to it instantly.
  • High Ability: This bread storage container can hold two whole loaves of bread and some more. You can easily keep your pastries, sandwiches, cookies, etc. baked items. So, it is great for holding lots of food in one storage option.

FAQs on Kensington London Bread Box

Q: How is the size of the bread box?

This bread box is 12.8 inches long, 7.9 inches wide, and 5.7 tall. So, you can keep more food inside.

Q: Can the box stick to the magnet?

Yes, this bread box can stick to a magnet as it is made of iron.

Q: Is this box dishwasher safe?

It is instructed to wash it with lukewarm soapy water, and it is not suggested to use a dishwasher.

Q: How is the color of the box?

This box is gray with bamboo colored lid. The packaging is black.

Why Is It Special?

  • Ample space to hold two whole standard-sized bread loaves
  • Space-saving rectangular design 
  • The extra benefit from bamboo lid working as the chopping board
  • Strong build material


  • Heavyweight


The bread box is robust and dent-free but feels smooth to touch for the powder finish. Using this bread box is easy as the lid handling is easy. You can keep more food inside and keep the parcel in a bit of space on your countertop.

6. Baie Maison Extra Large Elegant Bread Container

Extra Large White Bread Box with Black Lid - Bread Boxes for Kitchen Counter - Holds 2+ Loaves for All Your Bread Storage – Farmhouse Kitchen Vintage Bread Storage Container and Counter Organizer

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Baie Manson presents a bread box structured in an innovative design. This design involves an extra tall height that makes it space-saving but capable of holding more pieces of bread. You can store more foods without any worry in one box.

The smooth powdery finish and smart painted white surface of the box suit the kitchen interior easily and make a perfect trendy look of your kitchen. You will feel nice warm while working at the side of this decorative box.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Framework: When you need a big-sized bread storing box, you may worry about managing space on your countertop. Baie Mason provides an innovative bread box design to have a space-saving solution. This bread box is taller than you expect. So, it needs significantly less space to sit but hold more food.
  • Design: The innovative toll design of the brad box is elegant in painted wall style. It brings vintage fashion with the country design on the front surface of the box. The silvery-white color of the box suits both the modern and vintage kitchen interior. It has a powdery finish on the inner and outer surface that is smooth and soft to touch.
  • Portable: Though the box is big and holds more foods, it is portable. You can easily maintain the box using the handles on two sides and transport it anywhere. You can keep this box on your luggage and food box and bring the bread with you to your picnic place. The carbon steel-made boy is not too heavy, making it easy to carry.
  • Bread Storing Criteria: The bread box can keep the bread fresh as new for a long. The lid is not too tight or loose to make the bread softer or crisper. It stays perfectly natural, and the taste remains fresh for a long. So, having the bread or bread made fresh when you want is a blessing, and the benefit comes with this bread box.

FAQs on Baie Maison Bread Box

Q: How long can the bread last?

This bread box can last from one week to 10 days. Besides, the life length for the bread depends on the moisture and temperature of the kitchen.

Q: Is the lid tight enough to stay in place?

This lid is not too tight and loose. But it seals the cover while keeping the bread in a breathable condition.

Q: Can ant enter into the bread box?

No, the lid seals the box correctly, and ant cannot enter until it locks it.

Q: How tall does the box become for the cover?

The box is 9.5 inches tall, and after covering the box with the lid, it becomes 12.5 inches tall and provides more space to keep the food.

Why Is It Special?

  • Country design to match both the vintage style and modern fashion
  • Extra space inside to hold more and space-saving design
  • Carbon steel made a substantial body
  • Risk-free food-grade metal made construction


  • The box surface is not dented proof


For ample space to store bread and more baked items, the Baie Mason bread container is the most excellent solution. It is spacious and tall to fit in a small area and hold more bread inside. You will like to have this stylish bread box on your countertop as it is decorative.

7. RoyalHouse Metal Bread Container

ROYALHOUSE Premium Metal Bread Box with Bamboo Lid, Bread Storage, Bread Container for Kitchen Counter, Kitchen Decor, Vintage Kitchen

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RoyalHouse comes with an excellent bread storage container to keep the bread perfectly soft. This box can be an ideal part of your kitchen, and you can be worry-free about your food safety. Indeed, you can get fresh and natural tasted bread after long-term storage.

It is easy to use, handle, and clean. The spot-free surface can be cleaned with only a light wash of soapy water. Besides, the touch is a smooth feeling for the fine finish. It is spacious enough to keep food for the whole family with an elegant look.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: This bread box is made of metal and finished with a powdery coating. It makes it soft to feel while touching but strong from inside. The layer makes the box heat resistant and odor and stain-resistant. The heat resistance supports you to keep this wherever you want. Even staying in high heat conditions in your kitchen will last longer. The stain and odor resistance reduces the need for frequent wash.
  • Design: The bread box’s oval shape becomes spacious and conveniently fits bread. With the creamy yellowish color with the bamboo lid, this suits and fits in your kitchen interior fine and fresh. 
  • Capacity: This bread box does not look like its actual capacity. It can keep to whole loaves of bread and some more food. The inner part is so spacious that you will like it. It can keep your bread in pieces or as a whole and fits perfectly. You can keep other baked items like pastries, cookies, donuts, sandwiches, etc.
  • Affordability: This bread box is super cheap. But seeing the reasonable rate of this box, you cannot misunderstand its capability. It can do a lot like another large bread box. All the excellent features and functions come at a very low price.

FAQs on RoyalHouse Bread Storing Box

Q: What is the color of the box?

This box is pale yellow in color, though it becomes confusing for the creamy finish on the surface.

Q: Can this box keep the bread crusty?

Not too crusty. This bread box is covered with a bamboo lid that provides some breathability and keeps the bread fresh as new. Soft and a bit crusty.

Q: Is it airtight?

The bamboo lid seals the box but with enough air passing chance. So, it is airtight.

Q: Is there any handle on top or sides?

No, there is no handle in this bread box.

Why Is It Unique?

  • Spacious inside and space-saver from outside
  • Bread text label works excellent in finding the box in the kitchen
  • Vintage style with premium finish
  • Robust metal body and bamboo lid for extra breathability


  • No handle on top makes it hard to remove the lid


With the cheaper rate, this bread box is a miracle. It can do a lot than a customer can expect. That is why this bread box is so popular. With the support of stain and odor resistance, you can have extra freshness on your bread even if you keep them in the kitchen.

8. Baie Maison Kansas Bread Box

Extra Large White Farmhouse Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop - Breadbox Holder Fits 2+ Loaves - Bread Storage Container Bin - Rustic Bread Keeper Vintage Metal Kitchen Decor for Counter

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Baie Maison Kansas brings another great bread box collection for storing your whole family bread and baked foods. Yes, you can keep your sandwiches, bread, pastries, donuts, cookies, and more items. If you want to be worry-free and have fresh food, you can take responsibility for this box. It will keep your bread and baked items natural safe and save them as new.

The extra-large size of the bread box and vintage style design makes your life well-arranged. This box is the right solution when you are exhausted to keep your food here and there. No need to keep the box in the refrigerator anymore. Keep them in this bread box and have ready-to-eat options.

Key Features:

  • Country Style design: Do you know that the cowboy style is a favorite of all time. Keeping this in mind, Baie Maison makes this vintage-style bread box. The standard creamy white color and smooth finish bring a bold feel, while the logo painted on the front surface touches modern fashion. So, it suits the interior very well.
  • Extra-large Space: The bread box is spacious from the inside. You can keep your whole breakfast in one package. It can hold two bread loaves and some other items. You can keep sandwiches for your entire family. It is 13.5 inches long and 7.5 wide, making it spacious enough to hold the lot.
  • Food Safety: This bread box can increase the shelf-life of your bread. While the bread can stay ell for a maximum of 4 days, this box can keep this bread fresh for 7 to 10 days. It has a wooden lid, which ensures the breathability of the bread. Yes, the bread removes some moisture and needs to be escaped to keep the bread fresh. It is possible for the wooden lid.
  • Ease of Handling: This bread box easily transfers from one place to another. There are two handles on the box. These handles make it easy to hold the box and transport it. There is a handle on top of the lid, making it easier to remove the cover. Without the handle, the cap would get stuck.

FAQs on Baie Maison Bread Holder

Q: How tall the bread box is?

This bread box is 9.5 inches tall. With the top handle, it is 11.25 inches tall.

Q: Does the design come on both sides of the box?

No. the bread written design comes in only the front side. The backside is blank.

Q: How strong is a seal occupied by the lid?

The lid is made of wood, and it is heavy enough to create a tight seal with breathability.

Q: Can this box hold more than one bread loaf?

Yes, this bread box can hold two whole bread loaves.

Why Is It Unique?

  • Extra Tall design to spare space on the countertop
  • Sleek and elegant style
  • Heavy capacity to hold food
  • Fine powdery finish


  • It is not dent-proof


If you are looking for a fine bread box with an elegant design and fine finish, you can choose this bread container. It is well-decorated with a standard design on the front and smooth to touch. You can get the high food storage benefit with style.

9. Saratoga Home Thick Steel Bread Box

Farmhouse Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop by Saratoga Home - Extra Large, 30% Thicker Steel, Bread Storage Container Fits 2+ Loaves, Galvanized Vintage Rustic Bread Holder

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Saragota Home brings an awesome bread box to increase the beauty of your kitchen countertop without compromising with the capacity. You can make your kitchen gorgeous with the rustic design of this box.

With the design and style, you can keep your bread and food safer for a more extended period. So, increase the life length of your bread and have it when you want.

Key Features:

  • Tall Structure: This bread box is designed to hold more but stay in a short space. How is it? It is extra tall to provide enough room for two whole bread loaves, and you can keep it in the corner of the countertop occupying a small space. This bread box is 9.6 inches tall. So, you get enough room inside.
  • Rustic Design: The design is premium and unique. This bread box has earned its popularity for its color and look. A brushstroke rustic color over the box wall brings an extra rustic look. It is a lot decorative and stunning.
  • Strong Build Material: The high quality of the box comes with robust build material. It is made of powerful galvanized steel. This steel is 30% thicker than other bread boxes. It is durable enough to serve you a long time. Keeping food fresh with entire walls is its style.
  • Storage Ability: The steel-made lid seals the box in the right amount. It can escape the bread’s moisture and let enough air pass around. So, the food storage process is perfect, and it can promise to keep foo fresh as a newly brought item.

FAQs on Saragota Home Bread Box

Q: Does this box provide any warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer warranty for one-year comes with the box.

Q: Is there any top handle?

Yes, the top handle makes it easy to remove the lid.

Q: Is this box heavy?

The weight of this box is 3.25 pounds. So, it is not too heavy.

Q: How is the durability?

There is a record from the customers to have had this bread box for more than one year.

Why Is It Special?

  • Easy washable option
  • Long-lasting metal made construction
  • Adorable and delicate finished rustic design
  • Extra-large space inside of the bread box


  • Consume smell of the food, and hard to remove this smell


Saragota Home offers an attractive bread-storing solution. With high capacity, it comes in style. It is very stunning in look and exciting to make it part of your kitchen. The rustic color and brushstroke design blossom the decorative trend in your kitchen.

10. E-far Retro-style Metal Bread Container

Vintage Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop, E-far Turquoise Metal Bread Storage Container Retro Bread Bin for Pastries/Loaves/Dry Food, Large Capacity & Modern Design (16.7” x 9” x 6.4”)

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E-far comes with a nice bread box that serves in many ways to store your bread and more foods. It is convenient and easy to use. It is enormous inside and holds lots of food. The fine finish on the surface feels very soft to the touch.

The box is turquoise in color, creating additional elegance in your home decor. Working with trendy style makes a vintage style on your table or countertop.

Key Features:

  • Huge Size: This bread box is enormous. The length of the box is 16.7 inches, the width is 9 inches, and it is 6.4 inches tall. So, you understand how big the box is inside. You can keep two loaves of bread and other foods like sandwiches, pastries, or donuts.
  • Convenient cover and handle: This box is designed in a unique design. The body is made in a way that can seal precisely. To maintain the breathability of the bread, there are some tiny holes at the backside of the box. There is a reliable handle to open the box that makes it easy to use the container. The shape of the box is convenient to keep the bread or other food shape intact.
  • Multi-purpose: Though there is a logo ‘Bread’ named, it is easy to use this box for other purposes. You can keep cereals filling the box or use them as a medicine box or a kid’s toy box. The reliable design makes it portable enough, and you can carry this box easily and keep anything with you when going camping or picnic.
  • Food Storage: Your food safety is ensured to the maximum level. The breathability through the small holes keeps the bread fresh but locks the food inside and prevents ant or insect entry. You can be sure of the food-life length increasing power of the box.

FAQs on E-far Bread Box

Q: What is the build material of this box?

This bread box is thick gauge metal with a smooth powdery finish.

Q: Is the box too huge?

This bread box is large. It is 16.7 inches long. But the design is space-saving.

Q: How is the price range for this bread box?

Though it is a bigger-sized box, it is affordable.

Q: What is the color of the box?

It is turquoise in color. The creamy finish makes it soft to touch and glossy to see.

Why Is It Unique?

  • Durable and sturdy metal made body
  • Extra big size to provide more room for more foods
  • Keeps bread fresh enough longer
  • Vintage design and elegant style


  • If moved, the box base can scratch the countertop surface


If you like a bread box with a complete construction entire covered lid, you could choose this E-far box. This is convenient to use, wash, and handle. Though it can be a bit heavy for the big size, it is portable. You can use it for many purposes and in many ways.

How Long will My Bread Stay Fresh Inside the Box?

A bread box is convenient to keep the bread fresh. The breathability of the box keeps them fresh as first brought. It does not become crusty and not so soft. The humidity and environment inside the bread box are ideal for keeping them fresh inside.

Though the bread box claims to keep the bread fresh and lasting for more than one week, it is better to have baked items within 4 days. So, you should not keep the bread stored for more than 5 days at the doctor’s suggestion.

How Long will My Bread Stay Fresh Inside the Box

What Can I Do with Bread That Gone Stale?

If the bread is not expired yet, but it becomes stale, it is easy to freshen and soften it. Using an oven, you can make it soft like the previous status.

  • First, take the loaf of stale bread and run water over it so that only the outer part of the bread gets wet.
  • Turn the oven on and begin its heat from 300 degrees Fahrenheit. After 5 minutes, preheat, place the bread inside of the oven.
  • Heat it for 6 to 10 minutes. The heating time depends on bread loaf size and the wetness of the outer part of the bread. When you see the bread outside becomes crusty, the bread becomes good.

Now you can have your bread fresh and tasty again.

How Do You Store a Loaf of Homemade Bread?

Homemade bread becomes a bit crusty. If you want to keep them soft, you can wrap the bread in an airtight way or keep it in an airtight bread box. Bread release some moisture with time. When this moisture cannot escape, it is consumed back by the pieces of bread themselves. This moisture is responsible for keeping the bread softer.

When you like to have crusty bread, you should keep the bread in breathable condition. Look for those bread box that holds bread in a breathable system.

How Do You Store a Loaf of Homemade Bread

Can I Keep Bread Fresh By Storing Bread in the Refrigerator?

It is the worst process to keep the bread in the fridge. You can freeze the bread for a certain period, but defrosting the bread is quite a hassle. It takes 24 hours to defrost the frozen bread, and you have to keep the frozen bread in the fridge for defrosting.

You should not keep the bread in the fridge as it can cause the recrystallization of the starch molecules of bread. Then it can make the bread stale soon. If you like to have bread ready to eat and fresh, the bread box is ideal.

A bread box can keep the bread fresh and prevent mold formation. The bread’s softness and slightly crusty nature remain as new inside the bread box.

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Final Words

We all need a bread solution. While other pieces of bread storage options like plastic wrap or bags or zip-lock bags, bread boxes are the best option. The best bread storage container can ensure your health safety by preventing mold or bacteria formation. In the fridge, there is no security to keep bread out of these bacteria formations.

Besides, the bread boxes ensure that you can have fresher bread at the right taste when you want. Your bread stays ready to eat. So, get a bread storage container and have delicious food every day.

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