Best Chimney Liners to Exhaust The Harmful Byproducts

For a home with a fireplace, a chimney is essential for the efficient channeling of harmful by-products. To safely remove combustible elements from a cast iron stove, it also needs a chimney.

You should invest in chimney liners if you want the best performance. Designed to keep your chimney rust-free, these kits effectively remove harmful components.

Those who have a fireplace or a cast-iron stove already have a chimney in their home. Flues are designed to exhaust the harmful byproducts of combustible substances outside and prevent your home from becoming polluted. It is often not enough to have a basic chimney to accomplish such a task.

The use of chimney liners is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure that the harmful elements of a fireplace are safely expelled from your home through the chimney. Additionally, it can keep your chimney free of rust and make it more durable.

With the help of this article, we will show you the top chimney liners available on the market for you to buy as well as a complete guide on how to use it. Here we go!

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Things To Look For When Buying A Chimney Liner

Getting a chimney liner for your home is not exactly a small investment. You want your new liner to last you quite some time as replacing or repairing it isn’t easy. So, getting the best chimney liner for your money is essential.

This section will give you a quick rundown of some of the key features you should look for when buying a liner so that you do not end up with a subpar product.

  • Pipe Size

The most important thing to consider when buying a liner for your chimney is its length and diameter. It needs to be compatible with the pipelines in your homes. The primary reason behind the poor performance of a chimney liner is improper fitment.

Typically, most of the units in the market come with a diameter of 5 to 24 inches. Before you decide on a suitable diameter, it is a good idea to measure the diameter of your pipeline. If you are not sure how to do that, hire a professional for help.

Best Chimney Liners

  • Maintenance

Cleaning chimneys is a grueling task. Not only is it tiresome, but it can also be quite dangerous as you will have to work in a hazardous environment. But some liners can make the chore somewhat easier for you.

For the easiest cleaning experience, look for liners that allow access to the joints more easily. Usually, taller stovepipes are also better. With easier access to the joints, you can monitor and maintain your pipe inserts a lot easier.

  • Heat Endurance

The entire purpose of chimney liners is to withstand extreme heat coming out of your stove. So, you must make sure that your liners can handle the heat without getting damaged.

Some units can tackle more extreme conditions better than others. If you plan to use your fireplace or stove frequently, you need to invest in a unit that can handle the high temperature and extract pollutants efficiently.

Top 10 Best Chimney Liners Reviews

Here are our top picks for the finest chimney liners that you can buy from the market without any regrets.

1. Rockford Chimney Supply RockFlex Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liner Tee Kit

Rockford Chimney Supply 316 Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liner Tee Kit, 6 Inch x 20 Feet

Let us kick things off with a complete chimney liner kit by the brand Rockford. The Rockflex chimney liner kit is a flexible option that comes with a wide variety of pipe sizes. So, getting the right fit for your house should never be a problem with this handy and helpful liner kit.

The best part about this unit is how easy it makes everything. Installing most liner kits on your chimney requires a professional touch. However, the brand opted to cater to DIY enthusiasts by giving them a clear and easy-to-follow instruction manual in the box. People who like to do things themselves will love this kit.

The build quality of the unit is also superb. Each of the pipes in the set is made using 316 stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. It can also insulate heat to a greater degree which is always a good thing with a chimney liner. Handling sudden temperature changes is not a problem with this unit.

Despite the premium performance it offers, the price of the unit is not that high. Even if you are on a tight budget, you will be able to pick one of these kits up for yourself without putting any additional strain on your wallet. If you want your home to be free of toxic chimney smoke and heat, this is the best investment you can make.


  • Flexible and versatile kit
  • Suitable for DIY installation
  • Can handle high-temperature thanks to better insulation
  • Air and watertight design


  • Only suitable with masonry chimneys.


We decided to give this unit the number one spot because of its easy installation and affordable price. 

If you have a masonry chimney, you will be able to get it installed at no additional cost. And the performance you get out of it is also quite excellent.

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2. FireFlex Basic Flexible Chimney Liner Insert Kit

FireFlex Basic Flexible Chimney Liner Insert Kit - 6 Inch x 15 Feet

Whenever you are looking for a chimney liner kit, durability is one of the main concerns. The Fireflex Basic kit by the brand Fireside is one of the best options in this regard. It features a robust build quality and delivers superior performance making it a prime contender for the best chimney liner on the market.

If we had to sum up this unit with two words, it would be durability and performance. It features a robust construction using 316Ti stainless steel as its primary material for all the pipes. As a result, the lines are sturdy enough to withstand any impact while being flexible enough to install without hiccups.

In addition to being sturdy, the unit is also relatively easy to install. The unique EZ connect system offers a streamlined installation process allowing you to connect each component without any challenge. Even if you take up the task yourself, it should not take you too long to get it fully assembled.

Because of the thicker liner design than average, the unit is a lot beefier than competing products. It will last you for an extended period without showing any signs of wear and tear. Once assembled, the entire system is fully protected against water or gas leakage.


  • Excellent material selection
  • Easy to install thanks to the EZ connect system
  • Includes steel rain caps and flat tops
  • Steel liners are incredibly durable


  • It can be difficult to uncoil the liner because of its thickness


The best part of the unit is its ease of installation and durability. Without having to worry about any additional installation cost, this unit will save you a lot of money. 

So, anyone on a tight budget will be able to enjoy the full benefits of a high-quality chimney liner with this investment.

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3. Duraflex 4″ x 30 316 Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Duraflex 4' x 30 316 Stainless Steel Chimney Liner - 4DF316-30

If you have a wood stove in your home, you already know how important it is to use a high-quality chimney liner with it. A basic knock-off liner will not be able to handle the amount of smoke that it gives off. The Duraflex by the brand DuraVent is made for that exact purpose.

The unit features top-grade 316Ti titanium steel construction that can tackle the harshness of a wooden stove. This material is much sturdier than your average stainless steel and can resist corrosion to a greater degree. So, handling wood, oil, coal, and other substances is not an issue for this one.

Furthermore, the material is quite flexible and gives you good performance with a wood stove and any other type of chimney. Even if you have a masonry chimney, you will be able to install and use this liner kit without running into any major issues.

The one downside of this kit is that it does not come with any flat tops. So, if you want to install a rain cap, you might need to make a few additional investments. Though installing the kit is easy enough, we would recommend hiring professional help for proper setup.


  • Can handle extreme conditions of a wood stove
  • Compatible with any type of chimney
  • It uses high-quality titanium steel
  • Resistant to corrosion on a greater level


  • No flat tops or rain caps included


The material choice of the unit alone makes it worth every bit you spend on it. Though the thought of the additional installation cost and buying a separate rain cap does not feel good, the value you get out of this kit is hard to find anywhere else.

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4. Forever Vent SW420SSK SmoothWall Double Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Forever Vent SW420SSK SmoothWall Double Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit, 4-Inch x 20-Feet , Silver

For our next option, we will be going with a fantastic unit by the brand Forever Vent. The SW420SSK is an excellent option if you want a versatile chimney liner kit that can work with any chimney. So, if you are still deciding between wood stove or masonry, this unit will work with either one.

Each of the components in this kit features high-quality 316 stainless steel construction that is sturdy enough to handle heavy emissions. Despite its heavy-duty design, the parts are still flexible enough to be installed quite easily. This liner can easily redirect gas, pellet, and oil fumes out of your house.

The unit’s smooth, double-ply inner wall optimizes airflow inside the chimney and enhances drafting by up to 20 percent. Thanks to the texture of the material, it can prevent excess build-up of toxic substances like creosote inside the chimney. So, your home will be cleaner and healthier.

This feature not only makes the chimney safer but also makes it easier to clean. Toxic byproducts of the chimney often create a residual layer inside the liner that can block the exhaust if not cleaned once in a while. With this liner kit, the build-up is low enough that you can clean it easily without any hassle on your part.


  • Efficient emission with all types of fuel
  • 20 percent increase in drafting
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • No apparent cons 


Even after testing for days, we could find nothing worth complaining about with this efficient liner kit. After installation, you will no longer have to worry about fumes and smoke while using your fireplace or woodstove. The overall design and quality of the unit make it well worth the price.

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5. 6″x 35 FT Single Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit by Chim Cap Corp.

6' x 35 FT Single Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit

The next option we have for you is by the brand Chim Cap Corp. It might not be the most popular or the most well-known brand out there, but their Single Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit is one of the finest you can find right now in the market.

Since this is a complete kit, it includes the tee and tee cap, round cap, fasteners, along with the chimney liner itself. That means you will not have to worry about any additional expenses once you buy it for yourself. It can handle any chimney or fireplace with an internal diameter of six inches and a total length of 35 feet.

In terms of build quality, each of their components is made using 316L stainless steel. Because of this, it is exceptionally durable, and the heat insulation capacity of the unit is quite formidable. The liner is also quite flexible, and you can easily install it pretty much on your own.

This is one of the few bundles out there that you can install on a fireplace and a wood stove chimney without any modification. Its universal design is convenient if you are still unsure where you want to use it. The manufacturer also includes a handy manual with all the information you need to install it yourself.


  • Excellent build quality
  • It comes as a complete kit
  • Excellent heat insulation capacity
  • Compatible with both chimney and fireplaces.


  • No other size options are available


The universality of this chimney liner kit is exceptionally appealing to many people. Since the liner is around 35 feet long, you will more likely end up with a bit of leftover after installation. However, if you require extra, there is a good chance that you will have to buy another bundle.

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6. Forever Vent SW5525SSK SmoothWall Double Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit

Forever Vent SW5525SSK SmoothWall Double Ply Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kit, 5.5-Inch x 25-Feet

If you loved the previous model we reviewed by the brand Forever Vent, but the size seemed a bit small, then the SW5525SSK by them might be more to your liking. You will find many of the same features in this unit, which already makes an attractive investment.

The major difference between the two units is the size of the liner. While the previous unit came with a length of 20 feet with a diameter of four inches, this model is quite a bit larger, with a length of 25 feet and 5.5 inches in diameter. So, people with larger chimneys will prefer to go with this one.

Other than that, you will find the smooth double-ply inner wall in the unit that ensures less friction and toxic residue buildup inside the liner. As you might know already, this makes it much easier to keep the insides of your chimney clean and helps preserve its durability.

The build quality of the unit is also superb, giving you premium-grade 316 stainless steel components. Its design increases drafting by accommodating a positive airflow. However, since the item is so large, it is better to get professional help instead of installing it yourself.


  • Efficient emission with all types of fuel
  • 20 percent increase in drafting
  • Suitable with longer chimneys
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Installation may be a bit challenging


The choice between the SW5525SSK and the SW420SSK ultimately comes down to the size of your chimney. IF you have a sizable chimney, go with this option as it will accommodate the greater length and diameter that you would need with your chimney liner.

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7. 4” DuraFlexAL 25′ Aluminum Chimney Liner

4'' DuraFlexAL 25' Aluminum Chimney Liner - 4DFA-25

If you liked the previous DuraVent product we reviewed, then there is a chance that you might find this one to your liking also. The manufacturer took an innovative approach in designing the DuraFlexAL chimney liner, which some people hate, but others love and admire.

Firstly, this chimney liner is absurdly affordable compared to the performance it offers. In fact, it might be one of the cheapest ones you will find on this list. That alone makes this worth a strong consideration among people looking to find a decent unit at a budget price.

The reason behind its relatively cheaper price tag is its aluminum construction. You might be wondering if the material is capable of handling the toxic emissions coming out of a chimney. It turns out aluminum is a highly conductive material and can withstand high heat without any issues whatsoever.

Furthermore, aluminum is also exceptionally lightweight. So, you will be able to install this liner kit pretty much solo if you know what you are doing. The liner comes with a double wall to enhance the material’s tensile strength without making it too heavy to handle.


  • Excellent heat insulation capacity
  • Durable design thanks to the double-wall lining
  • High tensile strength
  • Can handle any type of fuel


  • No flat tops or rain guards are included with your purchase.


To be honest, aluminum is not as strong as stainless steel, and expecting it to be as durable is not very realistic. However, if you are looking for something affordable and willing to put in some extra work in maintenance from time to time, this unit should last you a fairly decent time.

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8. FireFlex Basic Chimney Liner Insert Kit with Insulation

FireFlex Basic Chimney Liner Insert Kit with Insulation 6 Inch x 20 Foot

It looks like we will be going back to the brand Fireside Chimney Supply for our next option. This time, we will be going with the FireFlex Basic Chimney Liner Insert Kit with Insulation that promises fantastic performance at an affordable price for just about anyone.

As you might know already, going with a flexible liner is essential for ease of installation and maintenance. You will be able to clean it much easier compared to a rigid chimney liner. This unit truly shines in that regard giving you a liner kit that is highly flexible and easy to handle.

It is made using high-quality 316Ti stainless steel, which means durability should never be a concern with it. Furthermore, it comes with a crimped, interlocked, and diagonal design that ensures that your system is fully airtight and waterproof, which is essential for any chimney liner worth buying.

Similar to all Fireside liner kits, this one comes with the EZ connect system that makes installation a breeze. It is compatible with all forms of fuel and can be used both for masonry or wooden chimney. Needless to say, this is one of the most versatile options out there.


  • Extremely easy installation
  • Flexible yet durable construction
  • Compatible with all fuel and chimney types
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • No apparent cons


At a budget price, the performance you get out of this liner kit is quite remarkable. It is incredibly flexible and easy to handle, even if you are relatively new to this sort of project. If you are buying your first chimney liner, this one is worth a shot.

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9. Forever Vent SW625SSK Forever Cap Chimney Product

Forever Vent SW625SSK Forever Cap Chimney Product, 6-Inch x 25-Feet, Stainless Steel

Before we wrap up our list, let us give you a closer look at another fantastic unit by the brand Forever Vent, the SW625SSK. If their previous units that we showcased were any indication, the quality and performance of this brand’s products are much better than many of its competitors.

This one is a premium quality chimney liner kit, which means it costs a bit more than some of the other options we have reviewed so far. However, despite its steep price tag, it is one of the most popular choices out there solely for the performance it offers and how reliable it is.

It features a 316 stainless steel construction allowing the unit to be highly durable and withstand high temperatures. The design of the liner also prevents excessive creosote build-up, reducing the number of pollutants that can accumulate inside the liner.

Installation of the unit is also quite simple, thanks to its flexible yet robust construction. You can bend the liner at right angles, and after installation, it will raise drafting by up to 20 percent. This works with any chimney type and can also support your water heater if you need it.


  • Excellent heat insulation capacity
  • Better drafting thanks to the smooth lining
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Durable construction quality


  • Not very affordable


If you have the budget and desire to go with the best, then this one is a great choice. It comes with a time-tested design, and the big brand name behind it adds a lot of value to your investment.

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10. 6″ DuraFlexSS 304 Basic Kit with 25′ Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

6' DuraFlexSS 304 Basic Kit with 25' Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner - 6DF304-6'

If the last item we reviewed was not premium enough, let us finish off with the most expensive unit worth your money, the DuraFlexSS by the brand DuraVent. Their other offerings were all pretty reliable and offered good value; however, they pale in comparison to the performance and quality of this one.

Even though the wall in this liner kit is thinner than the standard ones on the market, the durability is never put in question, thanks to the top-grade stainless steel material selection. In fact, the thinner .005 inches wall contributes to the kit being more flexible and easier to install without getting professional help.

It is a pretty versatile unit capable of handling extremely high temperatures without breaking a sweat. Regardless of the type of fuel you use with your chimney, this unit will be able to redirect the smoke and heat outside, keeping your home free of any pollution.

This unit is truly a marvel when it comes to reliability. However, one thing you need to remember is that it does not include a rain cap. And without this component, your chimney will get wet during rain. That means you need to buy a separate rain cap at your own expense.


  • Premium build quality
  • Extremely flexible due to reduced thickness
  • Can handle any type of fuel
  • It can be installed into tight spaces


  • It does not come with a rain cap


With such a steep price, we expected the manufacturers to include a rain cap to protect it from the rain. The lack of this component does feel a bit underwhelming and unnecessary. However, if you want, you can get a budget rain cap and install it with this kit without too much trouble.

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What Does A Chimney Liner Look Like?

If you have a chimney in the new home you bought and wondered whether it comes with a chimney liner installed, you must know what it looks like. However, at a basic inspection of the chimney, it can be difficult to tell whether a liner is installed inside it.

Best Chimney Liners

The best approach, in this case, is to hire a professional chimney sweep company. They will send their workers who will use a video camera to look inside the chimney and inspect it thoroughly. 

Another advantage to going with a professional is that they can check for cracks or damages in the liner and recommend whether you need to replace it.

Sure, it will cost some money on your end, but that is the safest and most reliable way to get your answer. Another thing you can do is to gaze into the chimney through your rooftop. Typically, if your chimney is lined, you will notice clay tiles or bricks inside the opening.

What Do Chimney Liners Do?

Are you wondering whether you can get by without installing chimney liners in your home? Well, think again. This is an essential component, the lack of which can cause a lot of problems in your house.

To help you understand how important it is, here are three main tasks that a chimney liner does.

  • Protection from Fire

An unlined chimney is a fire hazard, plain and simple. Without a liner installed in your chimney, it can backwash harmful flammable chemicals in your home. If they get in contact with any fire, it can cause an inferno right in your kitchen. Chimney liners are an essential investment for any house with a working chimney.

what is the best stainless steel chimney liner

  • Protecting Your Chimney

If you have a masonry chimney at your home, it is essential to install a chimney liner for it to last a long time. Without liners installed, the fuel and chemicals can easily penetrate the brick and wreak havoc on the chimney.

Besides, it will also cause pollutants to seep into your home. Carbon monoxide, which is a regular byproduct of combustion fuel, is highly harmful to the human body. Without chimney liners, you will essentially be breathing poison.

  • Enhances Appliance Efficiency

If you want your stoves and furnaces to function properly, you need to ensure that their fuel emission is efficient. You do not want the fumes to backwash into the appliance as it can cause damage and reduce its effectiveness.

A chimney liner ensures the toxins are exhausted properly and keeps the build-up of carbon monoxide and creosote inside the chimney at a minimum.

Types Of Chimney Liners

When it comes to chimney liners, you need to know about three main variants. Here is a quick breakdown of each of them.

i. Clay Tiles

There used to be a time when clay tile chimney liners were the most popular choice. It has excellent insulation and can handle almost any gas or smoke produced from a stove or fireplace. They are also quite durable if you maintain them every now and then.

Best Chimney Liners

Over the years, though, they have fallen largely out of favor because of compatibility issues with modern chimney materials. Besides, the insulation with this type of liner might be good, but heat distribution is not as good, which can lead to more heat inside your home.

ii. Metal

Metal chimney liners are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. These days, these are the most popular option for most modern chimneys. Aluminum liners are a bit lightweight compared to stainless steel and also a bit cheaper.

what is the best stainless steel chimney liner

However, stainless steel liners are almost always the better choice when it comes to performance and durability.

iii. Cast in Place

Cast-in-place liners are made using a material that closely resembles cement. It is incredibly insulative, and this type of liner is quite lightweight. However, they are a lot more expensive compared to metal liners and require a professional hand to install them safely.

Best Chimney Liners

How Long Do Chimney Liners Last?

Chimney liners can crack or even stop performing efficiently after a certain period. When that happens, you need to consider replacing your liner with a new one. However, since most liners last around 15 to 20 years, you do not need to worry about it too much if you invest in a decent unit right off the bat.

How Much Do Chimney Liners Cost?

It depends on which unit you are planning to buy. Cast in place liners can cost you upwards of thousands of dollars if you are installing them for the first time. You also need to think about the cost of installation with this type of liner.

are chimney liners worth it

However, if you are going with a metal liner and planning to install it yourself, the cost can come down quite a bit. In that case, you need only to spend money on the liner and its components. Our list of reviews should give you a few great options at different price ranges.

How To Install A Chimney Liner?

Installing a chimney liner can be simple or complicated, depending on which liner you bought. To be on the safe side, we strongly advise you to hire a professional for help. Improper fitment of the liner can lead to a host of problems that can damage your chimney.

Best Chimney Liners
Home Guide

Since installation requires many specialized tools, there is a good chance that you cannot do it yourself. A professional can also navigate the hazardous condition of working in and around the chimney, which you, as a DIY-enthusiasts, simply can’t.

How To Clean A Chimney Liner?

As we said before, chimney liners can lose a lot of their effectiveness if you do not clean and maintain them from time to time. It can even get blocked if you are reckless with it. Typically, you should notice a strong smoky smell or notice water leakage in the chimney if that happens.

Best Chimney Liners
Chimney Solutions

To make sure your chimney liner remains functional, you should take some time out of your day and clean it after a couple of months. Here are the tools you will need for this type of task.

  • Ladder
  • Protective equipment (gloves, mask, goggles, and long sleeve shirt)
  • Flashlight
  • Drop cloths
  • Vacuum
  • Broom and a brush

You want to start the cleaning task from above. Remove the cap of the chimney. After removing the cap, clean any debris inside it. Use a long broom to scrub as far down as you can and put the cap back on. From the bottom of the chimney, you want to repeat the same steps.

When cleaning from the bottom, remember to place the drop cloths on your floor to protect it from getting messy. Once you do a thorough scrubbing with the broom and brush, use your vacuum to clean the rest through the bottom of the chimney.

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Final Thoughts

The last thing you want is to expose yourself and your family to toxins anytime you fire up your stove in the kitchen. With the best chimney liners, you will be able to keep your home smoke-free and your chimney rust-free.

We hope our article could give you enough ideas about this handy device to help you make an informed choice.

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