Best Chocolate Tempering Machine For Home Use

Would you enjoy chocolates or a creation using it if it doesn’t have the texture, appetizing gloss, and perfect snap? No right? Chocolate melting machines plays a big role here as they help obtain such elements and give the best pre-crystallized chocolate to use.

However, there are plenty of those machines available, which can make it difficult to choose from. We have researched and went through various products to find the best chocolate tempering machine for home use.

This article will make your research easier and make all your worries go away as we present you with the best machines that are especially hand-picked for you to make amazing chocolate creations with.

Top 5 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine – Comparison Table:

Top 10 Best Chocolate Tempering Machine for Home Use

It can be daunting to find the best and suitable tempering machine out of all that are available in the market. Worry no more because we present you with the top picks to make your purchasing decision easier.

1. ALDKitchen Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control

ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot | Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control | Heated Chocolate | 110V | Single 2.2 lb (1.2 kg)

Are you looking for a powerful, efficient, and chocolate tempering machine with good capacity? If so, then your search ends here because we have the perfect product for you.

This machine takes from 10-20 minutes to melt your chocolate as you control it manually. You can also adjust the temperature that is required using the control knob easily. With a tank that can hold up to 1.2 kg capacity, you can easily temper a large amount of chocolate at one go.

The product consists of stainless steel that can endure high temperatures and last for a long time. Furthermore, its original premium design, which is durable but small in volume, makes it very easy to use.

It comes in a size of 229 by 165 by 152 mm and a weight of 1.9 kg. The temperature ranges from 30-85 degrees Celsius, which you can adjust accordingly. It also requires only 110v and runs on 40W.


  • High life-span
  • Easy to use
  • Energy saving
  • Lightweight
  • Even heating


  • It might take time to adjust to the temperature.

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2. ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine

ChocoVision Rev 2B Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1 lb. Capacity

Do you find it challenging to scoop out the melted chocolate or transfer it from the machine after tempering? This new machine will ease such pain as it comes with a removable bowl, and it might be a life-changer for you.

With the help of the removable bowl, you can easily transfer the melted chocolate now. This machine also comes with a standby mode, which means you don’t always have to monitor the entire process. The microprocessor is fully automatic that uses forced hot air.

The machine comes with a LED light display, making it more convenient for you to work with the settings. You can also adjust the temperature manually according to your requirement or choice to get the perfectly tempered chocolate.

This product doesn’t take much space as it is not so big. Hence, you can easily store it wherever you want around the house or your shop. It is also the best tabletop chocolate tempering machine, so add this item to your cart to not regret it later.


  • LED light display
  • Removable bowl
  • Standby mode
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Automatic microprocessor


  • Relatively costly

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3. ALDKitchen Manual Control Chocolate Melter for Home Use

ALDKitchen Chocolate Melting Pot | Manual Control Chocolate Melter for Home or Bakery Use | 2 Tanks for 9 lb (4 kg) of Tempered Chocolate | 110V | 1kW

If you are a professional who owns a dessert shop and needs to temper large quantities of chocolate at one go, this is the right product for you. It is the best professional chocolate tempering machine that can melt a large amount of chocolate at once, making it possible to use for various purposes.

Reliable materials such as stainless steel make up the machine, which helps it to withstand high temperatures. Moreover, it also makes it more durable and lasts for a longer period.

Due to the water-heating mechanism, the heat is evenly distributed during the melting process. It has heating elements reinforced with thermostats and additional non-stick coating layers, making this a great quality product.

This machine comes in 24 x 9 x 7 inches and a weight of 7.7 kg that can hold up to 6 kg of chocolate. The temperature ranges from 0-80 Celsius and can be adjusted accordingly. Furthermore, the trays are removable, making them easier to remove and clean.


  • It can hold a large amount of chocolate.
  • Smart design
  • No burn system
  • Can make many desserts at a time
  • High quality


  • It takes more space to store

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4. ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine

ChocoVision Revolation V Chocolate Tempering Machine, 9 lb. Capacity

Are you searching for a machine that will give you a greater heating temperature range? If so, this is the product for you. Depending on the temperature that is the most suitable or required, you can adjust easily to get the best-tempered chocolate processed.

The product will give you up to 120 degrees to melt the chocolate and 100 degrees for temper mode. It also comes with a LED display that makes it even more convenient to work on the available settings.

This machine is NSF approved and is an electronic device that runs on 110 volts, seven amps, and 750 watts. Using forced hot air, it automatically micro-processes the ingredient.

With 9 lbs holey baffle capacity, it can melt around 5 lbs with ease. It is the perfect machine to store as it will cover small space and help you efficiently temper your chocolate without any further mess. Get the best small chocolate tempering machine already without any further due!


  • Up to 120 degrees melting temperature available
  • Ease of use
  • It comes with a 100-degree temper mode.
  • Display has led
  • High capacity


  • Expensive

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5. Huanyu Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

Huanyu Chocolate Tempering Machine 86~176℉ Commercial Electric Melting 2-Pot 9LBs Stainless Steel Food Warmer Professional Heated Chocolate Melter with Lid for Catering Restaurant Canteen Home Party

What is better than a chocolate tempering machine that has a big melting pot? Of course, a chocolate tempering machine comes with two large melting pots!

You can now melt milk or cream in one pot and chocolate on the other, making it much easier and faster to finish making your dessert. It is even better if you have a chocolate business, as these pots can hold up to 3L each.

It has a temperature ranging from 30 to 80 degrees Celsius and automatically stops heating once it reaches the set temperature. The design of the machine allows meeting the demand for chocolate sauces at different temperatures.

Furthermore, the constant temperature design ensures that the structure of the chocolate stays perfect. It also has easy control settings so that you don’t have to waste time just setting the machine for the whole process.


  • It comes with two tanks
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Designed with constant temperature
  • Double cylinder knob control
  • Can temper large quantities


  • Large in size than usual ones

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6. ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine

ChocoVision Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine, 17 lb. Capacity

Sometimes it can be overwhelming working with chocolate or deserts in general as it comes with many steps and processing to get the perfect result. Having a machine that can fully temper automatically can be a game-changer, and that is why this product is amazing.

Made with a stainless steel design, this machine has a high life span and will be at your service for a long time. It also comes with a high capacity of 17 lbs and tempers a large quantity at once. This machine has an extended temper mode. As a result, it stays in-temper for 18 hours and more.

You can adjust the temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius for melting and 100 degrees Celsius for tempering. Moreover, it is also a machine that is UL and NSF certified. Why wait then? Purchase this product to make the process much easier and stress-free.


  • Made up of Stainless steel
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • Easy function


  • Can be noisy

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7. GorillaRock Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine

GorillaRock Chocolate Melting Pot | Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine with Manual Control | Heated Chocolate | 110V (Double pot)

When it comes to chocolate tempering machines, it can get very expensive. However, the worry is over because now you have this relatively inexpensive product, and it comes with good quality.

This product is powerful and efficient as it takes to 10 to 20 minutes only to melt. The machine is made up of stainless steel and has a setting that you can manually control.

It has a good capacity holding up to 1.2 kg in the tank and will be at your service for a long time as it is durable. This machine can easily melt and warm huge quantities efficiently at one go.

Featuring double aluminum pots, it comes with a voltage of 110V at 60Hz and helps save energy. The double pot makes it suitable for the various melting processes, making it a machine for versatile use.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Saves energy
  • Double pot
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Versatile use


  • It doesn’t have an automatic temperature control system.

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8. ALDKitchen Commercial Chocolate Heater Machine

ALDKitchen Digital Electric Chocolate Melter | 18 lb (8 kg) Commercial Chocolate Heater | 1 Tank | 800 W | 110 V

Not only for professional use but this machine was also created for home use too. With a very high capacity of 8kg, the machine is everybody’s dream to get a better tempering process.

Using this machine, you can easily melt large quantities at one go serving many people, be it at home or your dessert shop. It is the best chocolate tempering machine for home use but can be a good one if you start a workshop.

It also has very high quality as this electric chocolate meltier comprises good quality stainless steel with a voltage of 110V and 60 Hz. The machine hence is very reliable and tends to serve for a long time. It also prevents dry burning as it has both high and low water level heating.

Due to the digital display and adjustable switches, it makes the machine very easy to use. Moreover, the small volume makes it easier to move the machine and is portable.


  • Capacity is high
  • Great quality
  • Water-heating mechanism
  • Uniform heating
  • Smart design


  • Not energy-saving

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9. ChocoVision Skimmer Dispensing Chocolate Tempering Machine

ChocoVision Skimmer Dispensing Attachment for Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine

Are you looking for a chocolate tempering machine that has a skimmer dispensing system? A machine that is easy to clean up? You will be happy to know that we have found you the right product with such features.

This machine helps easily dispense chocolate and will help you to get through the tempering process very easily. It comes with removable parts. As a result, it makes it easy to clean up after the process.

Furthermore, the machine consists of stainless steel and is built to work for a long time. The device has a skimmer with a constant circular movement making the chocolate temper easily and gives a good texture.

Due to the skimmer, it is easier to reduce splattering and lowers the spread of moisture and other contaminants into the chocolate. This machine will help you work with chocolate with ease and much less of a mess.


  • Easily removable
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • It can be cleaned up with ease.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • Constant circular movement


  • Costly

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10. Happybuy 1500W Food Warmer for Chocolate Cheese Milk Soup

Happybuy 1500W Food Warmer, 4 Tanks Commercial Electric Heater, 17.6LBS Capacity Thermal Insulation Melting Pot Machine,Digital  Temperature  Control 86-176℉, for Chocolate Cheese Milk Soup

Some machines tend to rust easily after a while, which might cause trouble in the processing steps. This machine is rust-resistant and durable and will serve you for a long time.

It is a very great machine if you’re especially in a business that requires chocolate tempering in high quantity. The machine comes with four large pots making it suitable for versatile working processes and melt chocolate in large quantities.

Made up of stainless steel, this machine allows a temperature ranging from 32-194 degrees Celsius. It has a capacity of 17.6 lbs and a weight of 22lbs. The digital control also helps with the accurate and scientific temperature setting.

The water-barrier heating system ensures the ingredients aren’t damaged and applies the heat evenly throughout. It also has an exhaust stream and drainage system, making the machine great to work with.


  • It comes with four separate pots.
  • Digital control
  • Easy to operate
  • Multi-application
  • Rust-resistant


  • It might not be budget-friendly

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Things To Check Before Choosing Chocolate Tempering Machine For Home Use

It is vital to have complete knowledge about chocolate tempering machines before purchasing, or else it might lead to a waste of money. There are a few vital factors you should keep in mind before you invest to ensure the best purchase.

  • Size of the Tempering Machine

It largely depends on where you would like to place your tempering machine. Be it at your home or your workshop, and it is important to buy a size according to the spacing you have.

The machine needs to be placed at a sturdy surface and with good spacing, or else it might create a mess and make it harder to work within the available space.

Best Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews

  • Tank/Pot Volume and Capacity

If you plan to purchase a tempering for home use, it is okay to buy ones with one or two independent pots according to the requirement. However, if you are professional, it is better to get the ones that are larger in volume and comes with two or more pots.

Best Chocolate Tempering Machine For Home Use

Having more independent pots will make it faster to get your tempering process finished, and it will be more efficient. It will allow you to increase your serving or product quantity.

  • Temperature Range

A machine that comes with a higher temperature range will help you work on different chocolates and sauces, making the machine more versatile. If you are looking to buy for your workshop, this is vital to keep in mind.

Why Do You Need a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

It is important to keep in mind that chocolates that don’t go through the tempering process, also known as the pre-crystallization process, won’t have a glossy finish.

Furthermore, tempering helps to harden the chocolate, give a delicious snap and a beautiful, appetizing gloss. The chocolates are also easier to unmold as it makes the chocolate contract during the cooling process.

mini chocolate tempering machine


The absence of pre-crystallization of chocolates will cause the chocolate to turn grey and not have a gloss. Hence a chocolate tempering machine is needed, which pre-crystallizes the chocolates easily and processes the product perfectly.

How Does a Chocolate Tempering Machine Work?

A tempering machine is a vital piece of chocolate melting equipment used by chocolatiers and home chocolate enthusiasts that help pre-crystallize or melt chocolates create their ideal chocolate creations.

Design of the machine allows melting chocolate during constant steering and bringing it to set degree points. They can hold the chocolates’ temperature at a certain degree with the help of the temperature setting.

how to use chocolate tempering machine

The machine has a bowl separated into two halves. One side has the chunk of chocolate for melting and the melted chocolate to the other side.

According to the temperature setting, the chocolate is melted, ranging from 10 minutes to hours. Melt the chocolate according to the time that is suitable for the chocolate type at the best temperature.

You don’t have to do much work as the machine itself keeps on steering and melting the chocolate with its mechanism and functions on its own. You just need to set the temperature and timing, which can also be automatically done due to the advanced machines created today.

After melting, you will end up with smooth and thick chocolate ready to bring life to your chocolaty creations. It will give your dessert a beautiful gloss and snap once perfectly tempered using the machine.

How to Clean a Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Cleaning chocolate dipping machines aren’t as basic as it might seem to you if you don’t know how to clean them correctly. If you think you can just clean it by putting it on the dishwasher, you are wrong.

You need to know how each part of the machine functions individually and have enough knowledge to clean it on your own.

It is a baffling machine, and it is required for you to dissect the whole machine and clean it separately. The tubes, conveyor tanks, and every other part with excess chocolates need to be disconnected and cleaned out separately.

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Final Words

Be it or a tempering machine for professional use, we hope this article has helped you with all the information you were looking for. Keep the crucial elements in mind before buying so that you can buy the best chocolate tempering machine and make it worth every penny of yours.

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