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The most annoying part about hosting a dinner party or cooking for your loved ones is doing the dishes. 

But if you care about hygiene, which you should in all situations, you should never put off doing the dishes. No matter how frustrating it may get, this is something that you must do.

However, you can make it easier on yourself by getting the best dish wand for your kitchen. Aptly named for its top-notch dish scrubbing performance, these devices will help you get your dishes and utensils squeaky clean with minimal hassle. But getting the right dish wand is half the battle.

In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of everything you need to know about this tool so that you can clean your kitchen utensils with minimal frustration.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Dish Wand

Though a dish wand is a relatively simple device, there are a couple of key features that you should consider before buying one. It would help you get the most value out of your investment. 

  • Type

These days dish brushes can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. And before you pick out a suitable model, you need to think about which design best suits your needs.

If you are the hands-free type and want minimal hassle and effort on your part, going with a dish-wand with a soap dispenser is a good idea. These units can squirt soapy water or dishwashing liquid with the touch of a button, which you can use to clean your utensils easily.

You can also go with manual ones that feature only a handle and a brush head. These units are affordable and can clean your dishes just fine, but you need to apply dish detergent manually. They are also typically more durable since they do not have any moving parts inside them.

Best Dish Wand

  • Bristle Quality and Type

You also want to take a moment to look at the quality of the bristle in the brush head. Most of the units available on the market these days feature nylon bristles. However, a few options out there come with other materials that work just as well.

Whichever material you decide to go with, make sure that the bristles are firm and sturdy. Soft bristles are not a good choice to tackle tougher food stains. Also, check to see the compatibility of the bristle with the type of cookware that you use.

  • Additional Features

There are a few other additional features you want to think about when buying a dish wand. For instance, many units come with a built-in scraper that can help you scrub out tougher stains easily. You should also see if the brush comes with a removable head, and it is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Some units also come with cleaver designs in the handle to help you hang it from a kitchen rack. If you have a small kitchen and want to save some space, these features are worth looking out for.

Top 10 Best Dish Wand Reviews

Here are our top picks for the finest dish wands available on the market.

1. Full Circle Be Good Kitchen Dish Brush with Bamboo Handle

Full Circle Be Good Kitchen Dish Scrubber Brush, Bamboo Handle, Green

Why not start off with something simple yet effective at tackling all the troublesome gunk that starts to gather on leftover dishes? 

Sure, you can find many modern tools out there, and we will even feature some of them on our list. But for now, let us start with the Be Good Kitchen Dish Brush by the brand Full Circle.

At first glance, you might even mistake this unit for a hairbrush. It has a simple bamboo handle with thick bristles at one end. However, when it comes to cleaning your dishes, this dish wand is nothing short of magic. Compared to other brands out there, its quality is on a whole other level.

Using the tool is pretty straightforward. Just douse it with a bit of your favorite dishwashing unit and start scrubbing. Thanks to the quality of the bristles, which are made with BPA-free recycled plastic bits, you will be able to loosen up the gunk within just a few minutes.

It does, however, mean that you have to apply a bit of elbow grease when you want to clean your dishes. To many, this might seem like too much of a chore. However, if you do not fuss over a bit of hard work, this dish wand can be a great choice. Especially considering how durable yet affordable it is.


  • Simple and effective design
  • Eco-friendly bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles
  • It comes at a highly affordable price
  • Available in three different colors


  • No additional quality-of-life features


What you see is what you get with this product. It is a highly affordable option for those who want a simple dish scrubber without any extra features. You can find it in three different colors, which are great for people who want to keep a theme in their kitchen tools.

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2. OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

If you need something a bit more modern and hands-free when it comes to washing dishes, consider getting the Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush by the brand OXO. 

The brand has a good reputation for providing high-quality tools at an affordable price, and this particular model is no different.

As you may have guessed from the name, the brush comes with a built-in soap dispenser. So, whenever you want to clean your dishes with this dish wand, just tap on the button at the top, and it will squirt out enough dish soap for you to make the clean-up go even smoother.

And the best part is you can refill the dispenser any time you want with your favorite cleaning solution as well as soapy water. To refill the dispenser, just pop the bottom part of the handle off, and you can easily access the dispenser bottle. It is as simple as that.

The bristle of the unit is made of durable nylon, and you get a scraper on the backside of the brush to get rid of tough stains. Furthermore, the unit’s ergonomic design makes it pretty easy to clean one dish after another without getting tired. The efficient design of the item is exceptionally appealing.


  • No fear of liquid leakage
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • It comes with a scraper on the backside of the brush
  • Dispenses soap or cleaning solution with one tap


  • The button can malfunction after some time.


Despite coming with such a fantastic set of features, the cost of the unit is surprisingly low. That makes it an excellent choice for just about anyone. However, the button to dispense soap can become unresponsive after a couple of months which can get frustrating.

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3. KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Sink Brush

KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Sink Brush, Black

If you liked the design and overall idea of the dish wand by the brand OXO but would like something a bit different, then take a look at this model by the brand KitchenAid. 

Often considered one of the finest brands in kitchen tools, we had big expectations when looking at this unit. Needless to say, we were not disappointed.

This unit features a similar built-in soap dispenser design as the previous unit that we reviewed. However, it does not have the same issue with the buttons. The overall soap delivery design of the item is much better with this one than the one by OXO.

In addition, the head of this unit comes with a larger surface that can cover larger areas. So, you will be able to get through plates faster with minimal passes. Once the liquid inside the unit runs out, you can refill it by opening the brush head with a simple twist.

Not only is the unit convenient, but it is also quite comfortable to use, thanks to the comfortable grip on the plastic handle. The entire unit is made using BPA-free, high-quality plastic and is dishwasher safe. So once the bristle gets dirty, you can simply remove it and clean it in the dishwasher.


  • Dispense soap with one touch of a button
  • A comfortable grip on the handle
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher


  • The plastic construction does put its durability in question.


It is a solid, well-made device that will make it extremely easy to clean your dishes whenever you need it. Even though it is made with plastic, the quality of the material is quite decent. Ideally, it should last you for a long time as long as you do not drop it by accident. 

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4. Joseph Joseph 85025 Edge Dish Brush

Joseph Joseph 85025 Edge Dish Brush with Integrated Sink Rest, Green

The brand Joseph Joseph is not one you often hear about when looking for kitchen cleaning tools. But those who have tried out the Edge Dish Brush by them had nothing but good things to say about it. So, we decided to give it a shot ourselves, and frankly, we were pretty amazed by its performance.

The unit comes at an affordable price and has an endearing simple design, to say the least. It features high-density bristles that will not scratch your cookware, even if you are using it to clean non-stick pans and pots. The head of the dish wand is curved slightly to help you clean tight spots quite efficiently.

You also get a built-in scraper with the brush to help you scrub out tougher gunk from leftover dishes from the day before. The handle is long and curved and has a textured design with its logo at one end for better grip. It also feels quite comfortable when you hold it.

In addition, the unit comes with an integrated sink rest. So, when you are done using it, you can simply hang it from your kitchen rack without taking up any space. You can find this unit in two different color options, and both of them are identical in terms of price and quality.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Non-scratch, curved bristles
  • Built-in scraper
  • It has a built-in sink rest


  • A bit too simple for some


As a basic, barebones dish wand, this unit is quite decent. The integrated sink rest is a nice touch as it will help you keep your kitchen organized. Besides, the unit’s price tag makes it an extremely appealing choice if you are not looking for any modern features.

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5. MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush

MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush, Size: Dia 5.5 x 25cm - Pack of 3

For our next option, we are going with a unit that gives you not one, not two, but three different dish wands for the price of one. This fantastic bundle by the brand Mr. Siga is the one you want to look for if you are trying to double down on the value, you get out of your investments.

Each of the units comes with small suction cups at the bottom of the handle so that you can store them in a standing position. The suction works well and can grip any solid surface. So, once you place your brushes in this position, they will not fall off unless you pick them up yourself.

Apart from that, the bristles and the handles are designed to ensure you will have the highest efficiency when cleaning your dishes. The handle is long, giving you a comfortable hold on the dish wand. Furthermore, the nylon bristles allow you to really dig into those tough stains to ensure your plates are squeaky clean.

Keep in mind, though; the dish wands do not have any modern features like an automatic soap dispenser. So, you need to apply the cleaning solution yourself when you are cleaning your dishes. However, the edges of the brushes can act as a scraper to scrub your utensils properly.


  • It comes in a pack of three
  • Built-in suction cups at the bottom of the handles
  • Long and easy-to-use handle design 
  • Soft, nylon bristles


  • No apparent cons


There is nothing wrong with a manual dish wand as long as you do not mind putting in a little elbow grease. It does mean that you need to put in a bit more effort. Since the unit comes as a pack of three, you can use one while storing the other two wands for later use.

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6. Bamboo Dish Scrub Brushes by Subekyu

Bamboo Dish Scrub Brushes by Subekyu, Kitchen Wooden Cleaning Scrubbers Set for Washing Cast Iron Pan/Pot, Natural Sisal Bristles, Set of 3

Earlier on this list of reviews, we showcased a bamboo dish wand by the brand Full Circle. The thing about this type of wands is that they are incredibly eco-friendly. This particular option by the brand Subekyu is a similar unit with a bit more compact design that works just as perfectly.

Typically, with most dish wands, you would have to grab it by a long handle. However, that can make it a bit awkward when you are scrubbing at an angle. 

This unit takes care of that issue by entirely omitting the handle from the equation. Instead, you get a small knob-style bamboo top that you can grab and guide any way you like.

The bristles in this unit are made from sisal plants, and their high density means you will be able to scrub your dishes clean quickly and with a relatively low hassle. 

Because of its completely organic design, you can even use it to scrub food and vegetables without fear of toxins getting into your food.

You want to keep in mind, though, since it is made of bamboo and sisal plant, you want to dry it well after using. If the bamboo soaks up too much water and remains wet for an extended period, it will get damaged. With your purchase, you get a total of three different dish wands.


  • Fully organic, eco-friendly design
  • High-density bristles help you clean more efficiently
  • Comfortable bamboo grip
  • It comes in a pack of three


  • Can get damaged from water exposure


Recommending this product to someone who has never used it before is a bit difficult. Because of its unique design, there is always a chance that you will not like it. However, since it comes at such an affordable price, you should at least try it out for yourself before deciding whether you want to commit to it. 

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7. OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

If you like the design and concept of the last unit we reviewed but would rather have modern features instead of a fully manual model, then take a look at the OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush. With such a big name behind the unit, we naturally went in with high expectations.

The first thing that we loved about it was the firm nylon bristles. It has enough flex to it that you can clean all the tight corners in your pots and pans while being sturdy enough to tackle tougher stains easily. Because of this, you will be able to clean through your dishes very quickly with minimal effort.

Another excellent element of the unit is the soft cap top that makes it comfortable for you to hold. It gives you enough cushioning so that even if you have to really dig into dirty dishes, you will not feel any extra stress. You can use this unit for any type of cookware without damaging it.

Since this is a soap dispensing dish scrubber, you will be able to disperse the cleaning liquid of soap as you use it. You can clearly see the amount of cleaner that you have remaining because of its transparent body. And once you run out, simply refill it by removing the base of the unit.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Sturdy nylon bristles
  • Can clean any type of cookware
  • One push button to dispense soap or cleaning liquid


  • It can only contain a small quantity of cleaning liquid


The overall design of the unit is incredibly efficient. However, since the soap container is not that big, you will have to stop and refill it if you have to clean a large number of utensils. For larger kitchens, this might not be the most practical solution.

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8. JEHONN Dish Scrubber with Soap Dispenser Kitchen Brush

Dish Brush with Handle, JEHONN Dish Scrubber with Soap Dispenser Kitchen Brush for Pot Pan Sink and 2 Sponge Refill

When it comes to the best dish wand, there are quite a few different options out there, as you can see from our list of products. However, not all of them come with a complete set of accessories like this one from JEHONN. This unit truly is the complete solution for all your dish cleaning requirements.

The dish wand itself comes with a one-button soap dispenser. It can hold up to 50 ml of your favorite cleaning solution or soapy water. And once you run out, you can always refill it by popping the handle open. The button feels sturdy and should not start acting up any time soon.

Furthermore, the bristles in the unit are sturdy and made with nylon. You can use them safely, even with non-stick utensils, without damaging the surface. In addition, you get a scrubber on the backside of the brush for deep cleaning. The handle has a comfortable and slip-resistant rubber grip.

You get a bottle brush, one bristle refill, and two sponge refills in terms of accessories. That means you will not have to go out and buy separate components, and this one investment will get you through a couple of months without any worries. Overall, it offers excellent value for the cost.


  • Comfortable rubber grip on the handle
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • It comes with many different accessories 
  • One-button soap dispenser


  • A bit on the pricy side


Even though it can be considered as an expensive option, the price is not really that much when you think about the value it provides. And since you get a handy set of accessories with your purchase, getting it can save you from a lot of unnecessary hassles.

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9. Amazer Kitchen Scrub Brush Sink Bathroom Brushes

Amazer Dish Brush with Handle, 2 Pack Kitchen Scrub Brushes for Cleaning, Dish Scrubber with Stiff Bristles for Pots, Pans, Sink

For our next option, we will look at this fantastic two-for-one unit by the brand Amazer. Their Kitchen Scrub Brush is a fully manual unit, but its overall quality of bristles and unique design makes it a highly capable option when it comes to cleaning out the toughest of stains from your utensils.

The first thing you will notice with it is its long, white bristles. Whereas most other brands go with nylon bristles, this one comes with high-quality PET fibers. This material is exceptionally durable and elastic to ensure you can scrub away at those pesky stains without damaging them in any way.

The comfortable handle of the brush is another element that looks very appealing. You get a rubber grip at one end, which lets you hold on to it without slipping. The handle is also quite long, allowing you to use it with your kitchen sink as well as your dishes. That seems like a very thoughtful design choice.

Since you get two units with your purchase for the price of one, it offers excellent value. Sure, you can keep one stored away for later. But most would probably use one for doing dishes while using the other one for the kitchen, their sink, and other plumbing sections. It will work great in both cases.


  • It comes in a pack of two
  • Long and comfortable handle
  • Bristle made of high-grade PET fibers
  • Handle has hanging loops for easier storage


  • No apparent cons



As a manual dish scrubber, you will find nothing wrong with this bundle. It is durable, the bristles are pretty efficient at cleaning, and the handle is also pretty comfortable. So, if you do not have any issue with manual brushes, this can be a great choice for you. 

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10. Scotch-Brite Advanced Soap Control Dishwand Brush

Scotch-Brite Advanced Soap Control Dishwand Brush Scrubber, Antibacterial* Dish Wand Brush with Soap Dispenser

Let us end things on a good note with a fantastic option by the brand Scotch-Brite. It comes packed with features to make your cleanup chores easier and hassle-free. And the best part about it is that it comes at a very affordable price despite the superior quality it promises.

It comes with an excellent soap dispensing option that you can activate with the simple push of a button. The unit holds a decent amount of cleaning solution, and its design ensures that there will be no leaking regardless of how much liquid you have inside it.

However, the best part of the unit is its bristles. The nylon bristles have antibacterial properties to ensure your cleaning job is thorough. By the time you are done, your utensils will be squeaky clean and free of any germs or bacteria. So, the next time you cook food, it will be completely safe and healthy.

The handle of the unit is quite long, giving you an ergonomic grip when you use it. However, it does not have any rubber grips as we have seen in other models. You can use it with any type of cookware, including non-stick, without damaging the surface in the slightest.


  • Anti-bacterial nylon bristles
  • Can hold a good amount of soap or cleaning solutions
  • Durable construction
  • No chance of leakage


  • No rubber grips


This unit has the potential to be your favorite investment. In our testing, we could find little to complain about with its build quality and design. If you want a budget-friendly, high-quality dish wand, this can be a great choice.

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How Do You Clean Your Dish Brush?

Rinsing your utensils and wiping them with a clean towel may sound tempting and easy. But scrubbing out all the gunk and dried food materials from the plates using a dish wand is absolutely vital if you want the plates to be fully hygienic. Eating out of an unclean plate is not good for your health after all.

Best Dish Wand Reviews

However, not many people think about the condition of the dish brush itself. The brush itself can get dirty with regular use, and food residue can get stuck between the bristles. After a while, it will lose a lot of its effectiveness, and you will not be able to clean your utensils properly with it.

To prevent that, you need to know how to clean your dish brush the right way. Here are a few good practices you could follow if you use a dish wand to clean your kitchen utensils.

  • After using your dish wand to clean dirty dishes, rinse them with hot water. If you notice a food particle stuck on the bristles, remove it manually while wearing a pair of gloves.
  • If you notice the brush becoming sticky or greasy after some time, clean it properly with dish detergent liquid. Simply apply a few drops of the cleaning liquid and rub it thoroughly.
  • With some dish wands, you can remove the brush head. If yours has that option, it is a good idea to open it up for a deep clean every now and then.

How Often Should You Replace A Dish Brush Head?

Whether you can replace your dish brush head at all depends on the model that you are using. If your unit is a single-piece dish brush, you have to replace it entirely as you will not have the option to remove the head. However, if your unit comes with a removable head, you can replace it if the need ever arises.

Best Dish Wand

But to be honest, if you take care of your dish wand every now and then, you should not have to replace the brush head anytime soon. You should always use your best judgment in this case. If you notice that the bristles in the brush head have become loose or flimsy, it is time to get a replacement.

Can You Put Dish Brushes In The Dishwasher?

Well, it depends on whether the dish brush is dishwasher safe or not. If a unit is dishwasher-safe, the manufacturers will always mention it in the product specifications. These dish brushes also feature a removable head so that you can remove them and toss them in the dishwasher without damaging the handle.

best dish brush with handle

Final Thoughts

Food hygiene is extremely important and should never be overlooked. If you want to have a healthy body and diet, you need to think about the food you eat and the plates that you eat out of. A dirty plate can often be home to bacteria which can negatively affect your body.

With the best dish wand in your hand, you will never have to get frustrated while cleaning your dirty dishes. The right choice will make your job easier in the kitchen. You have plenty of fantastic options to choose from our list of reviews.

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