Best Tea Infuser for Loose Tea [Top 10 Recommendation]

If you are reading this article, it means you, too, have given your heart and soul to drinking tea. We are glad you have decided to go with the loose leaf tea, for it will alter your world forever.

Now, here is the jam – picking the best loose leaf tea infuser for better brewing. So, how do you experience the heavenly drink that warms your core to the precise temp?

Keep on reading for more information. But first, check out the selected infusers to take the infusing game to the next level.

Honestly, we can already smell the aroma floating in the air, how insane is that!

Top 5 Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser – Comparison Table:

Top 10 Best Tea Infuser for Loose Tea Review

So, these things are practically in so many shapes and designs that even we took time to assess and decide. Read below to find out more about each product in detail.

1. House Again Tea Ball Infuser & Cooking Infuser

House Again 2 Pack Tea Infuser, Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infusers for Loose Tea, 18/8 Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with Extended Chain Hook, Tea Steeper for Brew Tea, Spices & Seasonings

You will not have to look too hard for the best tea ball infuser. Our first choice by House Again offers two high-quality stainless steel infusers that will blow your mind.

We mostly loved its airy feeling as you add in the loose leaves to diffuse. It is big enough to fit any teapot or big mug without any effort.

We could not help but admire the superior threaded connection and extra-fine mesh design.

The whole structure is much like an infuser basket, even though it is a tea ball with chains and a hook. That is why whatever spices and leaves you let in will have a rich brewing effect.

It will make you fall in love with the tea all over again – thanks to its simple sealing and maintaining intention.


  • Versatile use with extra-fine mesh holes
  • Food-grade, rust-free
  • The attached chain fits any cup, mug, pots, etc.
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher-safe
  • Hassle-free open and close threaded seal


  • Holder tray edges are sharp

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2. Fu Store Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Filters for Tea

Fu Store 2pcs Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball 2.1 Inch Tea Strainers Tea Infuser Strainer Filters for Tea

We do not normally choose this type of mesh tea ball that limits convenience. Nevertheless, they have advantages over small-sized cups and portability.

If you are on the move but cannot give up on hot brewing tea, the Fu Store two-piece infuser will come in handy. The only problem is that you might not achieve the proper water flow when steeping.

This traditional style is something many users have preferred over the years. The standard yet food-safe stainless steel structure is round and has wire mesh to protect the liquid from loose tea leaves.

While it presents durability for a long time, the leafy remains are susceptible to stick on the mesh. You do not want to spend hours cleaning up that mess!


  • Sturdy links, clasps, and a hook for longevity
  • Classic stainless steel wire mesh allows fine brewing
  • Ideal for small spices and loose tea leaves
  • Includes an attached chain
  • Comfortable for to-go cups


  • Not suitable for strong tea leaves due to the small room

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3. Tilevo Dinosaur Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

We are handing down the best tea steeper prize to Tilevo’s dinosaur-shaped silicone infuser. It has a long handle and an adorable round body that is used as the strainer.

Our delightful encounter was when the device works its way into the hot water; it almost reminds you of the movie with a lake monster. It submerges the body in the lake, as in the tea, while the neck looks out for you.

So is it worth owning the cutest loose leaf tea infuser in the house? It is a definite yes on our part! If you are tight on a budget and have a tea-loving friend, here is a way to share an endearing present with her/him.

The design alone will call out to you for occasional stirring. We know because we are guilty of such action. Do not miss out on the opportunity to grab the sweet and functional set!


  • Excellent design for effective swirl
  • Plenty of room for diffusing
  • Easy support, fitting, and maintenance
  • Silicone build is perfectly safe for food
  • Highly durable and dishwasher safe


  • It does not include a drip tray

4. Apace Living Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Set of 2) with Tea Scoop and Drip Dray by Apace - Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Strainer & Steeper for a Superior Brewing Experience

Have you ever wanted to replace that old-school infuser with a new one but the attachment seems too strong? Well – once you start using this product by Apace Living, you will forget all about the past. Good riddance!

It is the best loose leaf tea strainer that comes with a drip tray and a tea scoop. In short, an ideal kit for a true tea adventurer. This utensil will unlock flavor like no other.

The premium craftsmanship with the right sized infuser holes makes it the faultless device for daily use. You will not have to waste time cleaning it up. All you have to do is prepare, make, steep, and move it to the drip tray.

As long as you rinse clean the kit with warm water, you have nothing to worry about! Simply enjoy the assortment of brewed teas with your companion and relax.


  • Multifunctional strainer
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Quick flavor unlock due to spacious area
  • Includes a scoop and a chain with a hook
  • Ability to experience enriched flavor for a long time


  • Lacks weighted base to sit inside the cup

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5. OXO BREW Twisting Tea Ball Infuser

OXO BREW Twisting Tea Ball Infuser

Our next option is the oxo tea infuser that is pretty unique and easy to handle. It has a solid handle with a tea ball attached at the end.

All you have to do is twist the top, insert the loose leaves, and lock to place into the hot water. The person can use it like a teaspoon to stir the brewed drink afterward.

But if we could rate it out of ten, we would have given it a seven. We know, so close! The only reason is the big straining holes that cause the leaks. So, the small tea leaves drinker beware; this might not be your lucky day.

However, the overall design with the quality material sure has impressed us. It deserves a chance, for the large infusing ingredients.


  • Quick twist feature to open and close the ball
  • Sufficient space for leaves to roam
  • Ideal for herbal and spice teas
  • Ergonomic grip with stirring option
  • Durable stainless steel build for durability


  • Not suitable for small loose leaf tea

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6. Xloey Long-Handle Tea Infuser ball for Loose Leaf Tea

If you want to go with the tea ball-shaped strainer that we often see in the classic movies, Xloey has just the right item. When we say classic, it should be said boldly to emphasize its character.

From stainless steel wire mesh to the clasping design, you can use the item for many years. We have not forgotten the long chain with a hook. It will ultimately grip on the cup/mug.

Are you still looking for the dirt under the pretty structure? We have found a few. The set is too small to have any room for leaves to move around. It has a wider mesh that lets the smaller leaves out when brewing.

Even the quality of the material makes it harder to maintain it for long-term use. Are you sure you are up for the challenge? We do think so!


  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle-free retrieval with a hook and long chain
  • It fits in any container; mugs/cups, teapots, etc.
  • Well-made clasp to prevent content leaks
  • Portable


  • Wider mesh hole leaks small loose leaves

7. Bekith Silicone Handle Loose Tea Steeper

Bekith Tea Infuser - Set of 7 Silicone Handle Stainless Steel Strainer Drip Tray Included - Loose Tea Steeper - Best Tea Infuser for Loose Leaf or Herbal Tea

Here is a tea infuse set of 7 for the users whose bonds with traditional tea are something no one should mess with. Now you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea and indulge your friends to join in as well.

These colorful strainers offer a drip tray for each. The handle is shaped like a leaf that works as support when gripping. All in all, every part of the unit functions with substantial importance.

Do you know why? It is just to deliver you the best kind of brewed tea. With enough room to spare, the leaves can effectively infuse into the hot water. The silicone design with the steel strainer is very safe to use at all times. Remember to use it only for the large leaves and spices!


  • Balanced weight float and stay still at the same time
  • Made from silicone and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Plenty of room for proper brewing
  • Rust-free; long-term durability


  • Some might not like the floating feature

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8. Fred & Friends MANATEA Fred Silicone Tea Infuser

Genuine Fred MANATEA Genuine Fred Silicone Tea Infuser

Every time we see animal-shaped products that are too adorable to resist, it gets harder to part with. We will be honest and out front with this item, though.

We could not help but admire the incredible seal tea infuser. Of course, you can choose many other creatures of your choice.

However, these are cute but difficult to handle. They are hardly functional to brew the tea. Plus, the section- where you divide the product to add the loose leaves tends to come apart when steeping.

Despite the reasonable price factor, we think it better to opt for a better silicone tea infuser option. But, if you are in for the looks, this product will certainly melt your heart!


  • BPA-free and food-safe silicone
  • Ideal for a gift/present
  • Ability to choose your favorite animal
  • Arms/fins to perch on the rims
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • Non-durable; difficult to seep

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9. OXO BREW Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Basket

OXO Brew Tea Infuser Basket

We had to add this OXO unit because of how viable it is to us tea hoarders. If you want the best tea infuser basket for your cup or mug, this is your station.

It is a keeper that will remain in care for many years without a flaw. Is it time to upgrade the old strainer for a new one? We cannot think of a better alternative.

The first thing people have loved regarding the product is the spacious capacity for the leaves to expand. Explore the original flavor of the tea you always take with the OXO BREW infuser basket.

In brief, if you could see us, you would see a bunch of tea lovers silently applauding in merriment for such an effective unit – we highly recommend it!


  • Exceptional quality with stainless steel structure
  • Large space for leaves to roam and expand
  • Etched holes prevent leaks
  • Silicone lid works as a drip tray as well
  • Cool-to-hold touchpoints for easy lift


  • Too big for narrow mugs

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10. OTOTO Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Turquoise) - Cute Tea Infuser Strainer with Steeping Spoon - Cute Tea Gifts - Long Handle Neck, Ball Body Lake Monster Silicone Tea Infuser for Herbal Tea

Are you a Loch Ness monster fan? It does not really matter if you are not. The baby Nessiy by OTOTO is so loveable in appearance that one cannot help but sigh!

This is yet another silicone product which, in our opinion, is quite grand. We admit that little Nessie is compact for the loose leaves to have enough room.

Thus, we had no choice but to part with it earlier than intended. However, many users loved the turquoise Loch Ness monster for its cute and innocent appearance.

If the tea infuser does not steep well, then there is no point in spending bucks on it, right? On the other hand, it is easy to clean and does put a smile on your face every time you look at it. So, the choice is yours.


  • Ladle-shaped design with supporting handle
  • Made from food-safe silicone
  • High-quality material for longevity
  • Hot water-resistant; dishwasher safe
  • Four little stands for the Nessie to stay upright


  • Not enough room for proper brewing

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Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Tea Infuser for Loose Tea

You can never come to a conclusion with a minimal tea infuser for loose tea unless you set a target. We will help you get there; just bear with our tea infuser obsessing guide below.

  • Size

How do you figure out how big to go for? It is simple math, though a little over the head. But brewing tea is an art itself so, we would rather be extravagant than nothing at all.

Firstly, a large tea infuser comes above all sizes. It has more room for the leaves to move around. Do you know what that gives? Sorry if we are a bit dramatic, but that function produces the perfect results.

Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

So, go big or none at all! However, the size of your mug/cup or teapot is a significant factor, too; do not forget that. Even if you plan to buy smaller ones, be sure to check how freely the leaves can roam.

  • Shape

You will notice that each loose leaf tea infuser review speaks highly of the versatile styles. We, human beings, are addicted to convenience with a slight taste of portraying a theme to match our mood.

loose leaf tea steeper

Therefore, this feature is all your forte – whether it is filter baskets or tea balls. Why should you stop there when there are novelty strainers with colors and shapes too?

  • Material

Always choose stainless steel material for easy maintenance. However, we have found silicone tea infuser tends to work great when going all colors and cartoon shapes.

You just have to make sure these options are safe to use in hot water – mesh or strain.

tea ball infuser

  • Ease of Use

Have you given a thought to the infuser’s holes? That is pretty much the reason you will be able to render a finer steeping experience. So what type of tea do you drink? Does it have large leaves or small bits? Consider this option when looking for an ideal unit.

Different Types of Tea Infuser

Are you ready to delve further into the loose leaf tea making business? Here are the three most common types of tea infusers to look out for. Let us find out more about them, shall we?

  • Infuser Basket

This is our personal favorite; can you guess why? They are the best kind of infusers for effective brewing outcome. It does not actually matter if you make the tea in a cup or a teapot.

The infuser basket comprises enough space to diffuse the leaves/bits evenly into the water. Some of them come with a handle to rest idly in your mug. The others, on the contrary, submerge in the liquid entirely.

single cup tea infuser

  • Tea Ball

We do not understand all the hype regarding tea ball infusers. To be blunt, they are not always the right solution to bring out the most essence.

We admit that the fine mesh tea infuser of this kind is quite adorable and cute. But that is not what an avid tea drinker seeks. Tea balls or tea pincers can be opened in half with a clasp.

You simply have to use the attached handle or chain for ease of use. Although the steeping method is used for portability and compactness, they are not suitable for most leaves.

The trick is to use tea bits instead of the leaves here. Large leaves have a difficult time moving, whereas the bits are tiny enough to diffuse efficiently.

tea ball infuser

  • Tea Stick

Now here is an option that is both aesthetic and convenient. You can even stir the tea using the same stick. The only downside of this type of sleek design is the insufficient area to fill.

Still, it works much better than a tea ball that barely offers room to roam around. A tea stick is affordable and comes in multiple styles; feel free to complete the theme you like the most.

best loose leaf tea stick

Which Tea Infuser Will Work Best For You

You cannot call a dibs on a particular product all the time. However, it would mean the world to tea addicted humans like us if we could choose one from thousands.

So the first question is, what type of tea do you take? Categorize between loose leaf tea and small tea bits.

what is the best type of tea infuser

Now, if you are an oolong, black, or green tea lover (like some of us) – a large unit – say, an infuser basket will work as the top tea infuser for you.

The other products are pretty much adaptable to both loose leaf and bits tea. Some herbal tea contains petals and other ingredients, which is why try to pick according to what you drink regularly.

How To Use A Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Here is a quick and easy instruction to get the best way to use a tea infuser. Give it a try!

  • Step 1: Prepare your favorite tea mug and infuser first.
  • Step 2: Put water in the kettle to boil. If you are a pure tea enthusiast, then any water type will not do. Most people make the mistake of using tap or distilled water that impacts severely on the after-flavor. The right answer is the spring water. You can always find it in the stores if the backyard does not have a whimsical stream running.
  • Step 3: Remember the mug we asked you to prepare? Now it is time for you to preheat it. The same goes for a teapot. It will retain the temperature as you steep.
  • Step 4: This is the crucial but easy step where the infuser plays the major role. Place the loose tea leaves into the utensil and close the clasp/cover tightly. Put it into the preheated mug/teapot. The leaves have a better chance at spreading scent this way.
  • Step 5: You know what to do in the final step – right? Add the boiling water and let it steep. It could be one to five minutes, depends on your tea type. The more you, steep the stronger it gets.
  • Step 6: Finally, remove the infuser after the tea is ready to drink. Enjoy the aromatic drink!

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Final Verdict

You do not want to know the number of teas we had just to find the verdict. However, there must be a winner, and we found OXO BREW Tea Infuser Basket is the best loose leaf tea infuser for the taking.

It is competent in quality, performance, and durability even when you use it frequently.

Of course, tea lovers should be the judge of their own steeping methods. A lot of the aspects go into deciding since tea is not just one drink but a flavorful window to many variants.

With the last sip left on the bottom of our cups, we bid goodbye. Have a nice day ahead!

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