Top 10 Best Oatmeal Cooker Reviews [Rapid Oatmeal Cooker]

If you are a fan of oatmeal, or if you tend to have them regularly, then getting an oatmeal cooker is essential for you.

But there are too many options to choose from, which can make the process quite difficult for you. Hence, we have done the research on your behalf, and provided all the necessary information.

If you go through our comprehensive article, then you will find the best oatmeal cooker for yourself in no time.

We have also included a buying guide while providing other insights, so you won’t miss out on anything. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Oatmeal Cooker – Comparison Table:

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Top 10 Best Oatmeal Cooker Reviews

If you are looking for an oatmeal cooker that will provide the perfection that you need, then here are some of the top selected options that you should go through. All the details are provided for you to choose the best one!

1. Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker for Oatmeal

Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker, White (-WB)

If you are looking for the best rice cooker for oatmeal that will be both easy to use and clean, then here’s one you should check out right away! It contains other cool features that will make you love it in no time.

What makes it effortless to use is its single switch control, which will take care of the process all by itself. It also includes a 6-ounce measuring cup for ease of measurement.

On the other hand, it also contains a see-through glass lid, which will help you monitor the oatmeal while it’s cooking. The stay-cool knob will let you remove the lid without getting burns.

Other than that, the cooker also comes with a stay-cool handle, which will let you pour the oatmeal while it’s still hot.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about replacing the item anytime soon because it has been constructed using a durable non-stick inner, which will prevent it from getting cracked.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effortless single switch control
  • Includes a 6-ounce measuring cup
  • Contains a see-through glass lid with a stay-cool knob
  • Comes with a stay-cool handle
  • Constructed using a durable non-stick inner

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2. Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker & Warmer with Uncoated Inner Pot, 6-Cup(cooked) / 1.4Qt, ARC-753SG, White

Don’t have much energy or time to waste on cooking? In that case, here’s an automatic oatmeal cooker for you, which is designed detect when the food is ready, and automatically switches mode afterwards to keep it warm!

What makes it one of the best out there is that it doesn’t contain an inner coating, and is made of 304 stainless steel, which is long-lasting as well as dishwasher safe.

With this equipment, you can literally set it and forget it! The machine comes with a one-touch automated design- so you can just pour water and let it be.

This is also the best small oatmeal cooker that you can have, because it saves kitchen space and is ideal for many other food items, which also makes it versatile.

For further convenience, the package contains everything that you could ask for, including a BPA free spatula and a measuring cup. So you won’t have to purchase anything separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatically detects and switches mode when food is ready
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Includes one-touch automated design
  • Compact size and suitable for various food items
  • Contains BPA free spatula and measuring cup

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3. BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker

BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker, 6-cup, White

Why settle for an equipment with only one use, when you can buy a two-in-one? This versatile machine can be used both as an oatmeal cooker and a food steamer, which makes it a fan-favourite!

Another feature that makes it absolutely versatile is that it can be used to cook both small and large meals. You can prepare anywhere from 1-6 cups of oatmeal in a go!

For further convenience, once cooking has been completed, the oatmeal cooker automatic function switches to the keep warm option, so you can serve it whenever you want.

On the other hand, the non-stick pot is removable, which makes it rather easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, so there’s no hassle for you to take.

Along with the food steaming basket, you will get a cup and spoon, so you won’t have to purchase anything separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used as an oatmeal cooker and a food steamer
  • Used to make both small and large meals
  • Automatically switches to the keep warm function
  • Removable non-stick pot is dishwasher safe
  • Includes a cup and a spoon along with the food steaming basket

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4. Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer

Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer, 10 Cup, Stainless Black, Made in Japan

If you are looking for a versatile and highly functional cooker, then here’s the best oatmeal pressure cooker for you. The machine automatically selects from 3 pressure levels while utilizing from 4 different pressure settings, so you can try out all the pressure cooker oatmeal recipes.

It has been designed to cook your meal according to the menu- so whichever recipe you choose to follow, it will guarantee a perfectly cooked dish without any hassle.

Furthermore, it comes with advanced fuzzy logic technology, which will make sure to adjust to your preferred cooking style. Hence, you will always get the ideal results.

To make sure your food is perfectly safe to eat once it’s done cooking, the product has been designed to be BPA free.

The package includes multiple useful accessories, such as a spatula, a spatula holder and measuring cups. Hence, you won’t have to purchase anything separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 3 pressure levels and 4 pressure settings
  • Cooks according to the menu
  • Contains advanced fuzzy logic technology
  • Designed to be BPA free
  • Comes with various useful accessories

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5. DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker, Electric Lunch Box, Travel Rice Cooker Small

DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker, Electric Lunch Box, Travel Rice Cooker Small, Removable Non-stick Pot, Keep Warm Function, Suitable For 1-2 People - For Cooking Soup, Rice, Stews, Grains & Oatmeal

In a world full of large oatmeal cookers, are you looking for one that will save space instead? In that case, you have come across the ideal product and you shouldn’t miss out on it!

Other than cooking rice and oatmeal, this electric cooker is capable of making other dishes as well, such as pasta, steamed veggies, soup, etc.

Along with an indicator light, the product comes with a keep warm function. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the meal overcooking or overheating and you can also keep track of it.

The compact design of the cooker also makes it portable, and the comfortable handle will only make it easier for you to carry it to places.

What makes it even better is that you will be able to use it in various environments. For instance, it is suitable for camper or RV travelling, small kitchens, dorm lives, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cooks rice, oatmeal, pasta, steamed veggies, soup, etc
  • Comes with an indicator light and a keep warm function
  • Includes a comfortable handle
  • Portable and compact design
  • Suitable for various environments

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6. Aroma Professional ARC-1230B

Aroma Professional ARC-1230B Grain, Oatmeal,Slow Cooker, Saute, Steam, Timer, 10 Cup Uncooked/20 Cup Cooked, Black

If you are tired of purchasing several accessories for one purpose, then you should totally look into this all in one kit. It comes with a steam tray, a measuring cap and a spatula- everything that you will need!

First of all, it comes with a digital display, which will let you input one of the 11 cooking programs quite effortlessly. Furthermore, the clear view lid will allow you to track the progress easily.

The lid comes with a cool-touch handle, for you to move it without any inconvenience. So you know that its user-friendliness knows no limits!

You will be able to use this cooker for various purposes- which also includes cooking a variety of meals. Moreover, its large capacity will let you cook large meals at a time!

The non-stick coating of the machine also makes it rather easy for you to clean and maintain. Not to mention, its keep warm function makes the food always ready to be served.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes a steam tray, a measuring cup and a spatula
  • Contains 11 cooking programs and a clear view lid
  • Comes with cool-touch handles
  • Has a large capacity and can cook various types of meals
  • Non-stick coating with a keep warm function

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7. Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB 2O2O model Rice & Grain Cooker Slow Cook

Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB Rice & Grain Cooker Slow Cook, Steam, Oatmeal, Risotto, 8-cup cooked/4-cup uncooked/2Qt, Stainless Steel

To test the limits of your creativity, here’s the best slow cooker oatmeal with 7 automated controls, which will allow you to cook whatever you want, depending on your mood!

The cooker comes with a built-in steamer function, which will prepare nutrient-rich meals above and in the meantime, rice or oatmeal will cook below- saving your time like none other.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a capacity of 8 cups of cooked oatmeal, which makes it ideal for both family and individual use.

On the other hand, the product comes with an eight times stronger coating, which is resistant to scratches and is also very convenient to clean.

Along with a non-stick inner pot, the item comes with a measuring cup, a spatula and a steam tray. All of these are BPA free for ensured healthiness.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains 7 automated controls for various meals
  • Includes a built-in steamer function to save time
  • Has a capacity of 8 cups of cooked oatmeal
  • Eight times stronger and scratch-resistant coating
  • Includes a BPA free measuring cup, spatula and steam tray

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8. Dash DRCM200GBWH04 Mini Rice Cooker Steamer with Removable Nonstick Pot

DASH Mini Rice Cooker Steamer with Removable Nonstick Pot, Keep Warm Function & Recipe Guide, 2 cups, for Soups, Stews, Grains & Oatmeal - White

An equipment that will keep your health in check is right here! With a capacity of 2 cups, this cooker can make all the healthy meals that you need to integrate into your daily lifestyle without any hassle!

In fact, it values your time as well along with your health, which is why it will let you set it and forget it! All you will have to do is add water and press the button and your food will get prepared in less than 20 minutes.

The cooker also comes with a keep warm function along with an indicator light. These functions will make sure your food never gets overcooked or overheated.

This is an ideal equipment for saving space as well. It comes with a portable and compact design, which will let you carry it without any hassle. Furthermore, its design and colour goes well with just about any décor.

On the other hand, the product also includes all the accessories that you could possibly need. For instance, it includes a rice paddle, a measuring cup, a removable pot, a recipe book, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Capacity of 2 cups and makes all the healthy meals
  • Prepares meals under 20 minutes without much effort
  • Contains a keep warm function and an indicator light
  • Comes with a portable and compact design
  • Includes all the necessary accessories

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9. Dezin Electric Hot Pot, Rapid Noodles Cooker

Dezin Electric Hot Pot, Rapid Noodles Cooker, Stainless Steel Mini Pot 1.6 Liter, Perfect for Ramen, Egg, Pasta, Dumpling, Soup, Porridge, Oatmeal with Power Adjustment and Keep Warm Function, Pink

If you are looking for a gift-able oatmeal cooker, which looks great, saves space and is effortless to clean, then here’s the ideal product for you. With 1.6L of capacity, it is suitable for both family and individual use.

It comes with dual power options- 200W and 600W, which makes it perfect for making just about any meal.

On the other hand, its compact and portable design will allow you to cook and enjoy healthy meals no matter where you are- given it is also easy to use.

With double wall construction and stain-resistant glass cover, this machine remains sturdy like no other. Its stainless steel interior makes it last longer.

Furthermore, the cooker also comes with a keep warm function, which will make sure your food doesn’t overcook or overheat.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6L of capacity and easy to maintain
  • Dual power options- 200W and 600W
  • Compact and portable design
  • Double wall construction with stainless steel interior
  • Includes a keep warm function

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10. Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded, Non-Stick Sauté Pan, Rapid Noodles Cooker

DEZIN Electric Hot Pot Upgraded, Non-Stick Sauté Pan, Rapid Noodles Cooker, 1.5L Mini Pot for Steak, Egg, Fried Rice, Ramen, Oatmeal, Soup with Power Adjustment, Purple (Egg Rack Included)

Why settle for an average cooker when you can get one that can saute food as well? This appliance comes with multiple functions and includes food grade non-stick coating along with a silicone spatula and an egg rack.

The cooker comes with a non-stick pot liner and a slick coating, which is toxin-free and is effortless to clean.

With a temperature control function between 150W-600W, the product comes with an over-heating and a boil-dry protection.

The cooker comes with a capacity of 1.5L and is designed to be compact and portable, which makes it ideal for picnics.

If you are looking to give a gift to a loved one, then this would be ideal for that as well, given it comes with a wonderful colour and exterior.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes food grade non-sticking coating, silicone spatula and an egg rack
  • The slick coating is easy to clean
  • Includes over-heating and boil-dry protection
  • Capacity of 1.5L
  • Makes a wonderful gift

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Oatmeal Cooker

Oatmeal has become a popular breakfast option, and with that, many people are looking for suitable oatmeal cookers to buy. If you are one of those people, then you will surely need proper guidelines to purchase them.

After all, without knowing about the essential features, it would be tough to make the right choice. And hence, we are here to discuss those factors while providing all the necessary details in our oatmeal cooker reviews.

  • Built

If you want your cooker to last for long, then you will have to make sure it comes with a proper built- that is, it should be constructed using sturdy materials. Moreover, it should also be safe for food, while having a non-stick coating.

Best Oatmeal Cooker


  • Capacity

The capacity of the cooker is quite essential. That is because, if you are going to purchase it for individual use, then it will have a lower capacity than the one you’d purchase for family use. So, do focus on the amount of water the machine can hold at max.

  • Design

If you are looking to save space in your kitchen because you need to move the cooker from place to place, then you should pick one with a compact and portable design.

  • Extra Features

There are plenty of extra features added in oatmeal cookers, which makes using them much more convenient altogether. For instance, it can come with a keep warm function or with LED light indicators.

can you cook oatmeal in a rice cooker


  • Additional Accessories

Most oatmeal cookers come with additional accessories such as spatulas, measuring cups or steamer trays. These accessories would definitely be necessary when cooking meals, so having them in the package would be beneficial. However, they are not mandatory and not having those is fine as well.

How to Make Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker?

Cooking oatmeal in a rice cooker is actually quite simple, and you will be able to accomplish the task just by following a few simple steps.

Once you are familiar with the process, you will be able to follow your desired rice cooker oatmeal recipe and cook a delicious meal without any hassle.

  • Dig Out the Instructions

Each brand of rice cooker contains different instructions for oatmeal, and you should figure them out before you start cooking.  

  • Add Water

Rice cookers contain a measuring cup, and if you are planning on following the cooker’s instructions to cook, then you should use that cup. Otherwise, use a standard measuring cup.

  • Add Oats

You can add one cup of oats, or you can add according to the amount the recipe calls for. On the other hand, you can also add milk instead of water.

  • Add Other Ingredients

It’s time to sprinkle some salt, and add other ingredients such as berries, chocolate chips, etc.

How to Make Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker


  • Start and Stir

What you need to do now is cover the pot and press the start button. Once a cycle has been completed, uncover the pot and stir the oatmeal.

  • Serve

Once you are sure that your oatmeal has cooked properly, you should serve hot. If you want, you can add some toppings as well.

How to Make Oatmeal in a Microwave?

If you are planning on cooking your oatmeal using a microwave instead of any cooker, then we have got great news for you- the method is pretty easy.

In fact, it is so easy that it will only take about a few minutes, and you won’t go through much trouble preparing for it either!

So, just follow through the steps to make a delicious bowl of oatmeal!

  • Gather All the Ingredients

At first you need to find a suitable recipe, and gather the amount of oats and water or milk accordingly. You should also have some salt, and other ingredients if you are looking to add flavours.

How to Make Oatmeal in a Microwave


  • Combine the Ingredients

The next step is to take a bowl and combine all the ingredients in the bowl. Just make sure the water or milk is on par with the oats, so that it doesn’t boil over when cooking or make the oatmeal sticky.

  • Microwave and Serve

Put the bowl inside the microwave cooker and set the time for 2-3 minutes with the temperature being high. Once the cooking is done, take the bowl out and stir the oatmeal before serving. You can also add some toppings for extra flavours.

How to Cook Oatmeal for Weight Loss?

If there’s one meal that is guaranteed to make you lose weight, then that is oatmeal. They are well-known for containing loads of fibres, which aid in weight loss.

Now, we know that to lose weight by having oatmeal, you need to add other light ingredients. For instance, you can make it with either water or unsweetened milk, a dash of salt, ground cinnamon, etc.

However, there are other ingredients that you can add as well, which will not only enhance the flavour but aid weight loss even further.

  • The Steps to Make Oatmeal

The first step is to combine all the ingredients at hand and make sure all the portion sizes are perfect.

Then, you need to press the start button after setting the time if it’s a rapid oatmeal cooker or a microwave oven. If you are using a stove, then let it boil. Once it has boiled, stir it and serve, and add toppings if you feel like it.

How to Cook Oatmeal for Weight Loss

  • Other Ingredients that You Can Add

If you have added cinnamon, then you can add apple for a scrumptious flavor profile.

You can also add maple brown sugar, which is a healthy but a tasty alternative to white sugar and honey.

On the other hand, banana nut and berry almonds are two other healthy additions as well.

Is Oatmeal Good for Babies?

If you are looking for a healthy meal for your baby, then switch to oatmeal right away! Find out here more about why it is considered as a healthy option.

  • High in Nutrients and Fibre

Oatmeal offers great amounts of fibre along with magnesium, iron and zinc.

  • Good for Digestion

This solid food promotes fullness while preventing gas.

  • Prevents Constipation

The fibre-rich food acts as a natural laxative, preventing constipation.

Is Oatmeal Good for Babies


  • Blends Well With Various Foods

You can mix tons of ingredients, and the oatmeal will blend along with it quite well.

  • Improves Health

Along with boosting the baby’s immune system, it improves the appearance of hair and skin as well.

Is Oatmeal Good for Constipation?

Previously we discussed how oatmeal helps with constipation among children- however, this benefit of oatmeal is not limited to any age.

In fact, oatmeal is good for constipation for people of all ages. And there are plenty of reasons behind this. The first would be that they contain a lot of fibres and nutrients, which helps them act as a natural laxative.

Is Oatmeal Good for Constipation

On the other hand, you can combine oats with a lot of healthy ingredients, such as fruits and other beneficial spices.

You can also make your oatmeal spicy if you want to- and the number of variations you can try out with oats is virtually limitless. This aspect also makes them incredibly great for health.

Instant Oatmeal vs White Rice

Instant oatmeal and white rice are often compared. And while they do contain tons of similarities, they also come with some major differences. And we will talk about those both, based on their components and nutrients.

  • Calories

100g of white rice will contain 130 calories, while oats will contain about 389 calories.

  • Dietary Fibre

Oats contain a lot more dietary fibre than white rice- almost 35 times more.

  • Protein

When it comes to protein, oats contain 8 times more of it than white rice does.

Instant Oatmeal vs White Rice

  • Saturated Fat

Instant oats contain 20 times more saturated fat than white rice does.

  • Vitamins

When it comes to vitamins, instants oats have more thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. However, both rice and oats contain similar amounts of niacin and folate.

  • Minerals

When comparing rice and oats, we tend to count calcium, iron and potassium as the main minerals. And oats contain more of all of those.

Final Words

The best oatmeal cooker out in the market wouldn’t necessarily be the best one for you. To find a suitable one, you need to determine your requirements first and then look accordingly.

Surely, all oatmeal cookers will serve the main purpose but each of them vary in terms of functionality and features. Hence, it is essential to focus on all their facilities before you choose one.

If you go through our buying guide, then the process will surely become more convenient for you, so don’t skip it!

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