Best Pepperoni Sticks for Premium Eaters

Pepperoni is a top-ranked meat snack in America. Pepperoni sticks are the most preferred item for pizza toppings, sandwich puree, or an American and Italian salad. These sticks are manufactured so that you can instantly eat them directly, taking them out of the pack.

That is why these pepperonis are a great option to have every day without having any cooking hassle. The best pepperoni sticks provide a high quantity of protein intake with very few amounts of sugar included.

Top-ranked pepperoni sticks become a significant source of protein that helps in maintaining a proper diet. Here, you will get the finest pepperoni sticks that are portable and easy to store. You can take one of them and begin your long drive journey.

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What To Look For Before Buying Pepperoni Sticks

As it is about processed food, you should be careful enough. When you select one pepperoni sticks pack, you should know these sticks’ detailed features and capabilities. What points should you look for? Let’s learn those terms and crucial points about pepperoni.

  • Cooking Process

Pepperoni is best cooked in slow flame. If you give it time to heat it slowly, it will consume the spices and flavors entirely and makes a unique taste. If these pepperonis can be cooked in hardwood fire, then it will create a smoky smell and make it juicier from the inside.

Best Pepperoni Sticks
The Spruce Eats

Most top-ranked brands use the traditional firewood heating process and take enough time to simmer the meat. The processing is included in the pack’s description. So, you should check the description before choosing one.

  • Ingredients

Generally, pepperoni is made of processed meat. This meat can be beef, pork, bacon, chicken, etc. Some people prefer only beef-made pepperoni. The top brands sell the mixture of beef, pork, or chicken and only beef-made pepperoni. It is your choice.

Besides, different brands use different spices, types of herbs, and seasonings. First, know what you like, and then check the pack ingredients before choosing your preferred pepperoni sticks. 

  • Health Value

Pepperoni is mainly made of meat. So, it works as the protein supply deeply. If you need to follow a tight diet plan for any disease or obesity and you are looking for high protein supply options, then pepperonis are the best option.

You will get a high protein intake balanced with less sugar and mostly zero carbs. Pepperonis acts as an ideal source of balanced protein intake. So, check the detailed ingredients from the list and then select the right pepperoni stick.

  • Price

Since you have to select a pepperoni sticks pack for your daily use, you should check the price range. There are many combos offers from some brands; some offers come in different seasons. Some pepperoni sticks come in bundles of 12 or 24 packs. So, if you need pepperoni sticks for a long time, you can have these bundles. Before opening the pack, it can last a long time.

  • Portability

If you are concerned about food for travel time, you can select pepperoni. They supply proper nutrition for a long time. As you can keep the pepperoni intact before opening the pack, you can keep them in your backpack and have them when you need them. Every serving is correct to maintain a healthy balance.

Pepperoni sticks in a girl's bag while she travels
  • Taste

When it is about food, taste means a lot. Some people like pepperoni in traditional taste and others like the modern and different taste. Different brands use different spices and seasonings. Depending on the processing system and spice types, taste differs. But most pepperonis are a bit spicy and savory.  

Top 10 Best Pepperoni Sticks Review

The best pepperoni sticks can meet the demand for a full appetite by only one serving. So, even if you are going for a picnic, arranging a party at home, or planning your diet chart, you can eventually include these pepperonis in your list. These pepperonis will work as the best protein supply. So, collect one option from the below ten pepperoni sticks and get the full benefit of yummy meat food. 

1. Old Wisconsin Handcrafted Pepperoni Sticks

Old Wisconsin Pepperoni Sausage Snack Sticks, Naturally Smoked, Ready to Eat, High Protein, Low Carb, Keto, Gluten Free, 28 Ounce Resealable Package


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Old Wisconsin brings a handcrafted pepperoni stick to provide more nutrition with taste. Yes, the taste means a lot, while nutrition is another level focusing point. Old Wisconsin thinks of the customer’s demand and then takes enough time to produce premium quality pepperoni sticks.

Every stick contains 6 grams of protein with only 1 gram of sugar. So, this focuses on the balance of nutrition and taste. With tasty but healthy ingredients, these sticks turn into unique items.

Old Wisconsin takes the finest ingredients and then slowly cooks in the hardwood fire. It consumes all the heat evenly and creates a juicy and soft sausage stick. The heat comes from the natural wood-burning fire, making a smokey flavor and smell. This smell brings an exceptional taste. 

This pepperoni is made with pure preservatives. You do not need to store them in the refrigerator before opening them. When you open the pack, you can store them in the fridge. No need to freeze them under zero degrees.

This storing procedure keeps the nutrients and taste intact inside the sticks. You can be sure of the nutrition even for kids. Kids will have enough protein while they like the taste. 

To keep up the quality, there are no binders or fillers. Only meat and necessary tasting ingredients and spices are included in the pepperoni. The amount of the other elements is only 2%. So, the majority portion is the meat which ensures the protein intake in high quantity.

So, you can take these pepperoni sticks or your daily protein intake. These sticks are also acceptable for evening snacks or party-time snacks. 


  • Great source of protein
  • Gluten-free sticks
  • No binders or extenders
  • Affordable for daily use


  • Packaging needs improvement

2. Tillamook Country Smoker Smokes Sausages

Tillamook Country Smoker Keto Friendly Zero Sugar Smoked Sausages, Original, 10 Ounce


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Tillamook is a renowned brand that makes premium quality sausages. The primary and 97 to 98% ingredient fills the USA beef and pork. This beef and pork are fresh and pure. So, you will get the freshness while having the most tasteful pepperoni sticks.

To provide the absolute correct taste, Tillamook uses Italian spices. A perfect combination of herbs and other ingredients with meat creates a fantastic snack. Tillamook takes time to produce this pepperoni. They do not find any shortcuts and extra processing.

After making the perfect mixture, they heat the sticks slowly on the natural hardwood smokes. It means ideal crafting of the cooking process. The correct smoked pepperoni comes in form with a great extent of a patient. Inside the pepperoni, you will find enough juicy content with a natural smoky taste. 

The balance of sugar and protein is so perfect that you can have enough protein without harming your health for extra sugar. You will get 8 grams of meat and only 1 gram of sugar in each serving. The preservation ability makes them portable enough.

You do not have any refrigerator to keep the pack before opening it. These pepperonis come in a resealable package. So, you do not worry about storing even after opening the pack. So, you can have them on the traveling time too.

Jars are so long and delicate that the pepperonis stay fresh till you finish them. As the pots are long, no need to make any folding or breaking of the pepperonis sticks. They remain perfect and juicy. So, make a tasty pizza topping or delicious sandwich puree with this pepperoni, or grab the entire stick to enjoy tasty sausage meat.


  • Perfect spice and meat combination
  • High protein intake
  • Resealable packs
  • Portable and easy storing possibility


  • Pretty expensive 

3. Vermont Smoke and Cure Turkey Pepperoni Sticks

Vermont Smoke & Cure Jerky Sticks - Antibiotic Free Turkey - Gluten Free - Great Keto Snack, High in Protein & Low Sugar - Uncured Pepperoni Stick, 24 Count (1 Oz each), 24 Oz


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Vermont comes with pepperoni sticks that ensure the best protein and sugar balance. If you are on a diet, this pepperoni is specialized for you. You will get a high protein intake with a low carbohydrate and low sugar content. If you follow the keto diet, Vermont pepperoni sticks are the most appreciable item to support your diet. 

Most of the sausages consist of preservatives or fillers to increase the taste. Vermont makes no shortcuts. They include 9 grams of proteins, 60 calories, and only grams of carb per stick. So, the balance provides exactly the proper nutrients for your health need.

These protein intakes are gluten-free, and there are no fillers or extenders. Only pure meat and necessary spices and herbs make these Vermont pepperonis. Vermont sources the meat from antibiotic-free meat stocks to make these pepperonis. They keep these sticks uncured to avoid any biotic reactions.

So, you will get fresh snacks every time. These sticks are packed and processed in such a way that you can take them in your bag and move any places you like. There is 40% less sodium and 45% less fat. So, you can be sure of the nutrient balance.

No nitrates are added to maintain the health value.  The balance of the ingredients is tasty, and everybody likes to have them. There are no nuts or shellfish, or other fish. So, no need to think of the risk of any allergic reactions.

With the necessary hormone addition, they keep the taste and health benefits of the pepperoni intact. Grab these pepperonis and get delicious protein while traveling or doing a party. 


  • Affordable price range
  • Gluten-free and nitrates free
  • Classic size and mini sizes, both are available
  • The perfect balance of taste and nutrients


  • Storing time range is low

4. Jack Link’s Beef Sausage

Jack Links Premium Sausage 4 Oz. Original Flavor, 4 Oz


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Jack Link brings a premium quality sausage with only beef and no chicken and no pork. Only beef-made pepperoni makes the sticks fresh and pure. It brings a classic pepperoni flavor that is absolutely mouthwatering.

With a combination of herbs and spices, beef becomes the most delicious. With one serving of pepperoni stick, you will get the entire protein intake for your daily time. There are 5 grams of protein with only 1 gram sugar mixture per serving. 

You do not need to keep the pepperoni stick in the fridge before opening it. Just throw the pack in your backpack and move around the city. These pepperonis are ready when you like to take them. The packaging is made in such a way that there is no hassle.

You accept and have the sticks when you need them. The sticks are made with real hardwood fire. The traditional flavor and smokey taste stay reserved inside every pepperoni stick. 

Since it is about food, there is a necessity for safety. All the ingredients are refined and fresh, and cooked in slow-fire heating. So, you can select it without any worry. This pepperoni is the perfect option for including them in the diet chart. You will get a yummy flavor with a smokey taste with a sticky texture. 

On one purchase, you will get 9 packs. So, you can have enough sausages on one purchase. There is no need to go to the store frequently and have the hassle of repeating purchases. So, grab the Jack Link’s pepperoni sticks and find the most delicious protein pack.


  • 5 grams of protein intake on one purchase
  • Get 9 packs at once
  • A perfect balance of spices and herbs with beef
  • Fresh and diet-controlled protein intake option


  • Slightly oily

5. Old Wisconsin Ready to Eat Sausage Sticks

Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Snack Sticks, Naturally Smoked, Ready to Eat, High Protein, Low Carb, Keto, Gluten Free, 6 Ounce Resealable Package


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Old Wisconsin can offer the pepperoni sticks with the complete balance of protein and spices in a very reasonable price range. The package comes in the resealable condition to take instant-ready sticks and store them immediately. There is no hassle in keeping them in air-tight containers. The pack is already set to store your pepperoni correctly. Actually, it means a lot. 

If you have a few pepperonis sticks and cannot properly store them, then the rest pepperonis in the packs’ mat destroy and have changed taste. Old Wisconsin packs allow you to store them in the very packs that come with the food. Besides, for this storage solution, these pepperonis have become more portable. You can take and have whenever you like while traveling long. 

Old Wisconsin pepperonis are the perfect alternatives to dried meats for protein intake. As the packs keep the sausages safe inside, they are ready to eat every time you feel to have them. Old Wisconsin prefers to make these pepperonis with unique blends of Italian flavors, herbs, and spices that make them traditional and premium in quality. 

The meats are cut in a perfect size and mixed with proper spices so that the balance in proportion of beef and seasoning stays right. It makes the taste super and heavy in protein. The inside of the sticks becomes juicy, and you feel that juice on your every bite. There are no binders, extenders, or fillers, so these become only meat. 

So, you can get the total protein intake for a day only from these pepperonis. It works great for travel time nutrition. These pepperonis are not only suitable for adults, but they are also a good source of protein for kids as the taste is classical and unique. Children like to have them too. So, take these pepperonis and get the zesty traditional flavor from them every day.


  • Heavy protein source
  • Italian spices and herbs made
  • Pure firewood heated meat
  • Resealable packs and portable benefit


  • After opening the pack, you should have them in 5 to 7 days

6. Jack Link’s Beef Sausage Sticks

Jack Link's Beef Sticks, Original, 0.92 Ounce (20 Count) - Great Protein Snack, Meat Stick with 5g of Protein, Made with 100% Premium Beef, No Added MSG


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Jack Link comes with superior quality sausage sticks made with only beef. There is no mix of pork or chicken. You will get pure and fresh meat. The cooking process is also slow and long. No shortcut provides premium quality to the sticks.

Jack link follows their own signature cooking procedure that makes fine-blends of original spice paste or power with the beef. Beef is cut in such a piece with all the spice and herbs flavor evenly inside it. 

The signature spice and beef mixing process of the Jack Link creates a unique taste and flavor, including the traditional smokey smell. This traditional smokey flavor comes from the slow cooking process over the real firewood.

Jack Link focuses on every piece of pepperoni sticks separately to create perfection. The unique taste brings a sharp pepperoni flavor that is mouthwatering. Jack Link also makes a package that keeps them fresh and ready to eat.

So, take them when you go for a long drive and long journey. Before opening the pack, there is no need to refrigerate them. A delicate blend of beef with safe spice makes these pepperonis a healthy protein intake.

You cannot imagine how helpful these pepperonis are for your busy life to keep up the perfect diet control. You will get 5 grams of protein per serving, making your protein need full instantly. 

One purchase provides 3 packs full. So, you can have without any worry about the storage. As you can store them without a refrigerator, you can open and eat every pack when you need. Keep them in your backpack and travel far away.


  • A perfect blend of beef and herbs and spices
  • Ready to eat meat and no need to keep them in the fridge before opening the packs
  • It comes in a 3-pack combo
  • Heavy protein intake 


  • A bit salty

7. 24 Packs of Jack Link’s Pepperoni

Jack Link's Beef Snack Stick, Pepperoni, 1.5-Ounce Sticks (Pack of 24)


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Are you searching for a better plan for your food when you go a long way and stay several nights out? Jack Link brings the perfect solution. They offer 24 packs of pepperoni sticks in one bundle with heavier protein stock.

Isn’t it enough and correct? You will get 24 pounds of pepperoni in these 24 packs full. As ack Link thought of the heavy need, they made this bundle of pepperonis with more protein stock. 

Others packs have 5 grams of protein in one serving that meets the regular demand. But these packs have pepperonis with 8 grams of protein in one serving. So, it meets the demand when you are on the road, camping, or some stress tour. 

There is a balance of protein and sugar. You will have 8 grams of protein intake with only 1 gram of sugar in one serving. So, these pepperonis work as a balanced diet sharply. If you are on an obese diet chart, these pepperonis are the perfect addition.

As the diet chart says, it seems pretty hard to manage protein food. These pepperonis solve half of your problems and provide ready-to-eat protein intake. In terms of taste, there is a nice blend of beef with spices and herbs.

Yes, there is only beef like other Jack Link pepperonis. Fresh beef stock is used to make the pepperonis. With a perfect mixture of meat with spices, these sticks are also made of real firewood fire. So, there is a mixture of modern spicy taste with classical smokey flavor. People of every age will like these pepperonis. 

So, why wait? Go to hard work or picnic, or heavy-duty travel with these 24 packs of Jack Link pepperoni. 


  • Heavier protein intake with 8 grams of protein per serving
  • The affordable price range for total packages
  • A refined balance of spice and beef mixture
  • Conventional smokey flavor mixed


  • The taste seems too strong to some customers

8. Bridgford Old World USA Pepperoni Sticks

Bridgford Old World Pepperoni Stick, Made in the USA, 16oz, Pack of 3


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Bridgford has become a renowned brand for its premium quality pepperoni sticks. They include all the finest ingredients to preserve the flavor and make a juicy protein intake within the dried meat option.

They have their own special processing and spice mix recipe that gives pepperonis a superior mouthwatering taste. They collect the necessary ingredients from the new production places and make a fine paste, and these pepperonis have a raw taste. 

With the flavoring items which are healthy for your body too, they make a unique taste. They also follow the real firewood smoke heating process to preserve the food value. It provides a unique smokey flavor and makes a nice blend of different tastes.

The processing completes these pepperonis ready for multiple uses. You can take them instantly out of packs and use them as pizza toppings, pasta, sandwiches, salads, etc. Bridgford follows the USA manufacturing rules and regulations that make them safer than you think.

All the pepperonis are absolutely gluten-free. Bridgford adds BHA and BHT to protect the flavor. So, whenever you have them, you get the same taste and flavor every time you eat. As a reservation and drying process, they use natural fermentation and aging procedures to keep the food value intact and preserve the texture.

The consistency feels so yummy and delicious that kids also like to have them. A unique advantage is the packaging system. Every stick is packed in different air-tight conditions to preserve them without a refrigerator. So, you can be sure of the taste and the food nutrients balance and safety. These pepperonis are perfect for extended travel use.


  • Real firewood heated made process
  • Gluten-free mixture
  • An excellent combination of beef, pork, and chicken
  • A delicate balance of protein and sugar


  • A less sweet that may not match the taste of some people

9. Oberto Traditional Beef Pepperoni

Oberto Classics beef pepperoni 24oz Zip Pak


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A mixture of beef, pork, and chicken meat is found in most sausages. Many people do not like the combination. The most preferred taste in pepperoni is beef. Oberto comes with the traditional tasted pepperoni sticks that are popular.

Oberto makes beef pepperoni sticks by mixing fresh meat with traditional spices, herbs, and seasonings, following the USA rules and regulations. So, it is sure that you like the unique taste of these pepperoni sticks.

It is a rich source of protein. The carbohydrate, sugar, and meat balance are so perfect that it works great in your obese diet chart. You will have 8 grams of protein and zero carbohydrate intake per serving. It provides 120 calories per serving. So, it is excellent for every age of people to maintain a balanced diet. 

Oberto pepperoni comes in a resealable package. That means high portability. You can keep the pack in your backpack and start your journey. You can eat your pepperoni stick snack and get the complete protein and nutrition intake whenever you need it. Then keep them in the package sealed. Your pepperonis will stay correct. 

To preserve the flavor, they added MSG that keeps the taste intact. Oberto ensures the safety of the food. These pepperonis are absolutely free of gluten and any colors of additional flavors. The authentic taste comes from raw spices and fresh beef.

Beef is cut into pieces that make it perfect for mixing with the spices and seasonings. You will get a chewy and juicy texture inside the pepperoni sticks that consume and provide the right taste for every bite. 

They go in no shortcuts. Oberto takes enough time to cook slowly over the firewood heat, and the meat becomes soft over time. This cooking procedure makes the beef have a classical smokey taste from inside.


  • Only beef made
  • The perfect mixture of spices to make a quality taste
  • Resealable packaging
  • Affordable in price


  • Slightly greasy and slippery

10. Tillamook Pepperoni Smoked Sausage

Tillamook Country Smoker Real Hardwood Smoked Sausages, Pepperoni, 15.2 Ounce Tall Jar, 20 Count


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If you are on a obesity diet and need high protein intake in small food servings, you should get these pepperoni sticks combo packages. Tillamook comes with a bundle of 24 packs of pepperoni sticks that serves the best to maintain a regular balanced diet.

In one serving, you will get 13 grams of protein. So, with this heavy protein intake, you can keep a premium diet chart that works in every situation. These pepperonis are balanced beef, pork, Italian spices, and seasonings.

They are perfect to have right away, and they are also great to use as pizza toppings or sandwich puree. You can use them in the salad too. The Italian spices create an interesting, juicy taste from the inside. You can feel this unique taste in every bite. It preserves the juices inside when cooked in slower processing over the real hardwood fire. 

After having one serving, you feel so energetic that you will be amazed by these pepperonis. The artful smoking process makes the meat premium, and you can have a perfect balance of meat mixture.

The affordability of these pepperoni helps you to have them in perfect timing. This bundle includes 24 acks of pepperoni sticks. So, you can get one pack every time you need it and do not have any tension of storage. 

As the bundle has 24 separate packs of pepperonis, these are highly portable. You can keep them in your bags and get them while Tillamook ensures food sourcing safety. All the ingredients come from the finest sources and are cooked with great patience.

As the taste of the pepperoni is superior, the fineness of the texture is also premium. So, these pepperonis can cut off all your tensions and be the partner in your travel time.


  • Higher protein stock in one serving
  • Perfect texture and balance of meat and spices
  • 24 packs in one bundle
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • Greasy feel in touch 

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Pepperoni Sticks

Q: How is the nutritional value of pepperoni sticks?

Ans: As a source of meat vitamins, pepperoni provides vitamin B-12. An ounce of pepperoni slice will get 0.48 micrograms, 20 percent of the daily need for vitamin B-12. Besides, you will also get zinc and iron from Pepperoni sticks.

Q: What pepperoni is the best to top on pizza?

Ans: Nowadays, many pepperoni options work fine as the topping of pizza. If you like the refined taste of the pizza toppings, you should select thinly sliced and small-sized pepperoni on your pizza. It will be cooked well and become soft and mushy.

If you use a thicker slice of pepperoni, it will become chewy and heavy textured. But at last, it much depends on the person’s taste who will have the pizza.

Q: What makes the skin of the pepperoni stick?

Ans: Pepperoni skin is known as the sausage casing or sausage skin. It encloses the mixture of pepperoni meats and spices in the stick form. This skin is two types: one is natural, and the other is artificial. The intestine or skin makes the natural pepperoni skin of an animal, and the artificial pepperoni skin is made of cellulose and collagen. 

Q: Does the pepperoni stick need to be cooked?

Ans: No, there is no need to cook the pepperoni. It is already processed food. For pepperoni, meat is processed, and then it contains lactic acid. All the bacteria are killed for this acid and processing system, and no bacteria can regrow. So, it is absolutely safe to consume without cooking. 

Q: Is it necessary to cook pepperoni before putting it on pizza?

Ans: In general, there is no need to cook any toppings for pizza. Pizza is being cooked at a higher temperature range. So, all the toppings, including veggies, meats are sliced thin and get cooked fine on the pizza processing time. But for the harder meats and tougher veggies, you may need to cook them well. Pepperonis are already cooked food. So, you do not need to cook it.

Q: How to store pepperoni correctly?

Ans: While selling pepperoni, they can be stored in the refrigerator or not. The former form of pepperoni tends to last longer. So, before opening the pack, you also can store them at room temperature. But after opening them, you should keep them chilled in the refrigerator.

While keeping them in the fridge, wrap them well. If the pepperoni s sliced inside the packs, it will last longer than you expect. 

Q: Is it reasonable to freeze pepperoni?

Ans: Yes, you can freeze pepperoni. It is better to freeze pepperoni than keep them inside the refrigerator. The life length increases when you freeze the pepperoni inside the freezer. But you have to take time when you defrozen them. Remove them from the freezer and then replace it in the fridge. It will take 24 hours to thaw. 

Q: How long does pepperoni last?

Ans: If you keep them in the fridge or at average temperature, it will last 6 weeks before opening. After opening the pepperoni, it will last 21 days. But after opening them, you must keep the pepperoni in the refrigerator.

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Final Words

As a protein stock, pepperoni is an excellent solution. Pepperonis are full of heavy protein intake. Pepperoni sticks preserve protein with zero carbohydrates and less sugar. So, it makes an outstanding balance of protein, sugar, fat, and iron. It works better to maintain your diet. The best pepperoni sticks offer high portability by the resealable packaging. 

When you have the resealable pack for your pepperoni, you can have it any time and store the rest inside the package. So, you can travel far away and keep these pepperoni sticks in your backpack. They serve well in your journey. You can have the necessary protein intake in one serving and get energized. So, get the pepperoni sticks at your party or picnic or on your travel. 

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