Best Sun Tea Jar With Spigot for Proper Refreshment

Remember those summer days when the sun was up high, and you had to squint the eyes for better vision? Well, we understand how heat can make one feel lazy.

That is when you bring out the tea! So before you get to brewing it in the sun, are you sure the container is food-safe?

We hardly keep these things in mind during the gathering or skipping work for a sip. Therefore, we have decided to research and present you with some items to infuse without worrying.

Let us help you find the best sun tea jar among them!

Top 5 Best Sun Tea Jar – Comparison Table:

Top 10 Best Sun Tea Jar With Spigot

While most products seem pretty much similar, each has a distinctive quality. Read on to understand what these sun tea jars have that others do not.

1. Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher With Lid and Spout

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher With Lid and Spout [68 Ounce] Great for Homemade Juice & Cold Tea or for Glass Milk Bottles

It is a super sturdy 68 oz glass pitcher that fulfills every need. The square Bormioli Rocco beverage container is the kind of product a sun tea lover would enjoy having in their collection.

Although it is not suitable for direct hot water, its thick glass and the non-spill plastic lid have ensured safe-conduct under direct sun. You can view the clear transformation of the tea steeping due to the transparency.

All in all, it is food-safe and can last for an extended period as long as you maintain it properly. Speaking of which, dishwasher safety kind of makes it all the easier to maintain.

However, it is the handle we are worried about. Despite the thick design, the overall firm attachment seems a little flimsy.


  • Airtight BPA-free plastic lid
  • A wide mouth allows easy cleaning
  • High-end quality for multipurpose use
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • A simple twist and lock/unlock lid system


  • Too light handle for the weight capacity

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2. Hiware 64 Ounces Glass Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid

Hiware 64 Ounces Glass Pitcher with Lid / Water Pitcher with Handle - Good Beverage Carafe Pitcher for Juice, Milk, Beverage, Hot/Cold Water & Iced Tea, Cleaning Brush Included

So what if the jug is not in Mason jar shape? What matters is the value it holds. Similarly, Hiware’s 64 oz. is the best sun tea container that offers a cleaning brush, as well!

But most importantly, you can rely on the unit for many years. Borosilicate glass is a nontoxic glass material that will not leach any harmful chemicals. So instead of adding plastic, this one comes with a stainless steel lid with a filter.

We have found it supremely practical for many purposes. It has made sun tea making a stress-free method for iced tea enthusiasts like us.

You could either gift it to someone close or keep it for your benefit – we will not judge. The pitcher is promising that way!


  • The borosilicate glass makes it highly durable
  • Stovetop-safe; ideal for sun tea making process
  • Useful stainless steel lid with filter
  • Practical design for easy cleanup and pour
  • Steadfast handle that is ergonomic


  • Difficult to trap heat due to open spout

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3. Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher, 2 Quart

Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher Made in the USA, 2 Quart, Blueberry

This blueberry patented pitcher might seem all ordinary, but its 2-quart capacity makes it worth the purchase. Whether you use it occasionally or daily, it can handle rough use all the same.

From the leakproof design to the BPA-free plastic construction, everything makes it functional for all reasons. So what made us eventually step away from the product?

No matter how sturdy the structure is, we still cannot vote for plastic. It restricts longevity, unlike glass. Hence, if you plan on obtaining it, remember that it will bound to leak sooner or later.

Besides, keeping it under the sun for a few hours might alter the tea flavor. This is what we often fear since it can leave a disagreeable taste in your tongue. Let us hope it does not have to come to that.


  • BPA-free plastic
  • Shatterproof quality
  • Great for cold beverages
  • Comfortable handle
  • Prevents stain, cloud, odor


  • Prone to leak after a while

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4. Hiware 68 Oz Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout

Hiware Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout - 68 OZ Water Pitcher for Hot/Cold Water & Iced Tea, 18/8 Stainless Steel Lid, High Heat Resistance, 100% Lead-free

We are back with Hiware again! Let us just tell you that this brand is simply fantastic with its pitcher collection.

And this unit is the larger version of the previous Hiware jug. The 68 oz. of sun tea is what we all dream of on a hot day. Its high heat-resisting borosilicate glass aids in the harmless natural infusion.

The clear, elegant design makes it one of our favorite pitchers that rave durability at each step. It has the same stainless steel lid with a filter, something every sun tea fan would appreciate.

We loved how naturally it fits inside the refrigerator despite the large capacity. Moreover, you will no longer have to make batches for the whole day once you fill this jug up! In short, it is greatly recommended.


  • Lead-free borosilicate glass for heat resistance
  • Perfect rust-free lid with filter
  • Practical design for the whole family/gathering
  • Convenient fill and cleanup
  • Ideal for versatile use; hot/cold drinks


  • The heat escapes through the spout

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5. Brita Stream Filter as You Pour Water Pitcher, 12 cups, Bordeaux

Brita Stream Cascade Water Filter Pitcher, Bordeaux, Large 12 Cup, 1 Count

The reason we have included the Brita Stream plastic water pitcher is the handy filter it comprises. While the pitcher qualifies as moderately durable for its thick structure, our sole focus was on the capacity and filtration system.

It holds 12 cups of water and offers an indicator that lets you know the filter’s lifespan. Of course, you can always detach it from the pitcher and use it like any other sun tea pitcher.

The unit is quite suitable for versatile cold beverages. It has an easy lid locking mechanism and odor-free hours of usage facility.

Unfortunately, the only drawback is how slow the water pours. Yes, it is almost tedious and frustrating, but it is understandable, given the top filter option.


  • Efficient design for easy fill and storage
  • Premium-grade filter as you pour
  • Includes electronic filter indicator
  • Saves money; fewer plastic waste
  • Airtight locking lid; no chemical leach


  • Slow pouring function

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6. Aofmee Glass Pitcher, 68oz Water Pitcher with Lid

Glass Pitcher, 68oz Water Pitcher with Lid and Precise Scale Line, 18/8 Stainless Steel Iced Tea Pitcher, Easy Clean Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Jug for Juice, Milk, Cold or Hot Beverages

Aomfee is another best sun tea pitcher that we must include here. It offers precise scale measuring on one side and resists heat altogether.

Therefore, if it is perfection you seek for your sun tea preparation, here is your pick. It is an all-around jug that comes with a cleaning brush. Our favorite feature is the stainless steel lid with a BPA-free filter.

Thanks to the airtight sealing, you will not have to worry about heat escape when set out in the sun. From the ergonomic handle to the convenient size, we have come to love this product above all!

So next time you invite your fellows for a grill party, do not forget to dazzle them with homemade iced tea!


  • Broad usage due to heat-resisting glass
  • High-end quality for long-term use
  • Wide mouth for easy reach-and-clean
  • Premium-grade lid with filter
  • Offers leakproof function at all times


  • The handle might be small for some users

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7. FineDine 1 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with 18/8 Stainless Steel Spigot

1-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with 18/8–Stainless Steel Spigot - 100%Leakproof - Wide Mouth Easy Filling - Drink Dispenser with Ice Cylinder Keeps Beverage Cold For Outdoor Parties and Daily Use

Let us be honest with you; if you or the family members are hardcore tea fans, this is the best jar for making sun tea! The FineDine might not be ideal for hot drinks, but who wants boiling beverages during summer anyway?

Nevertheless, it is an amazing product that can withstand sun heat for several hours. It comes with a stainless steel spigot for self-serving purposes when throwing a party.

The only thing we did not like was the tin metal lid. It seems all traditionally beautiful, but the piece is susceptible to rust if not maintained properly. Another problem was the slight leaking through the spigot. We hope yours does not come with a leaky spout, though.


  • Wonderful jar design with large volume capacity
  • Stainless steel spigot for harmless pours
  • Ideal for parties/gathering or family nights
  • It makes perfectly-steeping sun tea
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The tin metal lid is prone to rust

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8. Estilo Glass Beverage Drink Dispenser With Leak Free Spigot

Glass Drink Dispenser for Parties - 1 Gallon Glass Jar Beverage Dispenser with Leak Free Spigot, 1 Gallon, Clear |  For Parties, Weddings,  Sun Tea Jar, Lemonade & Laundry Detergent Dispenser

Here is another jar-shaped drinking dispenser we thought worth checking out. This is a 1-gallon sun tea jar that can serve the whole family and more for the entire day.

Whether it is a picnic or event, fill in the container with your desired flavored tea bags and enjoy afterward. It is also a great way to use it as a centerpiece amidst the buffet table.

So, is it worth the cost? We will not argue with it, but neither do we want to agree. The glass is not durable unless you are using it for storing purposes. There is a leaking issue to deal with as well.

Would we still suggest this product to our valuable readers? Yes, it is an attractive-looking jar one can utilize for stocking grained ingredients.


  • Rust-free spigot feature
  • Large capacity for big gatherings
  • Ideal for storing purposes
  • Smooth pouring option
  • Airtight tin lid


  • Not durable for more than six months

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9. Estilo On Metal Stand with Leak-free Spigot

Glass Drink Dispenser for Parties - 1 Gallon Glass Jar Beverage Dispenser with Stand - Glass Water Dispenser Countertop for Weddings, Sun Tea Jar, Lemonade & Laundry Detergent Dispenser  

So what if the previous Estillo product was not an absolute winner. The same brand brings to you the best glass sun tea jar that assures nothing but exceptional quality.

We are not saying it is out of an world sort of 1-gallon dispenser. What we mean is that the unit with a metal stand is more competent than its opponents. You can either present it to a friend/family member or keep it to yourself.

Whichever choice you make, the thick glass square structure is something worth acquiring. If you are an avid tea person like some of us, we think this durable item will help ease things up a bit.

There will be no odor or rust to deal with. Plus, it is super simple to wash with hands.


  • Stylish design with clear content visibility
  • Includes a stand for outdoor support
  • Reliable for all occasions
  • Non-drip spigot
  • Airtight dispenser with tin lid


  • The plastic spigot is flimsy

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10. Oneisall 75 Ounces Large Heat Resistant Glass Beverage Pitcher

75 Ounces Large Heat Resistant Glass Beverage Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid, Borosilicate Water Carafe with Spout and Handle, Perfect for Homemade Juice and Iced Tea

Let us conclude the review with a sun tea pitcher by Oneisall. It holds about 2-liter of liquid beverages. Thanks to the borosilicate glass craftsmanship, you can rest assured of pouring hot drinks in it.

But how well does it fare in making sun tea? We have to admit it allows tea infusion above one’s expectations! You can easily fit it in the refrigerator afterward.

The only time you will experience spills is when you overfill the jug. This explains how precisely it delivers just what you require. It has a big handle and a spout for comfortable functionality.

Besides, our favorite is the stainless steel lid that has an integrated filtering system. The BPA-free leakproof bottom rim only adds additional protection against spills and heat escapes. Overall, we have a great time enjoying our iced tea in this quality product.


  • Durable
  • Wide mouth with large capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Spillproof lid
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Some might be skeptical about the lightweight design

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Things To Consider In A Sun Tea Jar With Spigot

Is it too difficult to choose among the products? Why not check out our brief guide for better understanding? Go ahead!

  • Material

There are so many adorable products in the market to muddle your mind into choosing the wrong unit. The best way to come out of this tangle is by aiming high for glass material.

That is right; you are going to place the container in daylight. Obviously, the sun has to penetrate, trap the heat and slowly let the tea bags seep into the water.

So, the safest method to continue enjoying the cool beverage is by choosing glass – borosilicate glass, to be specific.

Very few users willingly choose a plastic sun tea jar, which we personally do not favor much. If you do not mind the possible plastic taste in some cases, we will not stop you.

best sun tea jar


  • Pitcher or Jar

Is this a difficult resolution to come at? Yes, it is because each individual has a different perception toward designs.

The person can pick either option based on the capacity or, he/she can narrow down the search by preference.

So ask yourself, are you a jar person or a pitcher person? We secretly hope that you are a team glass sun tea jar like us, though.

  • Capacity

This is quite essential to figure out since only you know how big of an iced tea fan you are. If you are like us who cannot give up drinking it even during winter days, we will suggest a 1.2 to 2-liter pitcher/jar.

best sun tea container


Besides, nobody wants to make a second batch. That means having to get up from the comfort zone and wait more hours. We vote for a large capacity!

On the contrary, small jars are pretty convenient when storing or transporting onto the porch. Make sure to settle for what you find most apt for the occasion.

Sun Tea vs. Regular Tea

What makes it more popular? Why do some people love this way of drinking tea? Let us find out a few bits about the variance.

Sun Tea

You must have noticed that each sun tea jar review represents how simplified life becomes when you do not have to do a thing to enjoy the tea.

The sun practically does everything! All you have to do is add water and tea bags inside the container, seal it tight, and set it aside under the sun – voila!

This way, you can make a whole bunch of batches at once to relish them fresh afterward. Pair your tea with flavorsome herbs and fruits for a refreshing tinge in between the talks.

In short, it is super easy to prepare; and slowly reduces craves of soda drinks. Say goodbye to the sugar-loaded unhealthy beverages right away.

Best Sun Tea Jar With Spigot


Regular Tea

We will keep this brief. While nothing can match the quality of regular tea, some do not prefer the strong bitterness it permeates.

Plus, the whole day turns gloomy and sardonic if the taste does not meet your satisfaction scale.

There are lengthy steps of preparation to think about for only a cup of tea. So there you go!

solar tea jar buying guide

Sun Tea Benefits

Have you ever seen your grandparents preparing the vintage sun tea jars? Did you ever wonder if sun tea has ever been advantageous to people?

  • Low Caffeine

Many of us are sensitive to caffeinated beverages, including various teas. If you are someone like us, who had to experience terrible jitters and short breathes, there is good news for you.

You can consume all the sun tea you want, for this drink barely offers caffeine. No more looking at others enjoying drinks while you sit empty-handed.

  • Low Acidity

Whether you choose bags or loose leaves – that is up to you. What you will gain in return for making sun brewed tea is a low acidic refreshment. This homemade drink is less sour and bitter too!

  • Low Risk of Heart Attack

Are we not all tired of worrying about health issues every time we try out an ingredient or beverage? Thankfully, the higher flavonoids and antioxidant levels reduce the risk of diabetes.

It is also a great refreshment for those with heart attack prone tea lovers. To summarize, do not think much when trying it out for the first time.

The sun tea is a soothing pick-me-up to beat the summer heat when both energy and spirit are drained out of you.

Sun Tea Benefits

How Many Quarts in a Sun Tea Jar

The answer is to go straight for two-quart or around two-liter. The larger the capacity, the fewer repeated batches you will need.

Always consider at least four to eight tea bags or equivalent loose tea leaves/herbs when the water measures two-quart.

You can proceed with a lesser amount when using a one-quart, though.

Can You Make Sun Tea In A Plastic Container

The only pitcher you can find is blue plastic, which can’t be used to make sun tea effectively or safely, as the glass needs to be clear in order to properly absorb the sun’s rays. Plus, if the sun is particularly bright, it may cause plastic containers to activate, resulting in sad-tasting, plastic-tasting tea.

How to Make Sun Tea in Mason Jars

Do not be embarrassed to seek out instruction for this straightforward tea-making process. Even we had to look up various inquiries to learn its simple preparation!

The secret is in the timing. Since the sun heat is variable at every hour, our suggestion is to make it around midday. This is when the sun stays right on the top, slowly making its way to the West. Here is the short direction!

Step 1: Is the sun high up in the sky? Then take out your mason sun tea jar and clean it.

Step 2: Fill it in with drinking water.

Step 3: If the jar has a 2-quart volume capacity, go all-in with 4-8 tea bags. There is no stopping from experimenting with flavors. So feel free to add one or two green, mint, or jasmine tea bags!

Step 4: Seal shut with a tight lid and place it out in the sun for around 4 hours. Timing can vary based on the intensity of the sunlight. Sometimes it only takes 1 hour whereas the usual duration is 3-4.

Step 5: Finally, you will see the water fully dark with tea and heat absorption. Remove the tea bags and refrigerate the sun tea for a fresher ice tea experience.

How to Make Sun Tea in Mason Jars

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Final Verdict

Frankly, all this time, we had been drinking the tea while discussing the products. It was an enjoyable moment. But which is the best sun tea jar that has caught our attention the most?

The 9th item, Estilo 1-Gallon Drink Dispenser on Metal Stand, is what we believe is a genuinely exceptional product that every tea lover will benefit from.

It is safe to use for every occasion and delivers easy-going maintenance.

In any case, making tea and enjoying it should be an effortless task with pleasing aftermath. We hope our article was helpful enough to provide you such fulfillment.

Enjoy your drink!

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