Can You Marinate Frozen Chicken

Are you preparing to marinate the chicken? And you forgot to thaw it before. Then you have the question. Can you marinate frozen chicken? The answer will be- Yes, it is possible but not wise. The spices or flavors you want to add while marinating do not get into frozen chicken. Frozen chicken is hard that cannot consume herbs.

But there are many times when you will fall this problem. Maybe you need to marinate the chicken quickly. It is an emergency to cook marinating chicken. What will you do? Know all the details and ways to cook frozen chicken and find the ultimate solution.

Can You Marinate Frozen Chicken

It is possible to marinate frozen chicken, and you may also do it and not ruin it. There is a way to do it. But this process is not wise to perform. If you marinate frozen chicken, it will hamper the taste and quality of the chicken, and it won’t make any sense regarding mixing spices to chicken. It does not create the expected marinating flavor and taste. Before doing the process, you have to understand the fact in all ways.

Actually, frozen chicken gathers water to be frozen and while being frozen. When you marinate it, the water will thaw and mix with the chicken marinating spices. It becomes watery, and the effects of the spices and flavors will be wasted. If you melt the chicken before going for marinades, the chicken will get the perfect mixture of spices and aroma and absorb them to be tasty and delicious.

Can You Marinate Frozen Chicken

If you marinate and cook the frozen chicken without thawing, it may take more time to be cooked and does not cook well in all parts of the chicken. For this raw condition of the chicken, it may cause some health issues. So, it is wise to thaw frozen chicken at first, then marinate and cook.

If you have time, you may try to marinate the frozen chicken overnight. Though it will be juicy or watery, the chicken may absorb some spices when the chicken thaws at night and get in touch with the spices and sauces. Since the effect of marinades will be less for its wet condition, you may take your nighttime to thaw the chicken and marinate it in the morning. Then you will get more effects from marinades.

So, you have to look for the solution that thaw chicken fast. Yes, if you are running out of your time, it will be wise to look for a quick-thawing process for frozen chicken than marinating instant after getting the chicken out of the fridge. Let’s get through efficient processes to thaw the frozen chicken faster.

Method-1: Keeping the Chicken to the Chiller

You have to remove the chicken from the deep fridge and keeping it in the chiller part of the fridge overnight. It will thaw the chicken, and there is no risk of the contaminants as it is already in the refrigerator at a specific temperature.

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Method-2: Running Hot water

When you have significantly less time to cook, and you do not have the chicken ready, you have to thaw the chicken in this process using only 30 minutes. You have to take a bucket and then put hot water in it. Do not soak the chicken thoroughly. Change the water every 5 minutes interval. You will see the water gets cool. It is an easy and quick process.

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Method-3: Cutting the Chicken

You have to cut the chicken into small pieces and then keep the details in a zip-lock bag. It will keep the chicken safe from bacteria and other contaminants. Be careful while chopping the chicken. It will thaw the chicken faster than the regular thawing time. You will see water in the bag after a while. You have to drain the chicken every 15 minutes. In a short time, you will have your chicken soft and tender to cook readily.

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Method-4: In the Microwave

You have to keep the frozen chicken in the oven and set it in the “Defrost” option for 2 minutes. After two minutes, check if it is thawed. If not, repeat the process.

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This process is not suitable for the whole frozen chicken as it will thaw the outer part of the chicken, and the inside will remain firm. You can cut the chicken into some pieces and then defrost the pieces one by one. You will see that some outer parts seem cooked a little. No worry. After thawing the whole region and cook it nicely, and the chicken will be okay.

Choose the Right Method to Thaw the Frozen Chicken

A natural thawing of the frozen chicken takes 24 hours to 48 hours in the chiller fridge. This process is the safest to keep intact the juice, flavor, health value. Other methods to thaw the chicken takes more or less 30 minutes.

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But the microwave thawing process takes only 5 to 10 minutes. So, it is the fastest method. If you are in an emergency or in a great hurry with your chicken, you can use this microwave thawing process. This process is better to thaw the breast part of the chicken mostly. Moreover, when you use this method, make sure that your chicken does not get cooked. It is because the chicken will be half-cooked while defrosting it in the microwave. It will harm the health value.

Some Tricks to Marinate Frozen Chicken

Check the tricks below to get the better benefit out of all the marinating processes.

  • The best decision is to thaw the frozen chicken first and then marinate it. When you need it fast, you will go for the fast-thawing process, use some extra marinades to make the perfect flavor for your chicken.
  • When you are going to marinate frozen chicken and let it thaw after marination, use some additional marinades when it is melted. It will help the chicken to consume enough spices and flavors.

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  • To make sure that the chicken can consume enough spices and flavors, use lemon juice or another acidic element. It will also help to avoid the freezing odor.
  • Add some oil that helps the chicken retain spice juices more efficiently.
  • The better idea to have them ready to cook chicken is to marinate the chicken before keeping it in the fridge. You should cut the chicken first and then marinate it with enough spices and ingredients. When the chicken thaws, the marinades will also thaw. You will get enough spices to cook it beautifully. You will have to thaw the chicken, and your chicken will be ready to cook.


Can you marinate frozen chicken? It is an essential question regarding chicken preparation and cooking. Chicken is the most popular item all over the world. Everyone likes to have chicken as many different recipes very much. We serve the chicken dishes to our guests too.

So, there are many reasons that we may forget to prepare the chicken and want to get it fast. We may have sudden guests or need to have the food quickly before going for an emergency job. So, we needed to know how to prepare frozen chicken immediately after taking it out from the fridge. Get the information from this page and have a fantastic chicken meal.

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