Can You Drink Mirin? Types and Tastes

is mirin drinkable

For many who are not used to this Japanese drink, mirin tastes disgustingly salty-sweet drink. However, once you add to stew or make the teriyaki sauce, it matters a lot. Mirin is just sweet rice wine applicable to Japanese recipes. Can you drink Mirin directly? Many of us have this curiosity. Yes, you can drink … Read more

Can You Eat Uncured Salami?

how to eat uncured salami

You all know that salami is seasoned sausage, food of the Italians now cherished worldwide. However, you must wonder if you can eat uncured salami and be safe. The word ‘uncured’ attached to salami is rather misleading. The difference between curing and uncuring deals with how the meat undergoes processing to make the salami. Two … Read more

What to Look for in a Range Hood? [All About Range Hoods]

what to look for when buying a range hood

Range hoods act as a complete lifesaver all the time. Not only do these devices work at eliminating smokes and fumes, but they also ensure recirculation of air inside the kitchen. And, with the flourish of modern technology, the demand for these mechanical devices has increased as well. Especially in the commercial kitchen, almost every … Read more