Creme Fraiche Vs Heavy Cream

Dairy products are the natural nutritional source to fulfill our necessary health benefits. When it turns to delicious cream, it increases the taste. The cream is used in a different pattern on various items. It is generally made of butterfat. This butterfat is extracted from skimmed milk after homogenizing. Sometimes, the homogenizing process is skipped. If the producers do not homogenize the milk, the upper layer of the milk does not become thick while settling. This thickness determines how the cream will be.

There are various types of cream like a light cream, half-half cream, heavy cream, whipped cream, creme fraiche, etc. There are some substitutes for different kinds of cream. But what cream is good for what recipe? You should have explicit knowledge of that. Creme fraiche and heavy cream is the most critical cream type for most of the dessert recipes. If you know about creme fraiche vs heavy cream, you can wisely use them as a suitable dish. Let’s understand the differences between them in detail.

Comparison Table of Creme Fraiche vs Heavy Cream

Creme Fraiche

Heavy Cream

Density of Cream Whips

Comparatively low

Comparatively low

Fat Content

Relatively high (40%)

Comparatively high


A slightly tangy and nutty flavor

Mostly milky flavor but not sweetened


Original France-made Creme Fraiche is un-Pasteurized


Shape Making

Cannot make a shape

Make shape

Differences of Creme Fraiche and Heavy cream

Creams are an excellent add-on for preparing ice creams or cake toppings. Creams are also a perfect ingredient for mixing in stews, soups, or sauces. For some recipes, creams are the essential part. Creme fraiche and heavy cream both are responsible for bringing a rich flavor to the dish or meal. The taste increases for using the cream. Let’s discuss their significant feature differences below.

Creme Fraiche Vs Heavy Cream

1. General Features of Creme Fraiche and Heavy Cream

Creme fraiche is genuinely the French cream item, but it is widely produced now around the world. There are some differences in production processes between the original French version and American or other countries’ approaches. The original French creme fraiche is cooked un-pasteurized, whereas the American creme fraiche is pasteurized. It is produced using a cream that has 40% fat content.

The high amount of fat content makes it creamier than other cream types. It is naturally being thick and has a low level of acidity. This makes it perfect to use on sweet or savory recipes. This cream is made in such a manner that it keeps it ready to eat. So, you can cook it or serve it raw. That is why it has versatile using areas. Though it is a high-fat cream version, there are low-fat or no-fat creme fraiche available in the market.

Heavy cream is also a high-fat content cream. The fat content of heavy cream is not less than 36%. As it has high fat, it is stiff like the creme fraiche. It is stable than whipping cream. You can use it for making creamy soups or sauces or on the coffee. As the fat content is a little low in heavy cream than the creme fraiche, the heavy cream’s acidity is slightly higher than the creme fraiche. The difference is very low. The heavy cream is originated from America, and it is pasteurized milky cream type.

2. The flavor of Creme Fraiche and Heavy Cream

During the production of creme fraiche, a type of bacteria is used, and these bacteria create lactic acid from the lactose of milk. This acid is responsible for building up the sour flavor and high viscosity. In the production process, the cream is cultured for a specific time. The time of culture and the type of bacteria differ in different countries. These bacteria and periods of culturing determine the flavor and taste.

On the other hand, heavy cream is produced from the whole milk, and so, it needs heat-resistant bacteria while creating it. So, it contains the natural favor of milk that makes a rich taste. But the taste is not so sweet. It is because there is no added sugar in it.

3. Curdling

The cream is less prone to curdle for the high-fat content as they are stiffer cream than other creams. Heavy cream is easy to boil, avoiding curdling. Though the difference is negligible, the creme fraiche is more stable.

4. Where to Use

Creme fraiche is ideal for hot sauces, white meats like chicken or beef, or even seafood sauces. It adds a sweet taste, vibrant flavor, and a slight acidity to the spices or meats. You can also use it on the salad dressings too. It is easy to add the creme fraiche even at the last moment since it does not curdle while mixing it at hot fluid. It also can be added to the baked potatoes, pasta, pudding, or even fruits.

On the other hand, the creamy flavor and texture of the heavy cream are suitable for pasta sauce, soup, custard, or another dessert, scrambled eggs, DIY cheese, mashed potatoes, baking biscuits, or caramel sauces.

5. How Much Last

You bought the creme fraiche or culture at home, and it can last up to 7 to 10 days if you keep it in the fridge. On the other hand, heavy cream can last 5 to 7 days if you keep it in the refrigerator. You can control it fresh for about four months if you keep it in the freezer.

When keeping them in the fridge or freezer, place them in an airtight container and then save the container in the refrigerator or freezer.

6. Storing of Creme Fraiche and Heavy Cream

Though the traditional production process of the creme fraiche produces the acidity that keeps it fresh for a certain period, it is good practice to keep it in the refrigerator. Creme fraiche stays good at the temperature below 40-degree Fahrenheit. The main difference in storing system between creme fraiche and heavy cream is that you cannot keep the creme fraiche in the freezer. It will be damaged if you keep it frozen. But heavy cream remains fresh in the freezer for about four months.

In the case of heavy cream, you have to keep the heavy cream in the refrigerator even before opening the container. You should stay heavy cream deep inside of the fridge instead of keeping it in the door side. It will keep it suitable for a long time. For more storing time, you have to keep it in the freezer.

How to Reduce the Fat Content of Cream

The cream is one of the yummiest additions to most desserts, soups, or other recipes. But it is a high-fat content ingredient. If you are forbidden to take high-fat food, you can combine creams while using the cream in some recipes. It will reduce the amount of fat content. You can add half of the low-fat yogurt mixing with cream while whipping it. It will also minimize the fat content keeping the taste delicious.

whipping cream calories


Though there are similarities between the creme fraiche and the heavy cream, the differences in the flavor and storing process are prominent. Which one to choose between creme fraiche vs heavy cream? It is a dilemma. If you want rich flavor with some acidy taste, creme fraiche is the better choice. For the milky flavor, heavy cream is better. Choose depending on your need.

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