How To Remove Casing From Sausage Before Cooking

Pork sausage made from uncooked pork. Beef or poultry meats also used sometimes to make that. It produced after some important process, those are chopped, seasoned, staffed into a casing and then finally ready for sold.

Fresh sausage means cured and uncooked sausages. Which must be cooked before meal. Grinding pork meat, salt, fat and some other seasonings are the main ingredients are pork sausage. It’s healthy and tasty as well.

But before eating everyone should careful about sausage casing. Should know about it’s using process and edibility.

Should I Take Casing Off Sausage Before Cooking?

The casing that helps to hold and give a perfect shape of a sausage. Helps to keep the moisture and freshness of food. Also helps to keep smoothly flavor that everyone like most.

Its not necessary to take off sausage casing before cooking. Actually, it depends on our taste. Of we like to cook sausage without casing then we can take off that. On the other hand, we can cook sausage with casing.

Do You Take The Casing Off Sausage Before Cooking

But all casings are not edible. Specially if it’s a plastic casing its better we should take off that before cooking. It could damage our food and also harmful for health. Otherwise, if its natural, we don’t need to take off our sausage casings.

What Is Sausage Casing Made Of?

Different kinds of sausage casings are available in our local market. Natural sausage casings are made by natural ingredients. It is the sub mucosa of the guts of animal meat like sheep, beef, swine etc. Those are simply edible. For this its not necessary to take off after cooking or before cooking.

Some other casings are available those are made by plastic or other chemical and that are not edible either. So, its better we can take off them before cooking or after cooking.

How Do You Remove Sausage Casing After Cooking?

It’s a simple job but you should be little careful when you take off your sausage casing. For this work you need some important things such as:

  1. Hot water
  2. Cold water
  3. Knife
  4. Paper towel

Let’s talking about removing process:

  • For 2 to 3 minutes simmer your sausage in some hot water.
  • After that to stop cooking rinse that under cold water.
  • Remove from this water. And dry that well with paper towel.
  • Then state cut the entire length of the sausage with sharp knife.
  • Peel back gradually and gently.

how to cook sausage out of casing

Types Of Sausage Casings?

Mainly we have three kinds of sausage casings. Those are:

  1. Natural.
  2. Artificial.
  3. Reconstituted Collagen.

Here Also Give Some Example for Your Concern.

  • Natural casing: Dried fermented sausages, Fresh sausages, Wieners, Frankfurters, Breakfast links, Snake sticks.
  • Artificial casing: Cellulose casing.
  • Reconstituted casing: Collagen casing.

The super beneficial thing of natural casing is it has deeper flavor and richness that is not available in other artificial one.

What Type Of Sausage Casing Is Best?

Hog casings are best for the starters. Easy to use and properly keep thick sausage. Need 30 minutes to soaked in water and sometimes one hour.

I recommend that for some good reasons. Easy use way, remove way, good shape etc are these reasons. Even I also recommend that for every user.

how to decase sausage

How Do You Keep Sausage Casing Tender?

To keep sausage casing tender, you have to do some simple work. Firstly, wash well the outside of your sausage casing with fresh water. After that put that in some fresh water with a table spoon vinegar. Then let them soak for sometimes.

It will tenderize while vinegar might sound strange. Might transparent your casings more. This way would take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How Could You Explain If A Sausage Casing Natural?

Natural and artificial casings they both are different from each other. That’s why its very easy to identify their quality and category.

Natural casings have a natural look that is irregularity and this sign is distinguishable from collagen or cellulose casings. But sometimes notice no noticeable imperfections. In this situation you should check the casing wall properly and also can ask to seller about its identity that would help you later.

Its really important to know about casing because you only can eat natural casings. If the casing is too thick or look like plastic, it shouldn’t be eaten either.

should you take casing off sausage before cooking

Do You Grill Sausage With Casing On?

Sausage casing on or off depends on your taste and mode. If we want sausage meat itself, we can off that. Or if you want to enjoys casings also, you can take on that. When you find them easy to chew, you can perfectly eat them.

However, I would suggest to roast them with casing, it would crisp them when the fat renders out nicely.

Is That Necessary To Soak Sausage Casing?

It’s necessary. Soaking is a way that makes sausage casing more flexible. It makes work easy to take off casings. Also helps sausage to ger actual fresh form.

You have to soak sausage casing for at least one hour. Only clear warm water is suitable for this job and remember should change water regularly.

What Happen If Anyone Eat Summer Sausage Casing?

Summer sausage casing that made by synthetic product that is collagen. That is totally inedible. Its only designed for storing and cooking.

It would so hard to chew and have no flavor and taste yet. This type casing is harmful and not suitable for our heath. So, throw that away before eating.

Do You Take The Casing Off Sausage Before Cooking

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Final Words

For the starter and also for all, I have some words to understand my opinions in a proper way.

Take off casings before cooking is not necessary but you can do that if you want, have no restrictions either. And the other important thing is sausage casings are edible but only natural casings not artificial. It’s given a proper shape of sausage and keep them fresh. So, try to take good one and enjoy.

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