Italian Made Espresso Cups For True Coffee Lovers

Are you tired? Feeling frustrated? Or, just enjoying a scenic view of twilight from the porch? Whatever the circumstances are, you are just missing a single thing – a cup of coffee. Especially, if it happens to be a cup of Espresso, it will take away all the tiredness, blow the frustration out in a flash and make the twilight even more delightful.

Now, what if someone tells you that your choice of cup is affecting the taste of the coffee? Well, it might be a surprise to many, however, it’s true. Drinking coffee and enjoying an espresso shot is completely different. Italian made espresso cups, for example, always make a difference.

One might be happy to drink from the cup available. Nevertheless, there are some who worship the espresso and try every means to make every sip gratifying. For them, a cup that is just a cup for many carries a huge significance.

If you want to upgrade to that league or just want to invest in a set of exquisite espresso cups, we’re here to help you choose the best espresso cups that are currently trending in the market.

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Things To Look For In An Italian Made Espresso Cup

Italian cups are standout among the rest, as always. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you go and buy one without assessing the compatibility. Although it’s just a coffee cup, there are a number of factors that need to be addressed duly, prior to buying one. Read ahead to know more details about how to choose the best Espresso cup.

  • How do You Like it?

When it comes to an espresso shot, the size of the cup really matters. Some like it large, while some others prefer a standard shot. However, there is another term – “demitasse.” Demitasse symbolizes an espresso cup most correctly and refers to a “half-cup” in French.

Espresso Cups Made In Italy

It typically holds between 2 and 3-fluid ounces of liquid; the most desired size to the dedicated bean-heads. In Italy, there are two other terms, doppio normale and lungo doppio. The cup that is being termed as a doppio normale holds about 2-fluid ounces of liquid. While lungo doppio is a large espresso cup that takes up to 3-fluid ounces.

Therefore, if you really think a larger brew is the bare minimum, go for the doppio lungo option. If you are fine with a standard size shot, the doppio normale will suit you the best.

  • How Long Will it Keep Your Coffee Warm?

Literally, no one prefers a tepid shot, especially those who consider espresso drinking as a ritual. In most instances, people don’t like a rapid shot either. Espresso drinking is an art. But, the bad thing about espresso however is, it gets cold really fast.

Several factors contribute to this rapid heat loss and unfortunately, you can’t just evade those. The low brewing temperature that’s used to preserve the flavor of the grind is the primary reason for this rapid heat release. A small volume of liquid in the cup can also be blamed equally for this rapid cooling.

So, what should one do to solve this problem? With materials, the speed of heat loss varies. Choose one that offers the best result. Besides, you can stop your shot from chilling too quickly simply by choosing an espresso cup with premium thermal insulation properties. Doesn’t it sound simple? Trust me, it’s not.

Materials Selection

Cups are made of a variety of materials. From ceramic to SS steel, everything is trending now. We aren’t gonna tell you which one to choose and why. Rather, we will give you an insight into what is in offering with what.

i. Ceramic

Ceramic has extensive use in kitchenware and utensils. For coffee cups too, ceramics are a pretty good material. An array of advantages advocate in favor of its usability as an espresso cup, which includes:

  • Impressive heat retention property (especially porcelain)
  • Easy to wash (usually microwave and dishwasher-safe)
  • Offers maximum variation in design, patterns, and colors
  • Free of odor
  • A saucer usually come along a ceramic cup – super handy if you take sugar

ii. Glass

  • Demitasses made of double-walled glass generally exert superior heat retention properties
  • Also microwave and dishwasher-safe
  • Glass demitasses, according to expert’s opinions are more stylish
  • A glass too, have no impact on the flavor

Doesn’t seem like it is falling behind in the race of being the go-to materials for an espresso cup. The double-walled variety, indeed, is a really good choice for espresso drinkers.

iii. Stainless Steel

  • It’s a dishwasher-safe option for coffee cup
  • Won’t break even if you drop it on a tiled floor

In our opinion, those are the only advantages a stainless steel cup can offer. However, the downsides of using a stainless steel cup are easily overridden its benefits, which include:

  • Poor heat retention, unless it’s double-walled
  • In microwave, it will create a death trap for the user
  • Cheap SS cups are known for leeching a nasty, metallic taste into your shot

Even wooden cups are smart now, however, they are still far behind to get a mention here.

When to Apply an Absolute “NO”

You have to put an absolute “NO” in front of a number of materials when it comes to choosing espresso cups. Cheap metallic cups simply make the coffee taste bad. The same goes for plastic cups and paper cups as well. A foul, plastic taste is due when you are using a Styrofoam cup. Besides, it results in various health concerns including cancer.

At the End

It is the demitasse made of double-walled glass that will keep your drink warm for the longest period. In addition to that, fingers will stay nice and cool on it.

Are We Done Here?

Obviously not! Even though we have sorted out the go-to materials with a clear idea of size, we aren’t done yet. Still, there are a few other practical considerations that can’t be avoided.

best italian espresso cups

Handle is Important, so Does Saucers

For me, a cup is just incomplete without a saucer. You got it right, I’m among those rare breeds of coffee drinkers who like to dunk a biscotti while savoring the espresso’s flavor. There are others, who like to add sugar with their shot. For both kinds, a Saucer is indispensable.

If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who considers a larger brew as the bare minimum, just look for a larger cup that has a handle. Large cups usually get hot very quickly owing to consistent heat exchange, therefore, a handle seems imperative.

Color Can’t be Sidelined

Adding some color to a crockery set that matches the décor isn’t everyone’s preference. Traditionalists, in fact, have been showing an inclination towards a plain white, ceramic cup for years. At your local coffee shop too, chances are high you will get a traditionalist sitting behind the desk.

However, when you’re having a good time, choosing a patterned demitasse isn’t a bad idea. Typically, a white interior clearly showing the strength and depth of color of the shot within is the distinction of this style of cups.

Clear glass cups, on the other, are impressive in showing off the drink they hold. Especially in the summer, when cold brews are the trend.

Final Words

With it, we are wrapping up our elaborated guide to choosing the best espresso cups. Before we seal it up completely, let’s briefly remind you of the essence.

First, choose one between normale and lungo. Prioritize heat retention properties while choosing materials, double-walled glass for example. Ensure the handle first if you like a larger brew. Don’t forget the saucer if you like to have sugar or biscotti with your espresso shot.

Top 10 Italian Made Espresso Cups Review

1. Handmade Italian Espresso Cup with Saucer

Handmade Limone Espresso Cup with Saucer From Italy

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You need to have a close look to feel the real aesthetics of it. A perfect example of how good handmade and hand-painted Italian cups could be. Brings not only an exquisite European style decor at home but also looks beautifully mixed and matched in the dining room décor.

It belongs to Modigliani’s POP Collection – a wide array of dinnerware collections inspired by Italian Pop Art and arrives with cheerful disruptiveness, coloring homes and tables.

Key Features

  • Color: Small circles, stripes, checks and triangles overlapped on a white outer surface. Hand-painted by Italian artisans, this art piece belongs to a rare kind and will add a colorful touch to your home and kitchen décor.
  • Design: This Modigliani water pitcher is entirely handmade and triangle theme. The handle has been painted with the same artistic variation. Its stunning, yet minimalistic circle design features an espresso cup of 2.5” x 2” as well as a matching saucer of 5.25” x 4.75”.
  • Build quality: Modigliani Italian has a history of more than 150 years in the dinnerware business. This rich history says it all regarding the quality it offers.
  • Comfort in handling: Has all the comfort one needs in an espresso cup. An effective, large enough handle gives you the strong grip needed to stabilize the cup even when it’s fully loaded.

FAQ’s on Handmade Italian Espresso Cup

Q: Is this really an Italian-made cup?

Yes, it is. For further clarification just visit

Q: How long does the hand paint last?

In this regard, keep the cup safe and forget about the color. It will last until the cup is broken or damaged.

Q: How much coffee can it hold?

With the dimension of 2.5” x 2”, it is expected to hold up to 2.5 ounces of coffee.

Q: How long does it keep the drink warm?

Ceramic loses heat at a slightly slower pace than glass. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will keep the drink warm for hours. A standard heat retention period is anticipated.

User Experience

“Although this cup cost me a bit extra, I splurged and simply loved this beautiful hand-painted Italian espresso cup. It fits fine with my décor and fantastically brightens my table.” This is how a user described her experience.

While another happy customer couldn’t hold her astonishment. “It is super cute. My love for this increased by many folds when I found out it was handmade,” she concluded.

Likewise two, most of the reviews suggest it is a go-to option. However, what surprises us the most is there are literally no negative reviews on the web about this handmade coffee cup.

Why is it special?

  • Handmade Italian dinnerware
  • Represents the exquisite European style decor
  • Also hand-painted by skilled artisans
  • Has a complimentary saucer


  • A colorful option, which doesn’t like by many
  • If you aren’t an admirer of artistic coffee cups, you may find their colorful appearance disturbing

Our verdict

For the price, you will find a handful of other options that fit perfectly in any décor. Comfort-wise, we’ve been very impressed and the size perfectly meets a true bean-heads demand.

2. Nuova Point Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Nuova Point Genova “Coffee” 6-piece Espresso Cup & Saucer Set

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The whimsical scenes of different cities of Italy make these Nuova Point mugs stick out. Besides, being temperature resistant turned them dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, as well as oven safe; thanks to the unique production method.

Unlike others, this rugged set of Nuova Point espresso cups isn’t a dainty showpiece sitting on a shelf, rather meant for everyday use. Rightly termed as café cup, since these are the same cups found at many of the best cafes around you.

Key Features

  • Color: On white canvas a beautiful Italian city is glaring – this was the impression I had when I first saw it. On white canvas freedom of craftsman’s imagination dances; the outcome is in front of you. An entire Italian city in sky blue is drawn on the cup.
  • Design: The cup is really rounded at the top, while the internal bottom is egg-shaped which allows the coffee to rest like a smooth cream. The saucer also has a rounded edge and supports the cup really well.
  • Build quality: The upper part has been subjected to great care, thus it is strong enough not to be broken with shocks or crashes. Made with pure hard, premium quality porcelain and the walls are thick enough. Thickness serves in two ways: apart from making it durable, it retains temperature for an extended time.
  • Comfort in handling: A handle is not just a means to lift the cup, it also allows one to enjoy the shot with all the comfort. Being rounded enables the cup to rest smoothly on lips and results in a thin steady stream of coffee reaching the palate.

FAQ’s on Nuova Point Espresso Cup

Q: Which cities are painted on the cups?

A handful of, namely Napoli, Bari and Bologna. Besides, the city of Venezia along with Catania and Milano also impressed on some special demitasse.

Q: Do these coffee cups really come from Italy?

Without any doubt. You can cross-check if necessary on the manufacturer’s website “

Q: What are these cups made of?

100% porcelain, indeed, Nuova Point is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality porcelain products. The cups they sell are made of hardened porcelain.

Q: Is there any warranty available?

No, there isn’t any. But, the build quality suggests, if the packaging is right, chances are thin you receive a damaged product.

User experience

“While I am not an avid espresso drinker, the moment I saw this set, I knew I couldn’t let it go. These are just beautiful and finally, I managed to place one on my shelf. And to my awe, in person, they are even more beautiful.” This statement of a happy user says it all.

Why is it special?

  • Italian made demitasse
  • 100% porcelain made
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, this effortless cleaning
  • Rounded upper part rests smoothly on the lips


  • Sometimes the actual color doesn’t match the picture
  • Thicker than a tea cup means it is relatively heavy

Our verdict

That being said, if you are in the market for an espresso cup, it’s important to choose one that fits in perfectly in your décor. It may not be something that fits in exactly, however, if you are an admirer of real art, it’s a go-to.

3. – Hand-Painted, Italian Ceramic Espresso Cup - Italian Ceramic Espresso Cup & Saucer Raffaellesco, Deruta - Hand Painted Cup, Made in Italy Ceramics, Handmade Coffee Cups, Small Cup Pottery, Italian Ceramics Deruta, Italian Pottery

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Exactly what would be your answer if anyone asks you why won’t you buy this hand painted demitasse? Well, we asked this to a number of people and to our surprise none of them seemed to have a proper response. Rather, they inquired to us how to get these handcrafted demitasses.

In addition to being artistic, it is made of premium grade materials. Therefore, these cups can be used in kitchens, restaurants, as well as in coffee shops. Other than that, the amazing quality of these cups cannot be ignored.

Key Features

  • Color: A white canvas facilitates Ricco Deruta painted in various colors. The saucer also has the same artistic taste. Somewhere it is a bit dark while the rest has a gentle touch. Inner surface of the cup is left untouched, but the saucer has its cup rest painted in yellow.
  • Design: Ricco Deruta – a famous Italian ceramic pattern, is hand-painted on this demitasse and its saucer. The name is inspired by its birthplace, Deruta, while the abundance of details celebrates the region’s Renaissance frescoes.
  • Build quality: Fima cups are made with pure ceramic which makes them less prone to scratches and thermal shocks. Besides that, high-grade ceramic keeps the shot hot and also preserve its taste and aroma for longer.
  • Comfort in handling: Shape of these handmade demitasses is exactly what the espresso lovers demand. They are relatively small in size, nonetheless, have handles. Therefore, handling one of these shouldn’t be a concern.

FAQ’s on ThatsArte Espresso Cup

Q: Are there any harmful substances in it?

No, there isn’t. Even they are free of lead and cadmium.

Q: Does it come as a set or it is just one cup and a saucer?

Both options are open. Here, it’s just a cup and a saucer. But, if you wish to have a set you can contact the seller.

Q: How reliable is Fima?

A question worth asking. People outside of Italy don’t know much about Fima. However, in Italy, Fima belongs to those elite names that have been doing business with pride for years.

User experience 

“This paint work is incredibly beautiful. I am impressed with the professionalism the manufacturer shows. To my surprise, they even took time to thank me for my order. That surely doesn’t happen very often these days.” Not only this, the entire review section is filled with such compliments.

Why is it special?

  • Complies with US regulations
  • Suitable measurement of 2.3 x 2.1 inches
  • Made of Deruta ceramic to keep your shot hot
  • Preserves taste and aroma of the coffee for an extended time


  • Priced higher than the contemporary espresso cups

Our verdict 

Choosing the best espresso cups for your needs sometimes force you to fork out a little extra, which is the case with this as well. But, you can rest assured these extra pennies will earn you extended service life. If you are able to afford this, a true touch of art in your everyday life is waiting for you.

4. Lavazza Logo Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Lavazza Logo Espresso Cup & Saucer Set (One Pair, Set of two)

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In the espresso industry, Lavazza has a reputable standing. Regardless of work, home or events, Lavazza Espresso cup and saucer set is simply a pleasure to have.

Simplicity is the best style and Lavazza built their reputation on it. Make your morning coffee routine complete with the Lavazza Logo espresso cup and saucer set and feel the elegance of simplicity. Has a made in Italy tag and porcelain used as the primary ingredients.

It’s a set of two espresso cups accompanied by crisp white saucers. Although we are talking about espresso cups made in Italy here, this item is an exception. They have a shared manufacturing facility in Portugal, where they also produce these items by following the same standard.  

Key Features

  • Color: It’s white again. The saucers are also white. On one side the blue Lavazza logo is imprinted. It May not be the colorful option people usually look for in Italian dinnerware, however, these espresso cups don’t seem like anything less than gorgeous.
  • Design: Design is somewhat basic. It’s a triangle themed cup with a regular shaped saucer. The cups are adorned with the rich blue Lavazza logo. Have a handle, which too is pure white, but differs a bit from other handle types.
  • Build quality: The amazing quality of these 2oz cups cannot be beat. Durable, white porcelain is used to manufacture this espresso set. Thus, optimal heat retention is guaranteed. In addition, the porcelain construction is thick enough, therefore, can withstand accidental dropping and can bear the heat of the microwave.
  • Comfort in handling: Made in Italy, these cups measure 2.25” tall and hold 2oz of liquid: won’t give a hard time to your hand. An ergonomic handle is also there to make things further easier.

FAQ’s on Lavazza Logo Espresso Cup

Q: How much coffee can this cup hold?

2oz or 60ml liquid this demitasse can hold at once – enough for someone who prefers a doppio normale.

Q: Will it keep the drink warm?

The porcelain construction is thick enough, thereby, improved heat retention properties are anticipated.

Q: Does porcelain have any damaging impact on human health?

Porcelain can be hazardous, however, you can rest easy. Porcelain is used to make dinnerware that is free of hazardous substances.

User experience

People mostly seem concerned regarding whether it has Lavazza Logo painted on both sides or not. Most of them are ok with the existing design, while a few suggest a logo on both sides would have been better. In terms of quality and comfort, no one seemed less than satisfied.

Why is it special?

  • Ergonomic design with a convenient handle
  • For the price, it is just a bargain buy
  • Thick porcelain made, thus good durability characteristics
  • Improved heat retention properties


  • The blue shade may vary from the picture
  • It is somewhat a basic design

Our verdict

Despite being simple, it has a gorgeous presence on the shelf. In any setup you can easily put this in. If you really love to keep things simple, place an order right away. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more colorful option, navigate our list further.

5. Bormioli Rocco Espresso Cup with SS Steel Handle

Bormioli Rocco Verdi Espresso Cup With Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed

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Bormioli is renowned for manufacturing high-quality, heat-resistant glassware. Besides their other utensils such as milk frothers and teapots, Bormioli has a reputation for making quality espresso cups. For the dedicated espresso drinker, these double-wall demitasses are just unavoidable.

With Bormioli Rocco, you can go casual and traditional or chic and contemporary at the table. Their wide collection of refined designs brings purity and style to any table.

Demitasses aren’t cheap anymore. However, this set of four seems quite favorable to your pocket. So if you are planning to treat yourself with a relatively reasonable alternative, give these a shot.  

Key Features

  • Color:  Made of tempered glass, this cup just doesn’t need to be colored. Just enjoy your espresso shot in this sleek, contemporary way.
  • Design: The Bormioli Rocco Espresso Cup is designed to keep your drink hot longer. The clever design also includes a dishwasher-safe, stainless steel handle separate from the glass for easy cleanup.
  • Build quality: In addition to being dishwasher and microwave safe, these scratch-resistant cups can withstand an oven temperature of up to 350°F (don’t think that would be a necessity).
  • Comfort in handling: Easy to hold stainless steel handles makes them comfortable to lift. As the handle comes off, cleaning this cup will be a breeze.

FAQ’s on Bormioli Rocco Espresso Cup

Q: Can I remove the stainless steel portion while washing?

Yes, you can, but that would be an unnecessary hassle. Washing it with the stainless steel portion on is the safest and convenient option.

Q: Do these glasses contain any lead or cadmium?

May not be free entirely, but seems they are pretty good about that stuff. Level of these chemicals is kept lower than harmful to human level.

Q: Can anyone tell me the capacity?

To be precise, 3.36 Ounces is exactly what it can hold at once.

User experience

Except the sharp edges on the metal ring under the handle, there is nothing users complain about this espresso cup set. “My endorsement is based on the fact that they are sturdy and elegant at the same time” – statement of a person who loves to describe him as a tough guy.

Why is it special?

  • Large capacity of 3.36 Ounces
  • Priced quite affordably
  • Durable tempered glass suitable to serve hot drinks 
  • Separate from the glass, stainless steel handle


  • Although the stainless steel handle portion is removable, reassembling could be tricky
  • With hot liquid, these can’t be handled without the handle

Our verdict

Absolute got to. Espresso cups with good quality at below 20$ is quite unimaginable nowadays. It’s true that these aren’t the most elegant demitasses out there, however, for the price they are just awesome.

6. Sorrento by Nuova Point

Nuova Point SWT6CP Sorrento White Porcelain 6-piece Espresso Cup & Saucer Set; 6 Tazze Caffe C/P; Set of 6 Cups and 6 Matching Saucer Plates; Made in Italy of Top Quality Porcelain; Thick Walled

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Thick walls for retaining temperature and the size is just perfect for a single or double espresso. You only see these Nuova Point variants in the high-end cafes and on the shelf of a real worshiper of beauty and style.

This time it is somewhat basic – for some, the most elegant set of espresso cups. To your espresso routine, these cups add a unique styling and high standard. One may wonder what these all-white cups are special for. To them – Italian tradition is built on these white canvases.

Key Features

  • Color: A simple and elegant cup set with no complicated colors or construction.
  • Design: Basic demitasse design with Nuova Point’s trademark handle. Accompanied by an extra than usual deep saucer of same color and together form a premium look.
  • Build quality: Built from lead-free, non-toxic glazed porcelain. Thick walls of porcelain not only keep your drink hot longer but also food-safe. Less prone to scratch as well as thermal shocks.
  • Comfort in handling: Thick and wide rim simply sits perfectly on the lips to start a thin steady stream of liquid to the palate. In terms of cleaning and maintenance – it is dishwasher safe.

FAQ’s on Sorrento Espresso Cups

Q: What style of Sorrento are these?

These are the original Sorrento style demitasse.

Q: Do they have any other color variants?

No, it only comes in glazed white.

Q: Does this cup hold double espresso?

Yes, they can. But, not as adequately as Sorrento cappuccino does.

User experience

“It is almost always the handles of an espresso cup that breaks first. However, the quality standard of these cups is such that they don’t break that easily, even if you deliberately smash them on the floor.” For a demitasse set of this price what else one can expect?

Why is it special?

  • Short stout shape spreads the aroma around
  • Porcelain keeps the right espresso temperature
  • 2 fluid ounces of capacity
  • Original Sorrento style cup set


  • Not as thick as anticipated

Our verdict

It’s less complicated and keeps espresso temperature right for an extended period than usual. If these are the attributes you are up to, it’s a real go to option.

7. CHILDIKE’s Marbled Demitasse Set

CHILDIKE Espresso Cups and Saucers with Espresso Spoons Set of 4, 4 Oz Demitasse Cups, Small Coffee Cup and Saucer Set, Grey Marbled

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With this marble set placed on the table, you will feel what elegance really is. Besides, if you have marble style furniture at home drinking coffee is due to become a pleasing experience. With 4 ounce capacity it is a Doppio lungo – a perfect match for dedicated bean heads.

This demitasse set of 4 includes 4 espresso cups and 4 saucers. 4 sugar spoons also come along to fulfill the set. This high grade porcelain made set is a perfect match for other tableware too.

Key Features

  • Color: It is a genuine Marble inspired espresso set. From the cup to the saucer, everything comes in marble color. Even the inner portion of the cup also has the same coating.
  • Design: A classic style cup set that also has congruous saucers. An ergonomic handle fulfills the design as well as the user’s demand.
  • Build quality: A high-quality ceramic material – porcelain, used to manufacture this set. Highest quality durable porcelain apart from preventing cracking brings in a glossy look.
  • Comfort in handling:  You have all the comfort needed to use an espresso cup. Its non-sticky glazed interior makes cleaning no less than a breeze. Can be placed in a dishwasher and it leaves no residue.

FAQ’s on CHILDIKE’s Espresso Cups

Q: How many cups are there?

It is a complete set of 4 cups and saucers accompanied by 4 beautiful sugar spoons.

Q: Will dishwashing impair the glossy look?

There isn’t any such event reported yet. Thus, it is safe to say, “WON’T.”

Q: How many ounces can each of these cups hold?

4 ounces of liquid in precisely it can hold at once.

User experience

When you are presenting an out of the box item that has all the properties to be standout, compliments are bound to follow. What makes our day is a review of a user, whose joy went over the boundary when it matched her kitchen decoration.

Why is it special?

  • Cracking proof, high-quality ceramic materials
  • No threat to human health
  • Large capacity of 4 ounce
  • Matching saucers and sugar spoon included


  • Although it is inspired by Italian design, it’s not Italian made

Our verdict

Seeing the users happy is the best part of reviewing a product. With this marbled demitasse set of CHILDIKE, this is to admit that it is satisfying. Even if you aren’t an avid espresso lover, we would suggest this set to you only to make your décor stand out.

8. Cuisinox Porcelain Espresso Cups

Cuisinox Porcelain Espresso Cups (Set of 4), White

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At the first glance it may resemble an old fashioned espresso cup that has been in use for a while. With time, you will feel the real aesthetics. To your espresso routine, these cups are simply the missing pieces required to form a unique styling.

Most of the unique espresso cups are more of a showpiece than coffee cups these days. However, those who wish to enjoy an espresso shot, it’s a true authentic café-style demitasse cup.

Key Features

  • Color: In simple words, it’s not colorful. With an all-white appearance, it exemplifies a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
  • Design: With a handle, this Cuisinox produce is Pear shaped and offers effortless handling. It is designed in a way that makes the coffee to be enjoyed with the eyes first and then with the taste.
  • Build quality: porcelain used as the primary ingredient which means a sudden drop to the ground won’t be an issue. If handled with care it will serve you for years.
  • Comfort in handling: The complimentary saucer is not only used to carry additional sugar or biscuit but also comes handy in resting your hand sometimes. Place the cup on the saucer and leave it anywhere, whether it’s loaded or not.

FAQ’s on Cuisinox Espresso Cups

Q: Is it better to drink coffee from a white cup?

That doesn’t necessarily important for better coffee taste.

Q: Can I wash it in a dishwasher?

Why not? What porcelain was used for then?

Q: Are they used in a conventional oven?

Without any doubt. In addition, they can withstand a temperature of up to 350°F.

User experience

Feedback on this espresso set is mixed. Some expressed their dismay over its manufacturing outside of Italy, while some others think it’s possibly better.

Why is it special?

  • Standard capacity of 2oz
  • Durable, white porcelain made
  • Pear shape comes handy in enjoying the real taste
  • Can be clean with dishwasher, also microwave safe


  • Remain vigilant when you run it on a dishwasher

Our verdict

Not everyone appreciates being simple. If you aren’t a true fan of aesthetics and care very little about craftsmanship, don’t risk your money in experimenting.

9. Cuisinox Espresso Cup (White), Set of 6

Cuisinox Set of 6 Porcelain Espresso Cups & Saucers, White, 2 oz

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Cuisinox, the manufacturer, has a rich history of harboring classic Italian pottery designs. Original Cuisinox products have their signature hand-painted on the bottom of each piece. Cuisinox believes drinking espresso isn’t an ordinary affair, rather it’s a moment of pure pleasure.

Key Features

  • Color: Both the cups and the saucers are covered with white coating. The handle also represents its aesthetics in all-white appearance.
  • Design: These Cuisinox made espresso cups are pear shaped, likewise the previous item in our list. Saucers are large enough to accommodate coffee spoons together with sugar cubes.
  • Build quality: Pure hard porcelain made, which refers to improved scratch resistant characteristics. Besides that, thermal shock resistive properties are also excellent.
  • Comfort in handling: Cleaning yields the most discomfort for a demitasse user. With this you need not worry about cleaning. As it is dishwasher-safe, it won’t be unfair to say it’s easy to clean.

FAQ’s on Cuisinox Espresso Cup

Q: Are these cups able to facilitate a double portafilter spout?

They are mostly used with a regular spout, however can be used with a double portafilter spout too.

Q: What is the oz capacity of these demitasses?

2oz is what the product description suggests.

Q: What is the country origin of these cups?

These aren’t Italian made espresso cups, but you would find it difficult to differentiate.

User experience

“Great cups for the money” – a happy user just flagged it. Some say it is cute, but we term it as super handy. Its Chinese origin is a matter of concern for some, however it exceeds all the standard set for a demitasse.

Why is it special?

  • Resembles traditional Italian pear shape
  • Can withstand sudden shocks or crashes
  • Premium quality porcelain
  • Affordably priced


  • “Made in China” tag has a trust issue

Our verdict

Do yourself a favor, don’t let others theories to sideline your preferences. If this fits perfectly in your décor, that’s enough for you.

10. QUY CUP Reusable, Bamboo Made Espresso Coffee Cup

QUY CUP. Balloon. Bamboo Espresso Coffee Cup - 3oz. Italian Design. Sustainable Organic cup. Coffee To Go. Reusable cup

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Start your day by doing a small favor to nature. Instead of hazardous chemical made coffee cups, use these eco-friendly, reusable cups. In Italy, it is believed that an Italian table with QUY CUP is the ideal venue for creating, renewing and celebrating some of life’s most significant relationships.

At the beginning, I was wondering why people are so obsessed with these espresso cups. After noticing they are made of Bamboo, now I believe that they should have been introduced to me earlier.

Key Features

  • Color: Pink, the ultimate color of love. Moreover, it has over 15 other color options to choose one from.
  • Design: Unique stylish patterns inspired by true Italian design. Comes with a dedicated lid.
  • Build quality: From a reusable bamboo made cup, it would be unfair to ask for a lot of durability properties. Nevertheless, will serve you a handful of times.
  • Comfort in handling: Being lightweight makes them the ultimate choice when you are planning an outing. At home too, these are a breeze to carry.

FAQ’s on QUY CUP Coffee Cup

Q: Are they disposable?

Yes, they are.

Q: Are these one time use cups?

Absolutely not. Depending on your handling, they can be used several times.

Q: Can I put these in the microwave?

That would be a bad idea.

User experience

People use disposable coffee cups across the world. None seems unhappy or sensitive. This says it all.

Why is it special?

  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Light in a weight espresso cup
  • Effortless handling
  • Best option for outdoor events


  • These aren’t a long term options.

Our verdict

If you prefer a short-term solution, go get these. If you think otherwise, these aren’t something you are looking for.

Comparison Table of The Italian Made Espresso Cups

Product             Key Specifications
Handmade Italian Espresso Cup with Saucer

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 2.5oz

Color: Italian pottery

Saucer: Yes

Origin: Italy

Nuova Point Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 2oz

Color: White

Saucer: Yes

Origin: Italy – hand painted, Italian ceramic espresso cup

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 2oz

Color: Blue

Saucer: Yes

Origin: Italy

Lavazza Logo Espresso Cup and Saucer Set Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 4oz

Color: White

Saucer: Yes

Origin: Italy

Bormioli Rocco Espresso Cup with SS Steel Handle

Material: Glass

Capacity: 3.36oz

Color: Clear

Saucer: No

Origin: Italy

Sorrento by Nuova Point Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 2oz

Color: White

Saucer: Yes

Origin: Italy

CHILDIKE’s Marbled Demitasse set

Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 4oz

Color: Grey Marbled

Saucer: Yes

Origin: China

Cuisinox Espresso Cups, Set of 4 Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 2oz

Color: White

Saucer: Yes

Origin: China

Cuisinox Espresso Cups, Set of 6

Material: Porcelain

Capacity: 2oz

Color: White

Saucer: Yes

Origin: China

QUY CUP Reusable, Bamboo made Espresso Coffee cup

Material: Bamboo

Capacity: 3oz

Color: Break Dance

Saucer: No

Origin: China

How Big Are Espresso Cups?

Espresso cups come in varying sizes, shapes and capacities. It’s you, who will decide how big the cup would be. In general, the capacity of espresso cups ranges from 2oz to 5oz.

With capacity and design, dimensions vary. Whatever the dimensions are, they aren’t gonna give a hard time. If come with a saucer, a demitasse at best can weigh 150g to 250g.

Espresso Cups

What Are The Best Beans For Espresso?

An espresso shot is nothing but the satisfying taste it leaves on your palate. It’s more than just a cup of coffee when it’s done right. To get things right, you need the best beans. With geographic location, taste varies. However, Arabica (Coffea Arabica) and Robusta (Coffea Canephora) are the two most popular beans thought to be the best in the business.

Demitasse vs Espresso

Demitasse and espresso, are the two words that have dominated the whole article. Do you have a clear idea of what these words stand for? Let me clear the air:

Espresso Cups Made In Italy

Essentially, a demitasse is a small cup that is being used popularly to serve Turkish coffee or espresso. It is a French term that refers to half cup. This may be the most desired size to the dedicated bean-heads, which typically hold between 2 and 3-fluid ounces of liquid.

Espresso, on the other hand, is finely ground coffee, brewed under intense pressure. It’s basically a method of Italian origin, which is widely practiced across the world nowadays.

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Final Verdict

A coffee cup is nothing but the representation of your class, taste and coolness. It may be the simplest method to showcase your personality. Therefore, pay attention when choosing.

As things stand – style, durability, convenience, and heat retention are the deciding factors in choosing the right espresso cups. Balance them all – Happy caffeinating!

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