How To Broil In Oven Without Broiler [6 Easy Steps]

Cheesy casseroles or steaks or roasting potatoes requires perfect cooking heat, evenly spread to make the crispy crust and a nice color. Achieving this perfection needs a unique cooking medium, not a stove. The best solution is the broiler. The broiler is responsible for providing heat evenly from the high flame that cooks appropriately, making a tasty surface of your steak or casseroles. If you do not have the broiler, then?

No worry. There is an alternative to it. You can broil in your oven. Yes, there is an option of broiling in the oven. If you can do your cooking correctly in the oven broiler, you can make the same finish as done in the broiler. So, you have to learn how to broil in oven without broiler. Know all the details here and perform your best to solve the absence of the broiler.

How To Broil In Oven Without Broiler

Broiling chicken or meat in the broiler takes significantly less time. Though it takes a little more time in an oven broiler, it is also not a lot. Follow the steps.

How to Broil in Oven Without Broiler

Step-1: Find the Broiler in the Oven

There is a broiler function in most of the ovens. We do not know if our oven has a broiler. It is because you have to locate the broiler function to be sure of the presence of the broiler. Find the broiler function in your oven now. Most of the broiler of the oven is present at the top side of the oven racks. You can locate it by seeing the bright and fiery strip when the oven is on. Some broiler is present in a drawer that is located under the oven. The broiler should be set close to the flame when using it.

If it is at the top part of the oven, keep it as close as you can place it. It should be four inches away from the flame. It is the same when the broiler is at the bottom part of the oven. Keep the broiler at the lowest position to place it four inches away from the flame.

Step-2: Start the Broiler

Most of the oven broiler has “turn on and off” features. In these ovens, you have to turn on the broiler simply. If your oven does not have the part, you have to heat the oven at high heat at about 500-degree Fahrenheit. As you are heating the oven at high heat, keep the oven door open so that the oven does not get overheated and automatically turned off. Most of the oven broiler takes five to ten minutes to heat.

Step-3: Select the Pan

Some ovens provide a pan suitable for the broiler. This pan comes with an oven set. This pan has slats that circulate air properly when cooking. If there is no broiler pan with the oven, you have to cautious in selecting a perfect pan for the broiler cooking. The broiler heats the pan in a high flame, and so, the pan should have the ability to hold the heat. The nonstick or Teflon cooking pan is not correct as it may create toxic chemicals during the cooking time for the heat.

Glass cookware is a forbidden pan to use in the broiler. Instead, you can select a cast iron skillet or saucepan and use an oven-proof baking sheet while cooking your meat.

Step-4: Preparation of the Meat or Chicken

At first, wash the chicken well and then sprinkle pepper and salt as much as you want. You can remove the skin of the chicken if you wish to the chicken like that. While adding th4 salt and pepper, you can add other spices or seasonings if you want. It depends on your taste. Next, you can brush some cooking oil over the chicken. Fat will help in absorbing the spices well into the chicken. After keeping the meat or chicken marinated for 20 to 30 minutes, the chicken is ready to cook in the broiler.

Step-5: Broil

After preparing the chicken, place it on the pan. Now keep the pan under the broiler or above it as the setting of the oven. Chicken should be at 4 to 5 inches from the flame. When the chicken or meat is half cooked, turn over this chicken. The time range can be 20 to 25 minutes to be half-cooked the chicken. After turning it over, brush a little oil on the flame side and broil it again for another half cooking.

Step-6: Serve Nicely

When you see that the chicken or meat has changed its color and turn into a brown and cooked look, you can be sure that the broiling and cooking are over. If your recipe has to apply some sauces or spices, you have to use it five minutes before cooking. Now serve it with necessary sauces or salads.

Tricks to Use the Oven Broiler Wisely

If you can use some tricks while using the oven broiler, you will have the same cooked chicken or meat as the real broiler machine. So let’s know those tricks.

  • Preheating: Do not skip preheating. Preheating the oven before beginning the cooking in the broiler makes a start perfect. The flame of the broiler works better if the oven is not cool. Heat can be spread evenly and provide the flavor properly.
  • Oiling Pan: Even if the pan is set for broiling, oiling can increase the moisture-holding capacity of the chicken more. It will help in the absorption of the flavor of the spices well.
  • Spreading Meat: If you spread the chicken or meat as much as you can, the heat will get the chance to cook it well.

how to use oven broiler

  • Check the Process: There is a chance of a fire attack for the overheating as the broiler can produce excess heat. So, you should check the process thoroughly. If possible, sit near it and see if the broiling process is going on well.
  • Reduces the time of using the broiler: The broiler creates high flame and much heat. So, it is not wise to cook in the broiler longer than 10 minutes. In the case of chicken or meat broiling, you have to cook it for 40 to 50 minutes. In this case, you should use the broiler for the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes. You should keep the chicken at the middle part of the oven in the mid-time, not on the broiler.
  • Be light on Applying Marinades: As the oil-based marinades can cause fire on the broiler, you should avoid these types of marinades. Instead, you can use thyme, pepper, or oregano to absorb the flavor into the chicken.

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Broiled chicken is yummy and juicy inside while having a nice flavored crunchy surface. Everybody loves it. There is no need to stop broiling the chicken if you do not have the broiler. The broiler in the oven is right to make the crispy crusted, juicy chicken. You have to learn how to broil in oven without broiler. If you can follow the steps correctly, you do not have to tense about the broiler or spend extra money to buy the broiler. So, have yum chicken and serve to your guests too.

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