How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

Braciole on breakfast or even on your lunch is tempting. It is an Italian meat item, but it is a favorite worldwide favorite. Cooking broccoli in a wide variety of recipes and ingredients is known.

Though the most popular braciole are stuffed meat with thick gravy created by sauce, braciole without sauce have a unique taste. People may not be familiar with braciole without sauce, but it is worth tasting.

How to cook braciole without sauce? If you know the recipe, then you can try this item. See the recipe and everything on perfect braciole without sauce and get an exciting meal in this article.

What Is Braciole?

Braciole is an Italian meat item popular worldwide, especially in the USA. According to its origin, it is a slice of meat, especially beef meat, that is roasted on coals. These coals are live coals collected of German or Swedish origin. The beef cut and coal flavor is the specialty of this meat item. Besides, braciole can be made from pork meat or chicken meat too.

How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

Braciole is now found in different regions in different forms and taste combinations. The Sicilian braciole, Italian-American, and Italian-Australian Braciole, had earned an excellent reputation for their difference in taste.

Depending on its recipe, there are different names for braciole too. They are cooked in various gravy and sauces. Braciole with Sunday gravy or tomato sauces is the most popular. But you can cook braciole without sauce too. So, let’s know how to cook braciole without sauce.

How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

The beef or pork meat cut is essential for a tasty braciole recipe. You should be careful to take a perfect portion of meat. So, what is the best cur meat to make braciole?

As the Italian origin, the best cut for braciole is the slices of beef rump, rump steak, or bottom round, or top round. Pulverized pork or veal is also used to produce braciole. You should be careful in cutting the meat into thin slices. Using an electric knife, you can have the best balance to cut the meat curving from a different angle.

How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

Whatever meat is used, they are individually prepared through the stuffing, rolling, tying, and braising into tomato sauces or wine, or stock. The different recipe creates different aroma and taste.

So, how to cook braciole without sauce? Is it possible? braciole with heavy gravy made by sauce are the most popular, but there is a way to cook it without sauce, and it is healthy. To cook braciole, you can grill or use the oven for meat.

The standard criteria of braciole preparation involve coating the meat with olive oil and then coat with breadcrumbs. Though beef or pork is cut in thin slices and hammered to make it lighter, it stays moist and soft from inside for the olive oil coating and crispy outside for the breadcrumbs coating.

This feature makes this meat the most attractive and brings a unique taste. Some recipes use parmesan cheese and basil mixture with breadcrumbs to increase the flavor and create a cheesy bite in the middle of the meat roll.

You can add many ingredients like veggies, spinach, and cheeses like provola, cacio cavallo, scamorza. These cheeses are of Sicilian origin. The cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese does well too.

Steps To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

Follow the steps below and make delicious braciole without sauce.

Step-1: Preparation of the Meat


  • First, cut the beef or pork into thin slices by carving the knife.
  • Then carefully hammer slices using the meat ponder. Do hammering for each portion separately. Make sure that all the pieces are flat enough.
  • Now cut the slices lengthwise to make small long stripes.

Seasoning and Marinating:

  • Take all the slices and place them in a big bowl so that you can freely toss them with seasoning.
  • Take one cup of breadcrumbs in another bowl or plate.
  • Now coat each of the beef stripes one by one very carefully and make sure that both sides get covered well. Do not take all the breadcrumbs in the bowl; instead, pour a small portion, coat some stripes, and rerun the next part of crumbs. It is because you cannot use the leftover breadcrumbs again for other cooking since it comes with the contact of raw meat.
  • Now place all the coated stripes on a tray steady. Then make a roll of each strip. You can add cheese or other purees inside the roll.

Steps To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

Step-2: Set the Meat for Baking

Take baking screws and insert meat roll into the screws. In one screw, insert 5 to 6 rolls. Now it is ready to bake. Place the screws on the baking tray.

Step-3: Baking

  • Warm the oven for 5 minutes, and then place the baking tray inside the oven at the right place.
  • Turn and make the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius or 355 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake it for 30 minutes without any interruption.
  • After 30 minutes, the bottom part is done. So, open the oven door and lift over all the steps. Now bake for another 10 minutes.

You can grill these screws directly and get a unique aroma if you want a Smokey flavor.

Step-4: Serving

Braciole goes well with different types of items. You can have them as a snack or serve them with rice or other items as lunch or dinner. Some serving examples are included-

  • Braciole goes excellent with salads. Toss some salads and vegetables with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil, then place the cooked braciole over the salad. It is delicious.
  • Braciole is also tasty with different regions’ unique salads like ratatouille or tabbouleh. You can bake or toss with salt and pepper before adding the braciole to these salads or vegetables
  • Braciole is also yummy with grille vegetables.
  • A popular dish with this braciole is tomatoes stuffed with sticky rice. The juicy tomatoes increase the taste with crunchy braciole.
  • Baked braciole on pasta is another popular item.

What Are The Substitutes For Beef To Make Braciole?

Though beef is the ideal and original meat for braciole, there are other options. You can make braciole with chicken or pork meat. Choose solid meat portions like chicken breast, pork chest, or belly to cut meat for braciole.

Cut the meat stripes in thin slices, and then it is right to make the braciole. Thin slices of swordfish can create tasty braciole too. Yes, it is popular when people want to have some fish taste.

There is an option for vegetarians too. It may seem impossible as braciole is a meat item, but there is an option. Vegan braciole are made of zucchini or eggplants. You have to cut a slice lengthwise and then make a roll with cheese stuffing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I keep the cooked braciole in the freezer?

Yes, you can freeze the cooked braciole. You just have to place the cooked braciole in a freezer-friendly container and keep it for several days. When you defrost it, it will be a ready-made food item.

Q: How to warm the braciole before eating?

You can cook and keep the cooked braciole for two days. You just have to warm it before serving. To warm the braciole, place the pan on the stove and warm it at low heat. It may take time, but do not thaw the frozen or cold braciole in high heat. Wait until it turns brown, and then serve it with fresh sauce.

Q: Can you make the braciole roll long before cooking?

Yes, you can make the braciole roll with breadcrumbs one or two days before cooking. It will stay absolutely okay if you keep the rolls in the refrigerator. Just take the rolls out, and it is ready to cook. It becomes a pre-preparation for a party.

Q: How to store and freeze the braciole?

Storing braciole in the freeze or fridge is right. You can keep the cooked or raw braciole in the refrigerator for 4 days and in the freezer for about 3 months. Make sure that you keep the braciole in an air-tight container that is fridge-friendly or freezer-friendly.

Keeping them in a tight container will keep the flavor and taste intact as it is for a long. For sauce-made braciole, you should pack the sauce in a separate container to freeze it.

Q: When braciole becomes tough?

The perfection and tasty condition of braciole meat come with the best beef cut. If the meat is broiled for long to cut, it becomes rigid and fibrous. Besides, braciole cut is goo if it is done against the meat’s grain. An example of tough braciole is London broil. Loon broil is tough for its cut.


Braciole meat is an excellent source of protein and calories. With less saturated fat, it is ideal for daily food intake. If you know different recipes or different ways to have braciole, it increases the taste options. Braciole with heavy gravy and tomato sauce is the typical meal. If you know how to cook braciole without sauce, you can get the exciting flavor out of this meat type.

Baking braciole makes it possible to cook it without sauce. So, don’t wait anymore after knowing the recipe and other important facts on braciole here. Have the blast of soft and yummy braciole.

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