How To Cook Frozen Empanadas [7 Easy Methods]

Empanadas, a Latin-American cuisine, is not bound to America only. It is now popular worldwide. It is a unique and exciting food item. There is no boundary of the filling inside the dough wrap. From sweet to savory, you can have various tastes. The protein filling and the flour-made dough wrap work great as a heavy meal. You can have them as snacks or also as lunch or dinner. 

It takes time to prepare. That’s why frozen empanadas can be a great option to save time and have ready-made, yummy food. So, you need to know how to cook frozen empanadas.

A specific procedure can make you a perfect chef to cook the frozen empanadas. You can cook these empanadas in different ways. All the details for cooking frozen empanadas are included here. Let’s check them out.

How To Cook Frozen Empanadas

Empanadas are originated in Latin America, and the process and form are still the same as the origination. Only the filling varies. Empanadas are, actually, the corn-flour-made tortilla that covers a delicious filling.

The edges of the empanadas form are secured by folded sealing process. Then these forms are fried in oil and turn them into brown color. The filling can be cheese, chicken, beef, pork, or even veggies. You can modify the filling depending on your taste and preferences.

How To Cook Frozen Empanadas

Frozen empanadas are a popular option to have these tasty food items quickly. There are ready-made frozen empanadas in markets or nearly stores. They are found in both forms, cooked or uncooked.

You can follow the cooking processes if you buy uncooked frozen empanadas in the proper form with the desired filling. The most amazing part is that you do not have to thaw the empanadas after removing them from the freezer. That’s why it is a quick process. 

Here you can find the methods to cook frozen empanadas in an air fryer, microwave, toaster oven, conventional oven, and also the process of cooking them in a skillet. Oven-cooking is preferable as it is a quick process and you will get perfectly cooked empanadas. So, check all the options below.

Method-1: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in An Air Fryer

It is a good option for cooking your empanadas if you have an air-fryer. It takes less time to cook and save your extra labor.

Step-1: First, take the air fryer basket and spray non-sticky solution or oil. It is necessary as the empanadas can easily be stuck in the basket when defrosted. If you pour the non-sticky solution, you can be worry-free, and the empanadas will not get stuck into the basket, and the forms will not break.

Cooking Frozen Empanadas in An Air Fryer

Step-2: Next, place the empanadas on the basket. While arranging them, make sure that there is vacant space around each piece. It will prevent them from being stuck together. Place as many as you need. Generally, you can place two to eight empanadas in the basket in one set. You can fry these empanadas by placing them on a single layer.

Step-3:  Now, place the basket correctly and set the fryer. In an air-fryer, you can cook the raw empanadas perfectly. Set the temperature at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Now cook them for eight minutes in the air fryer. Empanadas will be thoroughly cooked and heated evenly.

After eight minutes, turn the fryer off and remove all the empanadas. Have the tasty empanadas hot and well-cooked.

Method-2: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Microwave

Cooking frozen empanadas is not an ideal process. It is because the microwave cooking method can make the empanadas soggy. Empanadas can lose their flavor a bit too.

So, when you do not have any other options like an air-fryer or oven, you can use the microwave. It also takes time to cook raw frozen empanadas in the microwave. Heat cannot be even. So, you have to be careful and toss empanadas in the cooking interval.

Step-1: First, preheat the microwave for two minutes. On the other place, place the empanadas in the microwave-safe plate or dish. You also have to arrange the empanadas in a single layer as described in the previous process. No empanadas should touch another piece. 

Step-2: Now, place the plate into the microwave and set it low to medium temperature. Run the microwave for 30 seconds. 

Step-3: Open the microwave door and toss all the empanadas. Now again, run the microwave for 30 seconds. Repeat this process and cool all the empanadas till they turn brown. When opening the microwave door and tossing empanadas, check if they are moist. Soggy empanadas are not desirable. Isn’t it? So, be careful and cook.

If you can have patience and heat your empanadas by tossing them frequently, you can cook empanadas well. When all of them are brown, you can have them or serve them.

Method-3: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is as capable as the conventional oven to cook the empanadas perfectly. The only problem is the inner space. A toaster oven is small in size compared to the traditional oven. You can cook a small number of empanadas. If you need empanadas for yourself or two or three people, it acts well. But for too many empanadas, you have to cook in several batches. So, it takes time.

How To Cook Frozen Empanadas

A toaster oven can heat empanadas evenly. The flavors and taste stay intact too. So, after the conventional oven, a toaster oven is excellent.

Step-1: Take the toaster oven rack and arrange the empanadas side by side. Ensure that no piece touches another. Place as many as it can hold with enough space around every piece.

Step-2: Set the oven’s temperature to 30 degrees and preheat it for 5 minutes. Now place the rack inside the oven.

Step-3: Cook empanadas inside the oven for ten minutes. 

A unique technique for even heating processes is aluminum foil paper. For this process, you have to cook the empanadas for eight minutes, remove the rack, and cover each of the empanadas with foil paper. Then place the rack inside again. Now cook them for another two minutes. Foil paper helps the heat to spread over the empanadas. 

Though cooking for ten minutes is enough, bigger empanadas take more time. Because it can burn if cooking for more, besides, long-cooking can make them dry.

Method-4: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Conventional Oven

Baking empanadas in the conventional oven is the best way. The oven can reheat and cook frozen empanadas correctly. The final result is hot, crispy, and full-flavored empanadas. 

Step-1: Set the oven temperature at 400 degrees and preheat it for five minutes. Now the oven is ready to cook.

Step-2: Place the empanadas side by side on the oven sheet on an oven-proof plate. Now place the container inside the oven. 

Step-3: Cooking empanadas in the oven takes thirty to forty minutes. So, run the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Then stop the oven and flip the sheet over. Again, place the plate inside and run the oven for another 15 to 20 minutes. 

Your perfect empanadas are ready.

Method-5: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Deep Fryer

A deep fryer can cook empanadas evenly if you can handle them correctly. You have to be careful to prevent empanadas from burning. Though it is simple and easy to use the deep fryer for empanadas, they may be moist with oil. So, you have to drain excess oil off the empanadas after cooking.

Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Deep Fryer

Step-1: If you plan to use the deep fryer for cooking your frozen empanadas, you should not thaw them after removing them from the freezer. First, reheat all the empanadas in a microwave for a few minutes. 

Step-2: Now, take vegetable oil as much as needed to cover empanadas completely. Then preheat the oil for two to three minutes. Set the temperature of the deep fryer oil at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step-3: Now, thoroughly place the empanadas in the fryer rack to keep them submerged. Wait till the empanadas turn golden brown. Then remove the fryer rack and keep them on a paper towel on a tray. It is for draining all the excess oil from fried empanadas. 

When all the empanadas are not soaked with oil, they are ready to eat. Cooking empanadas in a deep fryer take a short time. Instead, you should set them in a single layer and fry all of them in several batches. 

Method-6: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Stove

Cooking frozen empanadas on a stove is almost the same process. It is yummy to eat hot-fried empanadas from the stove frying process. 

Step-1: Reheat the frozen empanadas in the microwave after removing them from the freezer. Reheat them only for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step-2: Now, take a skillet on the stove and pour three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Heat the oil at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for two minutes. 

Step-3: Then place the empanadas side by side in a single layer on the skillet. Do not fry all the empanadas by crowding them on the skillet. Now fry one side of the empanadas for two to three minutes without interruption at 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step-4: Flip over each piece of the empanadas one by one and then fry these sides for another two minutes. When golden brown, remove them from the skillet and place them on a kitchen towel. Wait till all the excess oil is drained. Fry other empanadas in batches if you have many. Now serve all the empanadas hot and delicious. 

Method-7: Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Grill

Empanadas on the grill!! Yes, it is possible to have grilled empanadas in your camping or picnic events. You can make yummy fried empanadas in the open fire grill from frozen empanadas.

Cooking Frozen Empanadas in Deep Fryer
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Step-1: Set the open fire for grill settings and remove the frozen empanadas from the portable freezer if you are outside. Light the fire and set the temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step-2: Now, place the empanadas side by side directly on the grill. It will allow even heating and grill marks. These grill marks make a delicious look on empanadas. 

Step-3: Cook empanadas on the grill for five to seven minutes thoroughly. Now flip over empanadas and cook the other sides. You have to cook these sides for another Five to Seven minutes. 

In this time range, your empanadas should turn into golden brown color. Now empanadas are hot-ready, and you can serve them with sauces. 

Shelf-life of Empanadas

You can have frozen empanadas in stores; you can make the form and freeze them in your freezer. You have to make the corn-flour made dough and fill it with the desired filling. Then prepare the form and freeze the unbaked empanadas in your freezer.

You can extend their shelf-life if you keep unbaked empanadas in the freezer. You can have ready empanadas to cook directly from the quick freezer. Baked empanadas are also possible to store in the fridge. But how much is the shelf-life of baked or unbaked empanadas in the refrigerator? 

Though freshly made and baked empanadas provide a fresh taste, their shelf-life is short. You can have home-baked empanadas keeping them in the fridge for a week. But you cannot have them after holding them in the freezer. It will make them moist, and this moisture can grow bacteria. 

On the other hand, you can keep unbaked empanadas in the freezer for about two to three months. So, for a quick-cooking and long-lasting solution, the best way to store empanadas is to freeze them. But you can keep unbaked empanadas in the fridge only for three days. So, maintaining the balance, you can have delicious empanadas from the frozen option anytime. 


Empanadas are a worldwide popular meal. If you know how to cook frozen empanadas, you can enjoy them hot and yummy anytime in a short cooking process. There are lots of options to cook frozen empanadas. Here, you have already found seven excellent cooking options. These options allow flexible cooking. You can have empanadas as many as you need anytime.

So, know all the cooking process and have delicious empanadas. 

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