How To Cook Meat In Ark: Easy Steps with Picture

When we go camping, we need to make a campfire to get light, warmth for cold, and heat for cooking. Many people make homemade food with them in camping. But if the planning is for an extended period, they have to cook themselves. Besides, cooking camping has a different enjoyment. People make Ark, a ring structure, to create the campfire and cook. 

How to cook meat in Ark? The most delicious item is meat after heavy adventure in camping. If the meat is not soft enough and not tasty, the enjoyment will reduce to half. A perfect cooking process for meat on Ark can provide the best taste and Smokey flavored joy. This article will get the easy three steps to cook meat on Ark in the right way.

So, explore the procedure and have the tastier meat cooked in Ark.

How To Cook Meat In Ark

The quantity of vegetables, spices, or seasonings depends on taste preferences. Here, a standard amount of every item is shown. This recipe is suitable for four people. 

Necessary Ingredients:

  • 1-pound Flat iron steak or beef or pork slices
  • 2 Baby yellow potatoes
  • Two carrots
  • One white onion
  • Two table-spoon of garlic
  • ½ tea-spoon Onion powder
  • Two tea-spoon dried oregano
  • Two dried parsleys
  • ½ tea-spoon ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • Three table-spoon Olive oil
  • Heavy-duty foil paper

Preparation of Ingredients:

  • Meat: It is not wise to cook whole meat pieces or thick pieces of beef or pork. To cook meat in a campfire ark, it should be a thin slice or thin steak, or thin cube. That’s why the flat iron steak is ideal for an ark campfire. Softening meat depends on the thickness of this meat. The flat iron steak is a beef cut that is 1/8 inches fat only. It is primarily beef or pork shoulder. You should use a hammer tenderizer to soften the meat a bit.
  • Vegetables: Here, only baby potato and carrot are added for extra taste to a dish in the vegetable part. You can add your favorite vegetables. You have to peel all the vegetables properly and chop them into tiny pieces to mix with meat.
  • Onion and garlic: Onion goes well as slice with beef or pork meat. Thinly slice the onion. Though onion is okay as cut, you have to mince garlic. Finely chopped garlic can spread the right flavor to the meat.

Steps To Cook Meat In Ark

After preparing all the ingredients and chopping and slicing necessary items, you can begin your cooking process step by step.

Step-1: Marinate Meat

In the first step, you must marinate the meat using all the ingredients. The taste much depends on this marination process.

  • First, take all the vegetables, meat, chopped onion, and garlic in a bowl.
  • Then add the seasonings and spices one by one carefully.
  • Then toss all the ingredients using two spoons gently. Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Then cover the bowl with a plate or plastic wrap.
  • Keep the marinated meat for 15 minutes.

How To Cook Meat In Ark

Step-2: Prepare Meat for Ark

As you cook on the Ark campfire, you should cover the meat adequately and slow cook the meat. It will soften the meta from the inside and be tender enough. That’s why we use aluminum foil to cover the entire marinated meat.

  • Take the heavy-duty aluminum foil paper and size it. You will need a8 by 2 inches sheet of foil paper. Place one sheet of foil paper on a flat surface.
  • Now take a certain amount of meat mixture at the center of the foil paper. As the marinated mixture is mentioned above, you can take ¼ of the portion of meat in one aluminum foil sheet. 
  • Next, fold the sheet to wrap the marinated meat. First, fold the right and left side of the sheet inward and then roll it to close the opening. Then fold the upper and bottom sides of the sheet and roll those two sides inward. After wrapping the mixture in this system, you can cover the meat entirely.
  • Like this procedure, make remaining foil packs of meat. You can make a four-pack. Each package is perfect for one person.
  • As you cook in the campfire ark, you should wrap each packet of meat with the second foil sheet. It means every pack should be covered tightly with thicker layers. This will prevent the foil pack from bursting for excess heat.

Step-3: Set Meat Pack for Cooking

Next, you have to set the meat packs for cooking on Ark on the campfire. The Ark on the campfire is a ring structure made of metal. The fire is created inside this ring structure. It keeps the system safe and increases the firing density at the center point. This system can make a smooth barbeque texture and flavor, which is favorable for many.

Set Meat Pack for Cooking

  • If you did not ready the structure, you should create it before beginning the cooking procedure. After making the structure and setting the necessary fuel inside the Ark, place a galvanized fire pit cooking grate at the top of the flame. It will keep the foil sheet or packs safe from overheating but ensure that the meat gets optimum heat to soften from inside and consume the spice ideally.
  • Take some time to heat the grate. Then, use the long tong and carefully place all four foil packs on the hot grate. Use hand gloves while doing this part.
  • This cooking process takes 20 to 25 minutes. After 10 to 12 minutes of cooking on campfire heat, you have to flip these packs. Before flipping the packs, check if the meat is done at a minimum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Check using a fork if the meat and potato have softened a bit. Then flip the packs and wait for full cooking time.
  • After completing 20 to25 minutes of cooking, carefully take the packs from the Ark and serve it hot with cheese or sauce and bread.

When you cook the meat, beef, or pork, the taste will be premium in this procedure. There will be enough softness in meat, and then it will be juicy. The meat cannot be chewy at all. A Smokey flavor will make the meat tastier.

Additional Tips To Cook Meat In Ark

As cooking on campfire Ark deals with high heat areas, you should be careful and take proper cautions. Besides, you should use appropriate tools and care to get perfectly cooked meat. Follow these tips while cooking on Ark.

  • Use sharp knives to cut meat into thin slices.
  • Try to make a thinner cut of beef. Minced beef is also okay to cook on Ark.
  • It is not wise to overcook the meat. Many of us get misguided to overcook meat to have soft beef. But overcooking can make the meat chewy.
  • Boiling meat is not a good idea. On Ark, you should not boil meat that can toughen it. Boiling also reduces the taste of spices and cuts the flavors.
  • Put on hand gloves while handling meat packs on Ark.
  • Use long ting to flip meat packs.

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How to cook meat in Ark? If you do not know the procedure and do it wrong, you can fail to get the taste. After doing a hassle job cooking meat on Ark, this failure will disappoint you too much. That’s why you should know the detailed procedure of cooking meat on Ark.

Besides, the rich flavor, Smokey aroma, and yummy, juicy taste of the Ark-made meat are worth checking by you. So, know the cooking meat on Ark and enjoy tasty meat.

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