How To Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce [5 Easy Process]

For the desired dessert, caramel sauce is the best addition. It can be the topping of the brownies, ice cream, or popcorns. Caramel sauce will be the reason for the urge to have it. Everyone likes the dessert with caramel sauce after finishing the complete meal. It makes an optimized taste between the saltness and the sweetness. While making the caramel sauce, you may be irritated for your wrong work. The sauce can be grainy easily while doing it.

Do not throw it or stop making the caramel sauce yourself. Learn how to fix grainy caramel sauce and turn your wrong sauce into perfection.

How to Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce

Caramel is made of sugar, nothing else. The critical matter is the process of doing it. It is done by reaching a high temperature while heating the sugar. You have to set the temperature at 340-degree Fahrenheit. Sugar particles break down at this temperature and turn into a different compound. It creates fruity esters, bitter phenols, multi-flavor with a nutty taste. This is the caramelization process, and it makes a different flavor and aroma that enhances the taste of the dessert. It is also a decorative part.

How to Fix Grainy Caramel Sauce

There are many reasons of the grainy caramel texture during cooking. Fortunately, there are many solutions to solve this issue too. Let’s know the answers and use one and get back the perfect caramel sauce.

1. Corn Syrup or Glucose Syrup

Corn syrup or glucose syrup is one of the available ingredients in the kitchen. It works excellent, smoothing the grainy caramel. The syrup has long molecules, and it can break the complex crystallized sugar, which is the central part of the caramel grains. Corn syrup also prevents further sugar crystallization processes. It ensures the smoothness of the caramel sauce for a long time.

You have to add one or two spoons of syrup into the sauce. Stir slowly for a couple of minutes, and it will be smooth.

2. Water

You may be out of corn syrup. In this case, you can simply use the water to dilute the caramel sauce and smoothen it. You have to use low heat to work out the water to smoothen the caramel. Place the sauce into a pan and keep it on the stove at low flame after adding a little water. Stir it slowly, and the crystallized sugar will be dissolved. If you see that you cannot get the desired thickness, it becomes thicker and adds more water to it. Then again, stir, and you will get a perfect consistency.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon has the citric acid inhibitor, and it can break the complicated sugar crystal molecules easily. Lemon is also an easily found ingredient in the kitchen. You can use it to fix the grainy caramel sauce as it is a very much efficient item.

At first, take the caramel sauce into a saucepan. Put a quarter cup of lemon juice and mix it. While mixing it, stir it from one side to another, and it will mix well. You have to be cautious while mixing it and handling the pan so that it does not burn. The Lemon mixture is prone to burn quickly. Do not use the spoon or whisk; otherwise, it can create grain again.

4. Repeat the Wet Method

Caramel can be cooked in two processes- the dry method and the wet method. In a dry way, you cook or heat the sugar on the pan by spreading it evenly. In this dry process, the sugar molecule’s crystallization easily occurs as there is no agent to make a nice mixture. That is why you have to run the wet method to dilute the crystals. It will make sure that the crystallization will not appear again.

While using the wet process to remove the crystals, you do not have to heat them, keeping them in a pan. Instead, pour the sauce into a blender mixing it with some water. When blending, the sugar will break into water and mix. At the time of blending, some bubbles will appear from the water. After running the blending process for a while, it will be warm, and caramel cooking will occur. As there is no difference in water, you do not have to tense for this. Add as much water you feel right at the beginning.

5. Peanuts

It may seem unbelievable. But yes, peanuts work. Only at the time of cooking of the caramel, peanut stops crystallization and also dilute the crystals if already started to occur. You just have to sprinkle a tiny number of peanuts at the middle part of the cooking. You can use it as a precautious part for preventing crystallization.

Avoid Crystallization to Caramel Sauce

Some techniques allow you to stop crystallization while cooking. You can prevent the appearance of crystallization completely. Let’s learn those processes.

  • Stop Stirring

Crystallization occurs after getting the heat for a while. It generally produces on the topping or under the stirrer or the bottom part of the pan. The crystal forms very fast, and it spreads quickly after beginning to form. So, you have to stop stirring during the whole process. Stir at the first time of cooking and then stop it when you see that caramelization is beginning to occur. Thus, you can prevent crystallization.

Avoid Crystallization to Caramel sauce

  • Pan Should have Thick Bottom

Some features of the pan, where you will cook the caramel, can prevent crystallization of the pan. You have to cook the caramel at low heat to get the even heat all over the sauce. If the pan has a thick bottom, it will also help in spreading the heat properly. You should avoid the glass top pan so that the crystallization cannot occur. Glass top cannot provide even heat around the sauce. In that case, an open pan or a pan with a curled lid can be a perfect choice for the prevention of crystallization.

  • Cleaning the Tools

Whatever tools you are going to use for cooking the caramel should be clean well. Dirt can negatively affect the caramelization process. So, all the tools, including spoons or stirrer, pans, etc., should be washed before use.

  • Stop Scraping

Many experts do not know this secret. The secret is that crystallization directly occurs on the scraped part of the caramel. So, o not scrape at all. Try to slide the pan to let the caramel down to the dish immediately after stopping the cooking.

how to stop caramel from hardening

By following these techniques and avoiding the forbidden works, you can get the perfection preventing crystallization.

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Caramel is the desired item to get the best taste of the dessert, cakes, or ice cream. So, there should not be any compromise. As the crystal sugar easily occurs while making the caramel, you should know how to fix grainy caramel sauce effectively. As there are many ingredients to improve the texture of the caramel, you will one or more in your kitchen.

You may think of throwing the grainy caramel into your garbage bucket. It is a wrong decision. Do not waste. Know the possible solutions from this page and recover the caramel. There is the taste intact, even if it is grainy. Smoothen it and have the delicious caramel sauce.

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