How To Iron On Transfer Paper : Easy Steps To Follow

You may want to design your t-shirt or a bag or other fabric. You have to know how to do it. You will have fun while placing your design on your favorite t-shirt or bag. Even if you are not a professional artist, it is easy to print a design and carefully iron the design on fabric. You need the transfer paper to do this.

If you know how to iron on transfer paper, you can easily print the design and set this on your fabric. Many of us think this process a hard one. But it is an easy method. You just have to gather explicit knowledge about the process and some details. Know everything well and have fun while customizing your t-shirt.

How To Iron On Transfer Paper : 3 Easy Steps

Before ironing a design on your t-shirt, you have to get all your necessary elements and follow some steps. Know the steps below and customize your shirt.

Necessary Ingredients: 

  • Iron-on transfer paper- one pack 
  • Selected design 
  • Scissors 
  • Ironing board and an iron 
  • Printer

The transfer paper should be the best pick to suit the fabric’s color and type. There is different transfer paper for dark fabrics and light fabrics. So, be sure that the transfer paper is the best suited with your t-shirt fabric.

Let’s follow the steps below and print and iron on transfer paper.

Step-1: Select a Customized Design

At first, you have to select and ready a perfect design to decorate your t-shirt or bag fabric. Most of the transfer paper in the market can make any design you want. You can select a vibrant, color design with a graphical presentation. Many websites offer many designs for free. You can choose them or, after getting them, modify and match them with your interest. If you are a professional artist, you can customize your design.

How to Iron on Transfer Paper

Step-2: Print on Transfer Paper

After selecting an excellent design for your t-shirt, you have to print it on transfer paper. As we mentioned above, you have to collect the correct format of the transfer paper. For perfection, you should test a print before using a transfer paper. Perform the test on plain blank paper. It will avoid the mistakes happening on the transfer paper.

The testing will help determine if the design’s size is perfect to set on the transfer paper. There is a possibility to place the design on paper at the wrong angle. It can print only a section of design at the incorrect alignment too. If you test a print, you can correct the settings. The printed output is far different than the digital form of the design. So, you have to be sure about the print layout and color presentation.

how to print on transfer paper

To run the printing test, draw an “X” at one side of the blank paper and then feed the printer with this sheet and print. You can be sure what side has to be placed upright to set the design. If you are confused about the transfer paper settings, check the paper correctly. There is a side with some printed design in the transfer paper, and it is the backside. You have to print on the blank side of the transfer paper.

After getting all the settings, feed your printer with the transfer paper, then command “Print.” You will get your design on the paper correctly, and now is the time to cut it carefully to the delicate edges.

Step-3: Iron on Transfer Printer Paper

Stand in front of your ironing board and get to your ironing job. Place a cloth or some paper to keep the shirt rightfully. Lay down your t-shirt on the board softly and make sure that the shirt does not get stretched or wrinkled. It should be straight and flat. Now place the design on the t-shirt in the correct manner. The transfer paper should be placed correctly so that the design gets in the right place. Now place parchment paper over the transfer paper softly so that the transfer paper does not misplaced.

iron on transfer paper instructions

Now iron on the paper nicely. Press the hot iron firmly and be sure that it gets the same heat and pressure over every side. If the ironing is firm and even, the design will transfer and bind correctly to the fabric of the shirt or bag. After ironing every side and edge of the design, keep the shirt cool.

Your customized t-shirt or bag, or other fabric is ready to use now.

Tips For The Better Iron-On T-Shirt Transfer Paper

If you maintain some instructions or rules, you will avoid possible mistakes and make the perfect ironing on transfer paper. Know the tips and get a fine finish.

  1. Suitable ironing surface: Manage an ironing surface that has the right height. If it is too high, it will be hard to provide pressure on it. If it is too low, it also will be hard to iron quickly. The iron board should be at your waist height. Since you have to pressure the board, you have to find a durable and robust platform to iron. The platform must have an even flat surface that can keep the shirt or fabric straight. The ironing board can be the most suitable surface for inkjet iron on transfer paper.
  2. Choose the right transfer paper: There are two types of transfer paper. One is suitable for light-colored fabric, and the other is for dark-colored fabric. You should use the correct transfer paper to get the best print and iron result on your t-shirt. For the fabric that is light in color, you should select transparent transfer paper. It will project printed colors of the design finely and set on the shirt, blooming the design. Since the transfer paper is translucent, there will be no chance to mix the color of the design, even if the color is white. It will appear.
  3. If your fabric is dark in color, you should select the white-colored transfer paper, blossoming the design nicely on white paper. You have to cut the design edges to the closest end to have no white background left from the transfer paper. Otherwise, there will be seen a white background which may distort the design of the t-shirt. You have to trim where the vacant part is present in the middle of the design.
  4. Cut the transfer paper correctly: Be it white or translucent transfer paper, you should cut it to the near ends because the transparent paper can also be seen as white paper.  
  5. Transfer paper should meet the demand or the printer type: The inkjet printer works excellent with transfer paper printing. If you have a laser printer, you have to find a paper to laser iron on transfer paper since there are separate transfer papers for the laser printer.

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Summing UP

Customizing the fabric is an excellent enjoyment if you know the process. It is an easy job too. If you design and print the design on the correct transfer paper, you have to know how to iron on transfer paper to set the design on the fabric.

If you can carefully follow the steps shown on this page and correctly maintain the tips, you will be an expert soon. It will let you make some gifts for your family and friends too. You can do your business and earn some money. So, enjoy customizing and placing the design on fabric.

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