How To Store Macarons: Keep Macarons Fresh and Crispy

Macaron is a meringue-made sandwich-formed cookie invented in France by the Italian chef of the queen. The macaron shell is made of egg white, almond flour, icing sugar, and food colors. The most filling is made of buttercream and fruit jams.

Though it is from France and Italy’s creation, it is famous worldwide. In the USA, macarons replace cupcakes for their delicious sweet taste. People like the unique combination of ruffles edges and smooth tops of the macaron.

How to store macarons? It is an ordinary question mind. Though freshly made macarons are yummy hot, you can have the same taste if you keep them correctly. That’s why this question arises. Here, you will know all the storage options for macarons. Let’s dig deep into it.

How To Store Macarons Properly

Storing solution depends on your need and the extending life in storing option. If you need them to store for a day only, you can keep them in a container or storage boxes. For more extended holding, the refrigerator works well.

5 Reliable Ways To Store Macaron

Before storing macarons, they should be cool for a few minutes. It is essential because hot macarons can crack and break apart after holding them. That’s why do not touch them right after taking the tray or pan out from the oven.

How To Store Macarons

Just keep the pan on your kitchen countertop and cool it for 3 to 5 minutes. This cooling process ensures that you have the right crisp texture on the outside surface. If you keep the macarons out to cool for a longer time, they can be softer than desired.

That’s why you should be careful about it. After them for a few minutes, fill them and make them ready to store. When you let the macarons cool, check after 3 to 4 minutes. It will ensure that all the macarons are cool entirely and you do not keep them outside longer.

Storing macarons is best when you keep them after filling. It stays ready to eat. You can hold the unfilled macaron shell too. Let’s know the procedure of storing macarons correctly.

  • Storing Macaron on Air-tight Container

To ideally store macarons in an airtight container, follow the instructions below.

  • Take an airtight container and clean it correctly. After washing it, dry it thoroughly.
  • Even a bit of moisture can be absorbed by macaron shells. It makes the macaron moist and softer. So, ensure that there is no water or moisture inside the container.
  • Take parchment paper and place them neat and clean in a single layer. If there is an excess part of the parchment paper, fold the edges smoothly. If you can set the macarons on the parchment paper layer to prevent touch between them, it can make sure that they do not stick together. So, you can make a pocket-style setting with parchment paper to place one macaron in each pocket.
  • Now, keep macarons on the parchment paper setting inside the container carefully. Place them one by one. Do not rush and place all of them altogether. You can break macarons like this.
  • Now put the lid of the container tight. Make sure that no air can enter. Any air or moisture will make the macarons moist and soggy. It is undesirable.
  • Now keep the container in a cool place. Macarons stay good at room temperature for 24 hours in the airtight container. You can keep the container on your kitchen countertop. It is warm so that you can keep it inside the cool cupboard. At least, make sure that the container is out of the sun and heat so that the container cannot be warm.
  • Storing Macaron on Storing Boxes

Macaron storage boxes are another solution to store macarons at room temperature. These boxes are specially made for macaron storage. They work as an airtight containers. The difference from containers is the surety of the safety from moisture.

How To Store Macarons

As moisture can destroy the freshness and crispness of macarons, these boxes are constructed with the conformation of airtight condition. No air or water can enter these boxes. All you have to do is make sure of the dryness of the box and cooling of macarons.

Before placing the macarons, dry the box entirely to avoid the moisture being entrapped inside. Since water can be out from hot macarons, they should be cool entirely before storing. 

These storage boxes are found in different sizes. You can find packages to store macarons from 2 pieces to 12 pieces. These boxes can store macaron at room temperature for about 2 to 3 days. Keep the box out of the hot or warm area and out of the sun.

  • Storing Macarons on Fridge

The fridge is the safer place to store macarons and increase their shelf-life. We make macarons in high quantities at a time. If you cannot finish all of them, the fridge is the excellent solution to store them.

Storing Macarons on Fridge

It can keep them fresh for about three days. Macarons stay healthy in the refrigerator for one full week, but after three days, it starts to be soft and soggy. That’s why recommended storing time for macarons in the fridge is three days.

  • To keep macarons in the fridge, place them in an airtight container with parchment paper settings. It is for maintaining macarons free from air and moisture.
  • Keep the container at the center part of the fridge. At the top and bottom shelf, the temperature fluctuates, making macarons soft. Avoid keeping the box in the fridge door. The temperature fluctuates when you open and close the fridge door. Try to keep the box out of the back wall. The exact center place of the fridge is the ideal solution for macaron storage.
  • You do not need to reheat the macarons after removing them from the fridge. Just take the box out twenty minutes before eating. When they are at room temperature, they are proper to eat.
  • Storing Macarons in Freezer

If you want to store macarons for more than three days, you should keep them in the freezer. After keeping them in the freezer, you can be worry-free for three to four months. The flavor and texture will stay intact in the freezer.

Storing Macarons in Freezer

  • After baking macarons, cool them and fill them with the desired filling. Then place them in an airtight container.
  • To freeze macarons, placing them in the right box setting is essential. The freezer burn can appear in macarons, and it can destroy the form and crispiness of the macaron shells. To prevent this freezer from burning, make two or three layers of parchment paper set inside an airtight box.
  • Now place the side of the macaron by the side carefully. Then make another three layers of parchment paper.
  • Now place a layer of aluminum foil paper on the parchment paper setting.
  • Now tightly seal the lid on the top of the box.

All this packing and setting of parchment paper and foil paper will keep the macarons nestled well-packed. It will prevent air entry and freezer burning.

Since the macaron structure and outer shell are susceptible to crack and break easily and can be moist for air or moisture, this setting is necessary. You can continuously keep the macarons good and fresh for 3 to 4 months if you can pack them well.

When you want to have macarons from the freezer, you must defrost them for about 30 minutes. Then they are ready to enjoy themselves. If you need only a few from all macarons from the box, take those only and again wrap remaining before keeping them in the freezer.

  • Storing Unfilled Macaron Shells in Freezer

Freezing unfilled macaron shells is better than freezing-filled macarons. Though you will get them ready only after defrosting them for 30 minutes, the taste differs. You get a fresher taste and aroma when you make your macarons from frozen meringue right before having them.

Besides, making lots of macarons and storing them in the freezer is not easy. But it is easier to keep only the meringue in huge quantities. Freezing only macaron shells reduce time requirement too. You have to defrost them for 30 to 45 minutes, and they are ready to fill with the desired puree. It allows you to make the desired number of macarons whenever you want.

You can freeze macaron shells in zip-lock bags, airtight containers, clamshells, sliding boxes, and even in plastic wrap.

  • Airtight containers are the preferable option as they can keep the dough safer and ensure the absence of moisture and air.
  • Zip-lock bags are also well to keep them out of moisture and air. Many people stay many macaron shells in one big zip-lock bag.
  • You can use the sliding boxes and clamshells too to store macaron shells. But in this case, you have to wrap the meringue with plastic wrap or another wrap that prevents air and moisture entrance.

Keep the storage boxes or wrap them at the center part of the freezer. Keep them far away from any smelly things not to make any odor in macaron dough boxes.

Now how much can you store macaron shells in the freezer? If you keep them in the refrigerator freezer, you can be sure of the safety of these macaron shells for one month or more. But you should not rely on more than that. It is because refrigerator freezer doors open frequently. So, you can keep them in the deep freezer for about three to four months.

Additional Tips

There are some facts that you should avoid. Some macaron storing method is not ideal enough to keep the delicate macaron shells excellent and crispy. Let’s know what procedures need to be avoided for macaron storage.

Store Macarons

  • The worst method is to use plastic wrap to store macarons. Plastic retains moisture, so plastic wrap enters water into the macaron shells. It destroys macaron flavors and form. You will get soft and soggy macarons in plastic bags. Filled macarons will break easily.
  • Do not use wax papers when you cover the bottom of macarons and the top layer above inboxes. Parchment papers or aluminum foil papers are excellent for wrapping macarons. Macaron shells easily stick to the wax paper, and it becomes difficult to remove them from the wax paper wrapping.
  • Never keep the macarons in the fridge or freezer without airtight wrapping. Airtight containers are the best solution. You can keep them in the refrigerator set on a plate only for a few hours but not more than that.
  • Macaron storing boxes should be out of the smelly foods. It is a must because macarons quickly absorb the smell of the following foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I sit macarons out before baking?

Ans: Before baking, you have to dry them out. But if you sit them too long, it can crack the shell. It depends on the thickness of the macaron shells. If the shells are thin, they will break quickly. You can keep macarons a maximum of 8 to 9 hours before baking them.

Q: Can I have macarons right after baking them?

Ans: Yes, you can have them hot immediately after baking them. But the taste and macaron shells form become perfect after a few hours. Generally, it gets mature after 2 to 24 hours. You can keep them in the fridge in a container for 12 hours and keep them mature. Serve them at room temperature.

Q: What is the perfect texture of macaron?

Ans: The texture of the surface of the macaron should be smooth and a bit crispy. The texture beneath the surface should be slightly chewy and soft. It may look uncooked, but it is perfect when the texture is like that.


Macarons are a favorite dessert or sweet snack. If you know how to store them, you can avoid the lengthy preparation of macarons. You should try these processes as mentioned above since it is possible to store them both in filled and unfilled format. You will get the perfect texture, flavor, and taste if you follow the instruction correctly.

Generally, they are tastier after sitting in the fridge for a few hours. So, the refrigerator or freezer is a wise solution to store and have them frequently. Get them ready in high quantity and store as many as you need.

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