How To Thaw Frozen Spinach

Spinach is the tastier leaves to eat. It increases the taste and health value of pasta, noodles, fish, meats, and even rice. It increases the vitamin and minerals in your dishes. Spinach is also an available item in the market. You can get the spinach from the nearby store. They keep them fresh or frozen. You also can purchase spinach in large quantities and store them frozen.

So, you should know how to thaw frozen spinach. It is absolutely safe to have frozen spinach if you thaw them correctly. Know the techniques and use spinach to make a delicious meal.

How To Thaw Frozen Spinach

Thawing spinach is simple and easy. Some techniques are quick too. Here, you will find five efficient methods to thaw frozen spinach and make your dish quickly.

Method-1: Thaw the Spinach in the Fridge

This method takes time. So, it is not a perfect choice if you want the spinach to cook now. If you have plenty of time, use this method. This method will take one to two days. In this process, you can thaw the spinach that is frozen for at least two days. You have to take the spinach from the freezer and place it in the fridge. The spinach will thaw naturally in the refrigerator. There will be no chance of contamination for the low temperature. As the leaves get soaked with water to stay in the freezer, the spinach will not be too soaked with water as the temperature is not hot. It will not be too soggy.

How To Thaw Frozen Spinach

So, the health value will be intact, and the leaves will be safe to have. There will be no change in taste. After defrosting, you will get fresh spinach.

Method-2: Thaw the Spinach in the Room Temperature

In this process, you have to take the frozen spinach out of the freezer. Then remove the package and put it in a strainer. The spinach will thaw slowly at room temperature. While melting, it will leave the water, and the filter will let the water separated. You can shake the strainer a little every 30 minutes. It will keep the spinach fresh and not soaked in water.

how to thaw frozen spinach overnight

Keep the strainer in the sink so that the water leaves quickly. The strainer should be in the correct size that can hold all the spinach. This process takes only 5 hours. After thawing, you can cook the spinach right away and have a fresh dish.

Method-3: Thaw the Spinach in the Warm Water

This process is also a fast-thawing process. You do not have to wait more and get the spinach ready to cook. Using warm water, you can get fresh spinach leaves. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Take a colander and take out the frozen spinach pack from the freezer. Remove the package and keep the spinach in the colander. Spread the leaves evenly. Now boil some water and after boiling, let it cool a little to have warm water that is not so hot. Keep the colander with spinach in a sink so that the water can leave.

how long to thaw frozen spinach

Step-2: Run the warm water over the spinach slowly and make sure that the spinach does not get cooked. You have to keep the pressure of the warm water low. Now flip the spinach and remove the ice blocks, if any. Again, pour warm water over the spinach and again flip the leaves.

Step-3: Repeat the flipping of spinach and pouring water until it thaws perfectly in all parts. Shake the colander every 2 to 3 minutes to remove the extra water from the spinach leaves.

When all the spinach leaves are thawed, it is ready to cook a delicious meal.

Method-4: Thaw the Spinach in the Microwave

When you are in a hurry, this process should be your choice. This process takes very little time to thaw the spinach. You do not have to wait for a day or hours to soften the spinach. Use the microwave and thaw the spinach quickly.

how best to thaw frozen spinach

Step-1: Take the microwave-proof bowl and place the frozen spinach into it. Preheat the microwave and then place the spinach bowl into the microwave. Set the defrost button for two minutes.

Step-2: Take the bowl out of the microwave and then take a colander. Transfer the spinach from the bowl to the colander. Place the colander in a kitchen sink. Let the excess water drip. After dripping correctly, place the spinach into a towel and spread it over the towel, putting it on a flat surface.

Step-3: Let the spinach dry. If you think there is still water, squeeze the leaves a little.

After completely drying, the spinach is ready. You can make a yummy dish with it.

Method-5: Directly Cook Spinach

When you have no time, you can cook the spinach directly, taking it out from the freezer. It is safe. In this way, you do not have to wait days. You take it and cook it. Cooking it may take a little more time to evaporate the extra water that gets out from the thawing process. You do not have to worry about it at all. The water from spinach is full of vitamins and minerals. It increases the food value of your cooked dish.

how to thaw frozen spinach for quiche

This process is simple and easy. You do not have to take the hassle of thawing it, and you do not have to invest your time. The taste may differ a little for defrosting the spinach while softening at a time.

You can directly fry the spinach too. You have to take the frozen spinach out of the freezer. Place a pan on a stove and put some oil into the pan. Heat this oil at medium-low heat, and within a minute, place the frozen spinach into the oil. There will be some steam mixed in the water while cooking. It will evaporate fast. So, do not worry about this steam. After frying the spinach, the taste will not differ much. Have the best taste of spinach.


Follow some rules or tricks to prevent spinach contamination and keep the food value well.

  • Do not thaw spinach at room temperature, keeping it for a long time. The frozen spinach should not be at room temperature for more than 7 hours. It will contaminate the spinach.
  • In the oven, do not set the highest temperature to prevent the burning of the spinach.
  • Do not have frozen spinach or make salads with frozen spinach. It will be the cause of foodborne illness.
  • You should not re-freeze thawed spinach. It can harm the health value of the leaves. Take the spinach as much you want to cook.
  • Check the expiration date before every use of the spinach.


It is a must to use frozen food correctly. Spinach is a healthy food item. It is excellent to make salads or pasta. Most people like spinach a lot. So, they purchase loads of spinach at a time and keep them frozen. So, it is essential to know how to thaw frozen spinach.

Since it is a matter of temperature change, you have to be careful and keep the safety of the food right. Have spinach and get the best taste.

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