Kitchen Torch Substitute | Top 7 Most Useful Alternatives

Creme brulee is one of the most delicious desserts that is famous all over the world. But the most prominent part of this item is the top crust made using a kitchen torch. It has become just the custard. Like creme brulee, more things need to be heated at the top using a torch to caramelize the topping. It is the central part of those dishes.

How will you make the caramelized topping if you do not have the kitchen torch? It can be an obstacle to make those yummy and gorgeous-looking dishes. However, if you know some helpful kitchen torch substitute, you can manage the situation and make your meal without the torch. Fortunately, there are some alternatives for the kitchen torches. Let’s know them.

Kitchen Torch Substitute

Actually, kitchen torch substitutes are only to handle the situation only when you do not have it. For example, you are ready to finish your custard and only wait to caramelize it. You should not get used to using the alternatives always as no options are ideal as kitchen torch. Though the options are not suitable to use, know them to tackle any awkward conditions.

Kitchen Torch Substitute

1. Propane Torch or Butane Torch

To only cover the problem once or twice, you can use the propane or butane torch if you have it. The propane torch has brass tubes and a knob to control it. It is connected to one liter propane-filled tank. Unfortunately, this tank handling is challenging and risky.

On the other hand, a butane torch is small in size and handier than a propane torch. You have to fill the butane torch can with pressurized butane gas, which is available in nearby stores. Some propane and butane torch has built-in ignitors. Then they are easier to use. Using these torches, you can caramelize the topping of your Brulee or other desserts.

2. Aluminum Foil Paper

It may seem very odd or unbelievable that only foil paper can work as the kitchen torch. But yes, it can be if you know how to use it. At first, you have to cut a piece of aluminum foil paper exactly in size of the Brulee topping. Then, on one side, spray some non-stick cooking solution or oil. Next, arrange some sugar and mix it well for making the topping. Then place it on the non-sticky side of the foil paper. Now put the foil paper on cooking paper. Let it broil.

Broil it for a few seconds at first and check it so that it cannot burn. Then put it again on the broil if the caramel is not ready. When the caramel is ready, remove it from the foil paper and set it over the dessert or Brulee.

There are some risks of burning the crust. But if you try it twice or thrice, you will learn to do it gently.

3. On the Stove

Are you thinking about how it is possible to make caramel on the stove? Yes, it is possible. First, you have to add necessary ingredients- sugar, honey, and water in a small quantity. Keep these items on a saucepan, and then mix them well. Now place the pan on the stove and heat it on medium heat. Stir it and turn it into a nice smooth golden texture.

After making the caramel correctly, pour it on the top of the creme brulee torch or other dessert. Pouring it correctly is a matter here to get the proper form. Pour it in a circular motion keeping the cup slightly in angle. This position will help to set the caramel nicely as it does while using the torch.

Some electric stove has the broiler function. You can use this to caramelize the top of the Brulee. At first, place the rack of the broiler of the stove on the top slot. Next, heat the broiler at medium heat. When the stand is red hot, keep the cup of the Brulee or bowl of the desert under the rack. Keep it like this until it turns into a golden crust.

So, you can use the stove to find the alternative to a kitchen torch in these two ways. In these methods, the crust will be thicker than during kitchen torch use.

4. Broiler Use

A practical kitchen torch substitute is using the broiler. At first, heat the broiler for some time until it gets super-hot. Now place the custard underneath the hot broiler. Before reaching the custard to broil, you have to keep it in the fridge at least for one day so that it gets cool. Cool custard takes the heat fine when using the broiler. Next, broil it until it starts to get the golden color of the caramel. But you should not wait to get the color fullest because it can burn it.

So, even it is less cooked and had less colorization, remove it from the broiler and place it over the top layer of the Brulee. Cool it a little and set on the topping correctly. It may not be precise as a kitchen torch does, but it is okay.

5. Broil in the Oven

In the oven, there is a broiler section most of the time. You can use it as a Kitchen torch substitute. At first, heat the oven keeping the setting at broil heat. Place the rack on the top shelf of the oven. After heating it for 3 to 7 minutes, the oven broiler is ready to use. Take an oven-proof pan and place water with crushed ice. Place the custard cup into the water putting the caramel mix on the top layer. Now heat it for 3 to 4 minutes. The icy water keeps the custard uncooked, and it will only cook the sugar layer at the top.

Do not it for more time to avoid overcooked caramel.

6. Spoon

How can a spoon be an alternative to the kitchen torch or blow torch? Isn’t it surprising? Yes, it is possible, even if it seems incorrect. First, you have to take a large spoon made of metal. Heat it on the stove at the high flame. Now immediately press the spoon down to the sugar top layer of the custard. You will see how the caramelization occurs nicely. It makes a perfect breakable caramel crust on the creme brulee. It is unbelievable, but it does.

7. The Candle Lighter or Grill Lighter

A candle lighter or grill lighter is a common utensil in the kitchen. When you do not find anything to work as a kitchen torch, use this lighter it does not work so great, but you can tackle the situation. This method is not practical, but you can make a within crust on the custard. Yes, it is possible only to make caramel on a small top layer surface with a small quantity of sugar. This process means using the lighter as the kitchen torch, but it takes more time.

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Your creme brulee or dessert is ready to serve only the caramelization is left. That’s when you found that your kitchen torch is missing or damaged. What will you do? Or the dessert is yummy enough, but then you desire to enhance its beauty by making a nice caramel crust on it. But you do not have the kitchen torch. So not making the caramel is not an option. Instead, you have to find out the kitchen torch substitute.

There are seven better options to use as an alternative to the torch. The broiler, oven broiler, or stove broiler section is a poor choice as the broiler cannot heat evenly. But you can use it to use it sometimes. Other options are also great.

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