Major Differences Between Matfer Bourgeat And De Buyer Cookware

Are you looking for heat-resistant carbon steel non-stick pans for your kitchen? The carbon steel pots and pans are great for cooking in any kind of cooktop and oven.

The late arrivals are Matfer Bourgeat and De Buyer, both made in France. The quality of the make-up makes it durable, light, and available at an affordable price.

Let us see the differences great for the two that make them cooking enjoyable.

Matfer Bourgeat

The Matfer Bourgeat brand of cookware is famous for its construction with carbon steel. A popular French brand is strong. The benefits are because of the cast iron, steel makeup. The steel creates an even distribution of heat and uniform cooking.

The Matfer Bourgeat pans are designed to make cooking easy. It reduces the time to cook as the construction material ensures equal heating of the entire pan.

Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer

The black carbon of the pan has no chemicals and is therefore safe. Because of continuous cooking, the steel pan attains non-sticky characteristics. The handle is strong because of steel construction. The design of the angle is such that it makes it comfortable to hold while stirring. It sits well on top of all kinds of stoves.

With the easy to hold with handles, cooking in Matfer Bourgeat pan is satisfying. As there are 9 sizes, you can choose the size appropriate for your cooking needs. The pans disperse heat which, additionally ensures the preservation of vitamins and nutrients of cooked food. In addition, you can grill fish, sear meat and prepare puddings and custards in these French pans.

The outer coating of the pans is very stable, the advantage being that there is no coating of beeswax. The perfect all-purpose pans are becoming popular in the States becomes of the convenience of cooking.


  • Appropriate for all cooking stoves
  • Quality of professional grade
  • Handles welded, makes cleaning easy


  • Require seasoning and constant use to keep surface smooth

De Buyer

A promising brand of cooking pan made in France is the De Buyer, very high-quality cookware. It has beeswax protection to prevent oxidation when stored or needs transportation for marketing. Other top-notch features include carbon steel construction material, a preference of chefs and homemakers who want long-lasting cookware.

Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer

The construction material of this famous cookware comprises 99% iron-carbon of pure steel. Therefore, there is a reduction of oxidation making it sturdy. The popularity of the pans is because of their excellent heat distribution that allows uniform cooking. There are also extra handles that allow easy maneuvering.

Further, the handles are long and easy to turn around while cooking. The De Buyer pans have a flat bottom making them perfect for the distribution of heat. Although expensive, the features are worth the price as these pans last a long time.

The pans have a special coating with Teflon, which makes them non-sticky. With continuous use the pans become seasoned, it becomes perfect cookware for meat, seafood, steaks, and veggies.

However, because the handles have an epoxy coating, they are not compatible with the oven. Cooking in these pans requires pre-heating fat to create a smooth surface for the seasonings. The De buyer is chemical-free but not recommended to wash with detergent.


  • French product
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Video for seasoning in package (in French)


  • Limits oven use due to enamel coating
  • Hand washable
  • Heavy

The Major Differences Of Matfer Bourgeat And De Buyer Cookware


Matfer Bourgeat

De Buyer

Diameter 11-inch 10.2-inch
Thickness 3.0mm 2.5mm
Heat retention Excellent Excellent
Maneuverability Excellent Good
Surface type (Non-sticking) Excellent Excellent
Best features Easy to flip Easy to season
Cost >43 >53

The Advantages Of Carbon Steel In The Construction Of Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer

Although the use of carbon steel is becoming unpopular in home cookware, it is still in demand by professional chefs in restaurants. The reasons are the following.

  • In comparison to Teflon, it has non-stick characteristics
  • In comparison to stainless steel, the retention of heat is higher
  • In comparison to cast iron, easy to pick with a hand and maneuver

Difference Between Matfer Bourgeat and De Buyer

Although the other best construction material for the pan is copper, the price is exorbitant without a non-stick cooking surface. The carbon steel is not as shiny as the copper. Cast iron is coming to the market at a high scale, which is like carbon steel.

Like the cast iron, the carbon steel needs seasoning but attains complete non-stick characteristics after use a few times. Although the carbon steel is lightweight, the capacity to hold heat is quite good, so you can toss and flip your food with ease.

Seasoning Of Carbon Steel

When you buy a carbon steel pan, you will find it coated with wax to prevent rusting. To do the seasoning, you have to take off the coating with a scouring pad and hot water. After drying the pan, set the burner at high heat and set the pan on the burner.

Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer

Pour a very thin layer of canola or vegetable oil. Wipe off the oil with tissue paper to make it clear and does not remain sticky. Set the stove at high heat and heat the pan until smoke appears. Let it stay for 30-minutes. Switch off the stove and let the pan cool down to room temperature. Repeat this heating-cooling process 6 times. The change will be visible in the color of the pan from brown to black.

Cleaning Carbon Steel Pans

Cleaning any cooking utensils important for their maintenance and durability. Similar to other cookware, you need to follow some crucial steps in cleaning carbon steel pans after cooking.

  • Initial Wiping

Before preparing to wash, let the hot steel pot cool down. Wipe well with tissue paper to remove the oil and the residue of the last cooking. If you had cooked low-odor food and were relatively clean, you need not clean further.

Cleaning Carbon Steel Pans
Omnivores CookBook
  • Do Not Use Detergent

If the pot is grubby, wash further with plain or hot water. Do not use detergent, as it can spoil the seasoning.

  • Brush Gently

Food that sticks to the pans will need a brush or sponge to clean. Do not use abrasive or steel wool sponges to clean the surface of the pan.

Cleaning Carbon Steel Pans
Searanch Lodge
  • Do Not Soak n Water

While cleaning carbon steel pans do not use the soaking and scrubbing method of cleaning. Use plain water and a soft brush. Do not leave damp, as it is likely to rust.

  • Dry the Pan Thoroughly

Use a towel to dry your pan thoroughly after washing. Do not leave any moisture. You may pop the pan inside the oven if it is warm after cooking.

Cleaning Carbon Steel Pans
Serious Eats
  • Rub with Oil

Rub the pan with grapeseed or flaxseed oil with a paper towel. Now it is ready to store until the next time.

How To Season Carbon Steel Pan With Flaxseed Oil

Using 100% flaxseed has proven to be one of the best ways of seasoning carbon steel pots and pans. This oil is great and the best as it hardens when heated. Flaxseed oil builds up a non-sticky layer and prevents the pan from rusting. Let us go through the steps of seasoning new pans with flaxseed oil.

Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer
Serious Eats
  1. Remove thoroughly any oily coating of oil that comes with the pan. A soft brush and hot water are enough to get rid of the surface oil coating.
  2. Use flaxseed oil to rub the carbon steel pan. Cover completely without excessive use or dripping when you tilt the pan.
  3. Now, place the plan inside the oven upside down and cook for one hour at 200°C.
  4. Switch off the oven and remove it from the oven.
  5. Cool the pan and wipe off the excess oil before storing.

Re-Seasoning The Carbon Steel Pan

When the pan becomes rusty after some use, you will need to re-season the pan with flaxseed oil. Here are the steps.

Matfer Bourgeat VS De Buyer

  1. Pour a few tablespoons of flaxseed oil (100%) and disperse it uniformly with a help of a paper towel.
  2. Put it on a stove set at medium heat. Let the pan become hot until the oil turns smoky.
  3. Lay aside the pan from the stove, and wipe off the oil with a soft towel. Wipe off the bits of rust.
  4. Cool completely and store.

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Final Words

Now that you have a complete picture of the two French carbon steel pans, you can choose the one that suits your purpose. Both the Matfer Bourgeat and De Buyer are of high standard brands that make cooking enjoyable.

Chefs in France and Europe prefer these brands because of their strength and durability. For homemakers, too, the pans are easy to handle, differing slightly in size, thickness, and maneuverability.

Cleaning and seasoning the carbon steel pan is an essential part of using the pans with long-term durability. Cleaning needs the care to avoid disruption of the non-sticky part. Carbon steel manufactured pots are best to clean with hot water and soft rubbing.

Seasoning helps the pan to become perfect for use in an oven or on top of a stove. The Matfer Bourgeat and De Buyer carbon steel pot brands of cookware are enjoyable to cook food easy.

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