Mustard Powder Alternatives [Top 7 Substitutes]

Mustard powder is vital for some dishes. It makes a tangy and spicy burst of taste that is primarily appreciable. The difference in the mustard taste makes it distinctive, and it is easily noticeable to fin the absence of mustard in the meal.

There are some essential food values of this item. It enhances the taste by cutting the fat of the meat. You will have a sharp touch of spiky flavor while using the mustard in macaroni or pasta.

If there is no mustard in your kitchen and your dish is ready to add, what will you do? You will need the mustard powder substitute. Fortunately, there are some excellent alternatives to mustard powder. If you know them, you can tackle the situation.

Top 7 Mustard Powder Alternatives

Some common kitchen ingredients can be used as an alternative to mustard powder. You will get the opportunity to tackle the challenging situation and have fantastic taste even without the mustard powder. Let’s know the Mustard power substitute.

1. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are the primary source and raw form of mustard. The powder comes from it, and you can make powder at home. Most customers like to have the raw seeds because it is cheaper and provides more raw taste.

The processed mustard powder has refined powder that may reduce the natural tangy taste. These mustard seeds are available in the market. You have to powder it.

You can make powder from the seeds by using traditional mortar and pestle. You have to take a small amount of the seeds to not overflow from the mortar. So, you have to powder in a couple of batches.

If you have a food processor blender, you can use them and make powder quickly. Keep the powdered mustard in an airtight jar and use it anytime you want.

After using it, you may like it more than the processed mustard powder from the market. You can store the homemade mustard powder for one month.

Mustard Powder Substitute

2. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is the most popular spice in southeast Asia and central Asia. This spice has a similar spicy flavor, similar yellow color, and flavor.

This powder has excellent health value. Many people apply it to the skin when there is any injury. It is also called a pain-killer, and so, people have this spice mixing in milk, soup, or even in tea.

For the similarity, the turmeric spice works as a fantastic substitute for mustard powder. Since it has a bit of bitter taste, and you should not use this spice more.

Use a standard amount to the curry; you may use a little more to the fish and meat. Marinating this spice is the best way to utilize the taste, avoiding bitterness.

3. Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is an excellent substitute for mustard powder. It is a mixture of some fantastic tasty spices, including brown mustard seeds, white wine vinegar, water, and salt. This spice mixture works very well as an alternative to mustard powder with a different taste.

The paste form of mustard acts more in adding the spice value than the powder form. This paste is perfect for marinating meat or fish. The amount of the Dijon mustard you have to add is similar to the mustard powder.

substitute for prepared mustard

4. Wasabi Powder

Wasabi is Japanese food. Though this is originated from Japan, it is popular now in the whole world. This spice is mainly used as a paste. The powder form of wasabi can be used as the substitute for mustard powder. The spicy taste is fantastic when using in marinating fish or meat.

But it is a little more piquant and more intense. That’s why many people want to avoid it. So, you should not use it as a dip if you do not like the spicier taste. The wasabi comes from the horseradish family, so that it can substitute the mustard powder very well.

When you are cooking some specific dish, you can use it as an alternative to the mustard powder if you can use it in the right amount. Since it is more pungent, you should add half a teaspoon of wasabi, where you would add one teaspoon of mustard powder.

5. Horseradish Powder

The horseradish powder is like the wasabi. The difference is that it is lighter in pungent taste than wasabi. The flavor and aroma are better than the wasabi. So, it is a perfect alternative to mustard powder.

As you have to add a lesser amount of wasabi, the horseradish powder is similar to the mustard powder. You have to use it exactly as the amount of mustard powder. This spice provides almost the same as mustard powder. It is available in most grocery shops.

So, you can get it from the near shop from your home whenever you want to use it. For the light tangy taste, the horseradish powder is suitable for making glaze, dips, sauce, soups, and salad dressings.

6. Prepared Mustard Paste

Prepared mustard is the paste form of mustard powder. There is a mixture of wet mustard, water, and vinegar. You can make it at home yourself too. To make this prepared mustard, you have to collect dry mustard and paste it out of it using a food processor or blender or traditional mortar and pestle. You will have a fantastic substitute for the mustard substitute.

As the mustard powder has a rawer flavor, you have to use more prepared mustard than mustard powder. You have to use one tablespoon of prepared mustard instead of one teaspoon of mustard powder. You can be sure of the taste of your dish even when you are using the prepared mustard as an alternative to the mustard powder.

substitute for mustard powder in dry rub

7. Arugula Paste

Are you surprised knowing that the arugula can be a substitute for mustard powder? Yes, it is surprising, but it works well. Though it is a leafy vegetable, you can use it as salad dressings or in sandwiches.

The taste of this green spice increases the flavor of the salad or food where you add it for its different leafy taste. To get the mustard powder-like spicy taste, you have to paste it by finely chopping and a little smashing.

Though arugula is good for the salad or sandwich or burger patty, it is not suitable for marinating meat or fish or in soup. It is spicy, but you have to add more of it to match the tangy taste of the mustard powder.

You have to add one tablespoon of Arugula paste instead of one teaspoon of mustard powder. So, if you can keep some arugula in your fridge, you can use them wisely when you are out of mustard powder.

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There are many chances that you are preparing a dish with mustard powder, but you realize that it is not there when you are searching for it in your kitchen. To be a great cook, you should know the alternatives to different spices and ingredients.

Likewise, you should see the mustard powder substitutes. There is much importance of mustard powder to make a unique taste of your dish.

So, do not skip the use of it. Somehow manage using an alternative of mustard powder.

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