Pernod Substitute [Top 10 Pernod Alternatives]

Are you preparing to cook a French seafood recipe? You must be searching for Pernod. Without Pernod, you do not get the actual French taste. Pernod is the French liqueur that is responsible for offering anise-flavor and licoricey aroma to your dish. This liqueur is used chiefly and perfect to use in seafood especially. It provides the juiciest and amazingly delicious taste. You can make cream sauces for fish recipes.

Unfortunately, the Pernod is now always available in your nearby stores. That’s why you should know all the possible Pernod substitute to keep the Pernod taste without it. If you can manage or keep Pernod in your fridge, it is okay. But you may be ready to cook French seafood. Only the Pernod is missing. So, why stop Cooking your favorite French dish? Keep cooking using a Pernod alternative.

Top 10 Pernod Substitute

The lucky matter is that there are efficient Pernod substitutes though the Pernod taste is unique. So, get those handy picks and complete your dish.

1. Pastis

Pastis provides the same star anise flavor that the Pernod has. So, it is a perfect substitute for Pernod. Whenever you do not have the Pernod or do not get Pernod in the nearby market, you can buy the Pastis and use it for your dish. As Pernod has 40% alcohol, Pastis has 40 to 45% alcohol. When you cook your container using the Pastis, the alcohol level decreases slightly and matches the Pernod. So, get Pastis instead of Pernod to finish your cooking.

2. White Wine

White wine is an efficient Pernod substitute. Many people use it for cooking meat or fish. If you are looking for the Pernod and do not find it, you can use the White wine. It works perfectly as Pernod. There are several types of white wine, including smooth wine, dry wine, sweet wine, etc. As an alternative to Pernod, you can use any white wine. It consists of alcohol, and it works to eliminate the tangy odor from the meat and sea fishes. If you cook seafood, you should use more white wine than during pasta cooking.

3. Fennel Seed

Fennel seed can be a substitute for Pernod. Fennel seed has the same flavor as Pernod. But it is raw seeds. You have to make the extract out of it. You have to take the extracted juice out of the fennel seed after keeping it soaked overnight. Then fill a canning jar and mix the vodka topping with sugar. You have to keep it stored for about two months. After two months, it is ready to use. The problem is that it is perfect for use in the baking mixture. It is not wise to use it in cooking. Since it takes time to prepare before use, you can make it for emergency use only.

4. Ouzo

Ouzo offers the same flavor as Pernod because the distillation process in the copper steels makes the Ouzo. After the distillation, it is seasoned with star anise seeds, which is the primary source of the Pernod. This liqueur is far tastier than Pernod because it is fortified with several spices within anise seeds like cardamom, mint, coriander, fennel, and mint. So, you can make similar tastes like Pernod to your seafood using the Ouzo.

5. Absinthe

Absinthe is an excellent substitute for the Pernod. It also gives a similar flavor to Pernod. It is made with Anise, Mugwort leaves, herbs, flowers, and sweet fennel. This is already popular as a licorice spice in Europe. As a Pernod substitute, you can have a fantastic taste in your seafood dishes. It has high alcohol content, and extra alcohol evaporates during cooking time. Then you will get the perfect taste you want. You also can dilute the alcohol with water before using it while cooking.

6. Sambuca

Sambuca is an Italian liquor. It is also anise extracted oils that also has some other herbs and spices like elderflower and licorice. That’s why it also can provide a Pernod-like aroma. The Sambuca is different types like black sambuca, red sambuca, or white sambuca. White sambuca is a readily available item that can be found in your nearby store. When you cannot find Pernod, you can get it and make your dish using sambuca.

7. Anisette

Anisette is also an anise seed family beverage. This is also like the sambuca, pastis, and ouzo. This beverage is popular in many countries like Lebanon, Italy, Malta, Spain, Albania, and Greece. This beverage has a mixture of distilled anise seeds and sugar. It consists of much sugar that makes it sweeter like syrup. So, while adding this beverage to your dish, you should taste it and create a balance of sweetness and spiciness.

8. Whiskey

The whiskey flavor is almost similar to Pernod. It has some difference for the absence of anise flavor, but it is a gentle substitute to Pernod. It offers a unique sweet taste and a smokey aroma. The Whiskey is already in use for cooking slow-cooked foods. It is familiar to use in cooking red meat in Russia and Europe. If you add Whiskey to seafood, you will get a fantastic fragrance. Though there are many types of Whiskey available on the market, you can use any of them as an alternative to Pernod.

9. Vodka

Vodka is the most familiar and popular ingredient that is used in seafood dishes. If you want to make any French seafood dish, you can use vodka as a Pernod alternative. The vodka beautifully enhances the taste of seafood sauces. The vodka is available in all countries, and so you can have it in your dish when you do not find Pernod. It provides a delicious taste to sea fishes, shrimp, and scallops. The vodka eliminates the odor of sea fishes. You can mix some spicy herbs or some spices with vodka to have the additional benefit.

10. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is not similar to the anise flavor and licorice aroma, but it can eliminate the tangy odor of the seafood and add extra sweet and sour mixed taste. For this flavor, it can be a Pernod alternative. The lemon juice is already in use in every place to make salads, drinks, desserts, and savory meals. Besides, lemon juice has extra health benefits like vitamin C. If you like to avoid the alcohol part of the Pernod, lemon juice is a perfect substitute. Lemon is readily available and cheap in every area.

Choose The Pernod Substitute

As there are many alternatives to Pernod, you can use anyone when you need Pernod in an emergency. But there are some differences in the efficiency of these alternatives. Since Pastis, Ouzo, sambuca, absinthe, anisette, and fennel seeds have the same anise flavor, they are the best substitute. You should go for these substitutes at first. When you cannot find them too, search for vodka, Whiskey, and white wine. These beverages are a perfect match to cook dishes. When you do not like to have alcohol in your dishes, you can go for the lemon juices, spices, herbs, etc., as Pernod alternatives.

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There is no worry when there is no Pernod available in your kitchen or even in markets. You several options to tackle the situation. You do not have to skip the use of a particular item, Pernod. Actually, Pernod is unique because it gives an exceptional taste to the French dish. It turns the dish into the French verse. So, choose the right and available Pernod substitute and have the unique taste of your meal.

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