Top 6 Best Replacement For Parchment Paper [Must Have Options]

When you are going to bake some dish or wrap your food to store for a while, you need parchment paper. It is a necessary item for its heat-resistant and non-stick properties. If you have a regular baking works or bundles of food storing job, you may need these parchment papers frequently. Buying loads of parchment paper can be costly for you. Besides, your kitchen can be out of parchment papers, and you need to bake some meals right now.

For these reasons, you will look for a replacement for parchment paper. The fortunate matter is that parchment paper has some practical alternatives to cover up your emergency need or cut your high cost. Know them well and use the other options correctly to have the fantastic parchment paper job.

What is Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper is coated with a silicone layer. The layer provides a nonsticky quality that amazingly helps in cooking and baking. When you use it for baking your meal by wrapping the food with it, it regulates the temperature and perfectly heats the food. This paper is not only heat resistant. It is also water-resistant.

Substitute for Parchment Paper

The use of this paper is not only for baking. There are lots of benefits of parchment paper. To line up the cake pans, parchment paper becomes a must-needed item because spraying cooking oil or butter does not make a perfect finish at the bottom of the pan. When you place your cookies in the oven to bake, wrap them separately with parchment paper. It will prevent your cookies from stuck each other. To keep the dough or meatballs at a specific place, parchment works very well. Steam cooking by wrapping the food with the parchment paper work well too to spread heat evenly.

Parchment paper is helpful as an alternative to funneling.  You can make funnel size with the form and use it to create adequately sized cookies or something like that. So, there are lots of use and benefits of parchment paper. As it can be reused, you can consider buying it based on your budget.

Top 6 Alternatives To Parchment Paper

It becomes awkward when you find that there is no parchment paper in your kitchen drawer. Suppose you find this at the very moment when you are ready with your prep of meal and searching for parchment paper. You will need a substitute for parchment paper at that embarrassing time. So, let’s find out those alternatives.

1. Aluminum or Tin Foil Paper

Aluminum foil is an excellent parchment paper substitute for baking. It works well while lining it on pans or baking trays and even for baking cakes. Making a pouch out of aluminum foil paper is easy and does not require any unique follow-up technique. But you have to apply some grease over the foil to avoid sticking foods to each other. Using foil makes it easy to cook chicken, vegetables, and fish by making a pouch and keeping it in the oven.

parchment paper substitute for crafts

Aluminum foil heats a little more. Cooking takes less time. That’s why you have to be careful about the timing when you bake in the oven. So, use aluminum foil when you are out of parchment paper and make your meal in the coal or grill.

2. Silpat Silicone Paper Mat

Silpat is the brand name of a silicone baking mat. It is also called a baking mat or sheet. The Silpat paper mat is a perfect substitute for parchment paper for baking. This Silpat mat is a more long-lasting and durable addition that works better than parchment paper. It is reusable thousands of times. So, you will be amazed using it at times.

For high-temperature cooking, the silicone pad is a great helping hand. It preserves, heats, and cooks faster than parchment paper. You can reduce your cooking time by using this mat. Besides, Silpat’s nonsticky effect is also better. You can use a Silpat pouch not only for baking but also while cooking on a pan. The Silpat pouch size is easily adjustable that can be suitable for any sized pan.

parchment paper substitute for freezing

Like aluminum foil paper, there is no need for greasing over the mat to make it nonsticky. It is super nonsticky itself for the silicone-made surface. But the problem is that it is pricier than parchment paper. If you want the Silpat for reducing your parchment paper cost, then the Silpat will not be the perfect solution.

3. Making the Surface Nonsticky

The classical nonsticky effect is made by greasing the pan or cooking sheet. You have to spray oil or smear butter over the cooking sheet and place it in the baking pan. Then your baking tray is ready. This sheet works as the perfect substitute for parchment paper in oven.

You can spray oil or cooking spray over the pan. Thus, you can cook fish, vegetables, or chicken with a nonsticky effect. So, no need to worry when there is no parchment paper and also Silpat or aluminum foil. Use this traditional method and cook with the modern effect.

4. Make the Non-Stick Solution

There is a fantastic way to make a non-stick solution with some ingredients from your kitchen. Take butter, oil, and flour, and then mix them well. You can use a hand mixer so that the mixing gets perfection. Now keep it in your fridge for several hours. It is ready to use as a nonsticky sheet.

Substitute for Parchment Paper

It can work as the parchment paper substitute for cookies. Apply pastry brush and spread this sheet on your baking tray. It works perfectly as the parchment paper providing the nonsticky solution. But you will not get the heat-regulating answer or heat resistance for higher temperature. So, use this home-made solution in your emergency.

5. Nonsticky Wax Paper

Wax paper can work as a substitute for parchment paper well. There is a thin coat of wax on both sides of the paper. These wax coats are water-resistant and also offer non-stick effects. That’s why the substitute wax paper for parchment paper is ideal for covering the countertops, spreading a layer between desserts for keeping them separate. It can also be used to cover the base of the pans. The wax paper keeps the mess out of your kitchen, keeping the messy processing neat.

Non Sticky Wax Paper

When you cook by steaming, cover the top of your pan with wax paper. It will work as the parchment paper perfectly. The most helpful fact for wax paper is that it is very cheap comparing with parchment paper. So, using wax paper to cutting the cost of parchment paper is the correct way.

Wax paper is also helpful to measure some ingredients as you can use the wax paper by funneling it directly after measurement. Wax paper is reusable material if you use them quite safely.

The problem with wax paper use is that it is not heat resistant. You cannot use it for baking or in the oven. The wax from the paper will melt, and even it can catch fire. So, if you need parchment paper to store food or cover the countertop, wax paper is the correct solution.

6. Paper Bags as Food Wrapper

If you are looking for an alternative to parchment paper to use as a food wrapper or store food, you can use paper bags. Paper bags are the latest trendy idea to use as food wrappers while presenting them in restaurants or hotels. You can wrap your food with paper bags and store them in the fridge too.

Paper Bags as Food Wrapper

But keep in mind carefully, the paper bags are not for cooking and baking. Paper has a shallow burning temperature. It will burn immediately after placing it at heat. It can cause accidents too. So, do not use paper bags in the oven or pan.

As a food wrapper, use paper bags and reduce the use of parchment paper.

Change Recipes as Alternative

There are some recent innovations in cooking baked items recipes. For those recipes, you do not need any nonsticky surface or pan to bake or cook. There are some recipes for cookies or cakes too that o not need to use parchment paper. So, you do not have to look for any alternatives for parchment paper. Instead, use those recipes and cook without nonsticky effects.

Freezer Paper vs Parchment Paper

When we have freezer paper available at our home and no parchment paper, we have an inquiry. Is freezer paper can be used a parchment paper. The answer is always “NO.”

Freezer paper can keep safe foods at freeze at low temperature. It cannot work at high temperatures. Instead, it will catch fire at the cooking temperature. Then why we have this question? It is for a similar appearance. Many of us make mistake freezer paper for wax paper. It looks like wax paper.

Substitute for Parchment Paper

Look closely that the wax paper has a coating of wax on both sides. But the freezer paper has coating at one side, and it is a thin paper comparatively. Besides, parchment paper does not have any layer. It is itself a paper made of nonsticky material.

So, do not use freezer paper as an alternative to parchment paper mistakenly.

Wise Use of Parchment Paper

When you are searching for backup for the parchment paper cost, think wisely about all the alternatives. There is a small roll of parchment paper that allows you to buy them in small quantities. However, you can reuse your parchment papers. If you use your papers softly and keep them safe from a large mess, you can increase their reuse. So, before going for the alternatives, try to use parchment paper wisely and be frugal.

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Final Thoughts

At the time of emergency use of parchment paper, you can use any alternatives to cook or bake. In a real sense, there is no substitute for parchment paper that works accurately. As parchment paper has several uses, each replacement can work for individual use of parchment paper.

So, try to use parchment paper wisely and use the alternatives at special incidents. But the other options, sometimes, work significantly to tackle the awkward situation. Be careful while using the opportunity for parchment paper. Know the boundary of these alternatives and use them accurately.

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