Substitutes for Sweet Rice Flour

Rice flour and sweet rice flour are not the same ingredients. Instead, it is much different. The long or medium-grain white rice makes the regular rice flour, and the short-grain white rice makes the sweet rice flour. It is not sweet, as the name says. It provides a pleasant and tasty milky aroma. The most significant point is that the sweet rice flour is called “Glutinous rice flour,” though they are not glutinous. They make sticky and thickening binding properties while cooking.

Since it is not like regular flour, the distinctive nature makes it necessary to make sweet rice flour. You can make a delicious dessert-like mango rice pudding, mochi, etc. What will you do if there is no sweet rice flour and you are ready to cook your dish? You will need to use one of the substitutes for sweet rice flour. What are they? Let’s have an idea about them.

Substitutes for Sweet Rice Flour

Though sweet flour has a glutinous nature, you can make gluten-free baked foods. It is a lightweight flour, and so you may have to mix it with another flour type to make it regular heavy. For this light texture, you can have some substitute for this sweet flour that is gluten-free. When you do not have this in your kitchen or do not find it in the nearby stores, you can keep cooking with the substitutes for sweet rice flour.

1. Almond Flour

Almond flour is quite different from sweet rice flour. It is not sticky at all. As it is gluten-free and low-carb flour, you can use it instead of sweet rice flour. Besides, the health value is far greater in almond flour than in sweet flour. There is a high range of protein and various vitamins and minerals in almond flour. Almond flour has a more distinctive aroma than sweet flour. Many people already use this flour as they like the nutty flavor of the dessert.

Substitutes for Sweet Rice Flour

As there are differences between them, you may add some sugar or milk to almond flour to get the sweet flour taste. As it is gluten-free, you can add some binding agent to have the sweet flour stickiness. To have the same flour flavor, you may add more almond flour than sweet flour to your dish. You should add one and a half cups almond flour where you need one cup sweet flour. After using almond flour as an alternative to sweet flour, you may like to use this almond flour more for future use.

2. Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is similar to sweet rice flour. It provides the same stickiness while using to cook. You can make the same chewy texture in a bit of amount when you add water to it. It absorbs water like sweet flour and then becomes glutinous. So, you can use the same quantity as sweet flour. Since it does not have the sweetness or slight milky flavor like the sweet flour, you can add a little sugar or milk to have the same taste. Besides, it is a perfect substitute for sweet flour.

what is a good substitute for sweet rice flour

3. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is much similar to sweet flour rice. It is gluten-free and light in texture. It also has powder properties. So, it is outstanding to replace the sweet flour. The only difference is that it is not as sticky as sweet flour, and it has a slight coconut flavor. You can add a bit of a binding agent to match the sweet flour. You have to use a little more coconut flour than sweet flour. You can add one and a half coconut flour, where you have to add one cup of sweet flour.

Coconut Flour

4. Potato Starch

Potato starch is extracted as a fine powder. It matches with the sweet flour properties. Potato starch has almost no flavor. This starch is proper for making a solid binding agent. It can hold lots of moisture to thicken the batter or cooked dish. This is perfect for making baked goods. As it is flavorless, you can add a little sugar to it before using it. You have to add up a similar amount of potato starch like the sweet flour.

what can replace sweet rice flour

5. Sorghum Flour

Sorghum flour is similar to sweet flour in terms of sweetness, light texture, and other properties. You can add a bit of a binding agent to match the sweet flour stickiness as it does not have thickening properties. The practical matter for sorghum flour is that it is full of health values.

what can i substitute for sweet rice flour

Since there are many similarities to the sweet flour, you can add only one tablespoon and add more after when you feel the need. It is because it takes time to provide consistency. Depending on the recipe, you may have to add up a little binding agent. Modify it by adding a binding agent, sweetener, etc., as much as you need.

6. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is a similar time of flour like sweet flour. You can make the sticky property as sweet flour. You have to use the exact amount that you use sweet flour. There is a measurement structure for sweet flour quantity when you use it to thicken a soup or liquid. You have to add one tablespoon of cornstarch to reduce one cup of liquid. It is like the sweet flour quantity.

what can i use instead of sweet rice flour

When the cornstarch mixed liquid gets heated, it becomes stickier, and so, you have to keep it in mind and add a little at first. Then increase the amount slowly in small batches.

Cornstarch thickens any liquid, whether it is cool or hot. It binds with the liquid very finely. You can make a glossy shine using cornstarch in little quantity. So, use cornstarch as an alternative to sweet flour.

Make your Sweet Rice Flour

There is a way to make sweet rice flour at home. Yes, if you have short-grain rice, you make your sweet flour. From one cup of rice, you will be able to make two cups of sweet flour.

Let’s know the preparation of sweet rice flour.

Step-1: Wash the rice several times until it gets clean and clear. After cleaning it properly, keep it soaked overnight. If not, at least keep it soaked for 8 hours. After soaking, you will see that the rice becomes double in size.

Make your Sweet Rice Flour

Step-2: Now, strain the soaked rice. Make a fine powder using the food processor or blender, or traditional mortar and pestle. Sift this powder in a clean mesh and remove the large leftovers. You can blend the large portion of the rice that you got after sieving and again sift them. Now, you can let it dry for a while.

Now the rice flour is ready as a fine powder. You can store this flour in the refrigerator to have them intact for a long.

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There is no worry if you do not have the sweet rice flour close to your hand. If you are preparing a dessert that needs sweet flour, you can go for any substitute present in your kitchen. All the substitutes for sweet rice flour work well. If you need, you can modify them a little by adding up sweetener, binding agent, etc. So, why delay? Let’s get to cook an excellent sweet dish with sweet flour or its alternative.

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