Vegetables That Start with Z

Here is the list of vegetables that start with Z, in case you need to know what vegetables begin with Z for your next school assignment or just because you like vegetables.

You can also find a page that includes all the foods that start with Z on our site, if you change your mind and want to explore more foods, not just vegetables.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started with the vegetables starting with Z.

Vegetables That Start with Z

1. Zucchini:

In your search for an answer, you probably asked yourself, “What vegetable starts with a Z, besides zucchini?” hoping to discover more answers and options. There are no other options available to us.

An elongated summer squash, zucchini can reach a length of up to 1 meter. The color of zucchini is green. Good fruits and vegetables are both zucchini.

The zucchini is also known as courgette in French. Potassium is an essential mineral for many bodily functions, so potassium is abundant in this fruit. They are excellent in salads, or layered on your hamburgers or pizza! Slice or chop them up and mix them in!

In addition, we have information about zucchinis and recipes using them.

Naming of Zucchini

It has three English names, all of them meaning ‘small marrow’: zucchini, courgette, and baby marrow (South African English). Zucchini (an Italian loanword), courgette, and baby marrow (French, french loanwords). Its Latin name cucurbita means ‘gourd’. Zucchini and courgettes are doublets.

Taxonomy of Zucchini

There is a class of toxins called cucurbitacins which can be found in Cucurbitaceae plants, such as zucchini, marrow, pumpkin and cucumber. The plants produce these steroids to defend themselves against predators, and humans dislike the taste of them.

Cucurbitaceae bred in cultivation have low levels of toxins and are safe to consume. Pumpkin ornamentals can, however, contain high levels of cucurbitacin, and such ornamental plants can cross-fertilize edible cucurbitaceae-seeds derived from such cross-fertilization can potentially be used by gardeners to grow food in following seasons.

In addition to dry weather or irregular watering, the toxin is also produced if the water is not properly hydrated. In order to avoid tasting the zucchini themselves, elderly individuals (particularly those with impaired taste buds) should ask a younger person to taste it for them.


A person over the age of 60 has been killed by this toxin in 2015. Researchers warned gardeners that saving their own seeds might result in the seeds reverting to forms that contain more poisonous cucurbitacin.

A protein present in zucchini can also cause allergic reactions. A viscous substance is also released when peeling zucchini that offers the appearance of superglue when it dries on the hands.

Zucchini Nutrition

Summer squashes, including zucchini, have a high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from being filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, it is also packed with antioxidants.

Nutritional information per zucchini:

  •    Calories: 49
  •     Carbs: 12 grams
  •     Protein: 1 gram
  •     Fat: 0.1 gram
  •     Fiber: 6.4 grams
  •     Vitamin C: 44% of the RDI
  •     Folate: 4% of the RDI
  •     Iron: 4% of the RDI
  •     Magnesium: 4% of the RDI
  •     Potassium: 6% of the RDI
  •     Manganese: 4% of the RDI

Health Benefits of Zucchini

People on diets that are health-conscious or trying to lose weight often enjoy zucchini as a vegetable. It holds a lot of water and fiber in addition to the above nutritional ingredients, making it ideal for feeling full and filling up with less food.

Vitamin C is another important component of this veggie, which contributes to boosting the immune system and preventing disease.

In addition to promoting heart health and naturally lowering cholesterol, anti-inflammatory properties also promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

How To Eat Zucchini

Zucchinis taste mild, sweet, and a little bitter when they are ripe. The first bite has a spongy interior and a lot of crunch. Directly, zucchini slices don’t have much taste. However, when it’s dressed up with herbs and dressings, it becomes quite tasty.

In addition to other vegetables, zucchini is often chopped up and served with a green salad or seared on the grill with some dressing.

Zucchini can be baked in the over or you can make it yourself by adding spices.

Famous Zucchini Recipes

i. Zoodles

In addition to zucchini noodles, zucchini can be made into individual meals by making it into zoodles. The soggy noodles in comparison to the real deal are not to everyone’s taste. Others, however, believe this vegetable makes a healthy alternative to pasta and goes very well with sauces.


ii. Zucchini Fritters

Despite being healthier than typical fried foods like chicken fingers and french fries, zucchini fritters are still deep-fried in a doughy cake and topped with your favorite ingredients.

Zucchini Fritters

iii. Zucchini Fries

It is also common to have zucchini fries as an unhealthy snack. To make tasty vegetable-inspired French fries, these vegetables are cut into strips and then fried or baked in oil.

Zucchini Fries

iv. Zucchini Bread

This food may not seem like it has a lot of flavor, but it is definitely delicious. As a result of the combination of ingredients mixed with different flavors, zucchini bread may easily be confused with banana nut bread or raisin bread.

Zucchini Bread

Bonus 1: Zingiber Officinale

We offered you more than just zucchini, so we are including Zingiber as well.

Known as ginger, the edible plant Zingiber Officinale is most commonly used for its medicinal properties and hot, spicy flavor, which adds zing to meals and desserts.

Roots are the most commonly consumed part of the plant, but the whole plant can be ingested.

This root is sometimes used to treat stomach problems like nausea and indigestion, as well as inflammation, pain, colds, and coughs.

Zingiber Officinale

Bonus 2: Zostera Marina

Zostera marina, which is also called the eel plant, is the final filler plant on the list. Though these plants are not common today, Native American Indians used to consume their leaves as feast foods and chew their stems for their juices.

Native American Indians used the root of the plant as part of their winter food supplies because it was sweet and convenient to freeze.

Zostera Marina

A Shocking Surprise

The vegetable zucchini isn’t even technically a vegetable. In the culinary world, zucchinis are definitely considered vegetables, and most people wouldn’t have guessed otherwise. Botanically, scientifically, and technically speaking, this green, bland, hard-skinned vegetable is a fruit.

There are seeds in fruits, but not in vegetables. There are definitely seeds on a zucchini, so it can be considered a fruit.

Since fruits (as well as most of the population) are considered sweet treats (and veggies are generally a mild taste for main courses), no one is aware of the fruit vegetable debacle.

People are skeptical about the fruit’s status since it isn’t as sweet as an apple.

There is nothing more to say about vegetables starting with Z.

Were you able to find something? We will add missing vegetables to this page if you let us know in the comments section below.

Final Verdict

Although we wish we could offer you more than one half-vegetable on this alphabet list, we hope you have learned a lot about the variety and uses of the Zucchini plant. Maybe someday there will be a plant created with a catchy name starting with a Z and yielding a full-blown vegetable to add to our list, like a Zaltini or Zipple or Zeen?

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