What Does Mirror Glaze Taste Like?

You must have had plenty of cakes with a mirror glaze. Mirror glaze is an amazing way of decorating cakes. The name mirror glaze comes from the highly reflective, super smooth glossy surface it produces on the surface of a cake. The glaze is as thin as only a millimeter. 

But cake lovers are curious about what does mirror glaze taste like. The glaze itself tastes delicious with a delicate flavor. As it is not that sweet, so it suits many of us. Because of the gelatin, it is shiny and you can see the reflection of the face on it.

You can prepare the mirror glaze with various kinds of colors and flavors. The glaze works well for mousse cake. It can work on plain or chocolate cake. The shine of the cake is the pretty part of the whole decoration. If refrigerated it stays shiny for 2-3 days, until becoming cloudy.

How To Make A Mirror Glaze?

Making a mirror glaze is easy. However, you have to be careful in the last step when you can pour the liquid into perfect glazing solid. The mirror glaze is because of the gelatin. After mixing the other ingredients and heating to the sugar and cocoa, the dissolved pre-hydrated gelatin can be added. Pour the gelatin after cooling the mix to the right temperature.

What Does Mirror Glaze Taste Like

Some Tips On Preparing the Glaze

  • Perfect Temperature

The temperature of the glaze before topping the cake is critical. The too hot or too cold temperature will not allow the glaze to pour or settle. It is best to use a digital thermometer and watch the temperature. The best temperature for pouring and solidifying is 28-30°C. However, your judgment and practice will help you in reaching the perfect temperature. 

  • Blending the Mixture

To make the mixture shiny and smooth, the hand blender is the best. The blending must be continuous so that no bubbles enter. The better the blend the more is the smoothness and shine.

  • Pouring the Mixture

A tip on easy pouring of the mixture is to use a cling paper film on the table and let the mirror cake on the top of a wire rack. If there are drips, they will fall on the cling sheet and not spoil the tablecloth.

How To Store The Glaze

If the amount of mirror glaze you prepared is more than what you need for a cake, you may have to store the leftover for use later. You can keep the glaze in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and later use the microwave to melt it. A good stirring should melt the rubbery part and smoothen it out itself.

Tools Required For Handling The Glaze

A cake lifter and a palette knife are essential for handling the glaze perfectly. The palette is used to wipe off the excess glaze from the top of the cake. The cake lifter helps transfer from the rack to the serving plate stand.

What Does Mirror Glaze Taste Like

Ready To Mix Glaze

If you do not have time to do the glaze from scratch, you can buy the mix with Glossy Mirror Glaze that is ready to use. You can mix it, heat it in the microwave and pour it in on the oven. 

The Ingredients Used For Mirror Glaze

Making a mirror glaze is easy if you have the ingredients in the required amounts. Let us see what the essential ingredients are. 

  • Gelatin

The ingredient that sets the liquid onto the cake is gelatin. Gelatin is collagen hydrolyzed to create the gelatin. It is a tasteless and colorless water-soluble material. It dissolves in water. It contains protein collagen, derived by boiling tendons, skins, and bones of cows and pigs. After dissolving in water, the gelatin becomes a liquid gel. The gel gives a glossy appearance of glaze. 

  • Sugar

The addition of sugar makes the gelatin sweet and thickens it. The sugar should dissolve completely. You may need to heat the water and sugar to dissolve it well. Instead of sugar, you can also use glucose syrup, which, is lightly less sweet.

  • Water

Water hydrates the gelatin. The measured water added makes the gelatin of the correct consistency. Water also helps in dissolving the sugar and creates the glaze.

does mirror glaze taste good

  • Cocoa Powder or Chocolate

Chocolate or powder cocoa gives the glaze a rich chocolaty taste. 

Chocolate aid in solidifying the glaze at it is at a solid state at normal temperature. The fat in the chocolate also helps in crystallization. However, the chocolate or cocoa will make the glaze somewhat translucent.

U sing chocolate dressing in cakes impacts easy flow over the surface of a cake. The unique feature of chocolate to flow easily is an advantage to adding chocolate in mirror glaze.

  • Cream or Condensed Milk

Using a dairy ingredient is also common in mirror glaze. This makes the glaze rich and delicious. In adding condensed milk, blend the mixture well so that there are no clumps. However, like chocolate, the dairy ingredients may make the glaze translucent. 

  • Colors and Flavors

If you do not use chocolate, you may use vanilla or whatever flavor you like. The color also depends on your choice. 

Characteristics That Make Glaze Mirror-Like

The glaze for topping the cake must be smooth and flat to make it mirror-like. The light reflects from a smooth surface like in a lake.

1. Need of a Smooth Surface

The need for a flat and smooth surface is necessary to get the impact of the mirror effect of the glaze. If the surface of the cake is uneven, the glaze will not spread properly and obstruct reflection. After pouring the glaze the layer underneath should not absorb the glaze. If parts of the glaze are absorbed in the air bubbles of the cake, the smoothness on top will be lost.

Characteristics That Make Glaze Mirror-Like

2. Thickness of the Glaze

To achieve a smooth layer for reflection of light, the glaze should be thick. Too thin a layer may not help in creating a smooth surface. Again, if you pour the glaze when it is hot, it will run down and not show a perfect shine.

What Does Mirror Glaze Taste Like

3. Glossy Ingredients

The ingredients you use also help in the reflection of light. Not all ingredients produce very reflective mirror glaze. Chocolate makes it translucent. So does the proportion of the luminous ingredients you use. 

Does The Mirror Glaze Loose The Shine?

Once the mirror glaze is set right, the glaze is perfect under refrigeration. You can easily keep it for a week. The gloss stays longer if the proportion of gelatin is perfect. The loss in shininess occurs if the glaze is too hot. The second reason is the condensation of water over the glaze.

Mirror Glaze


Mirror glaze is a unique way of decorating cakes. The glaze also adds a less sweet taste to the cake. The fascinating thing about the purpose of mirror glaze is the production of your reflection as you stand beside the decorated cake. The image of your face and the surrounding in a party atmosphere is fantastic. 

Mirror glaze aids in the decoration of any type of cake, no matter what the flavor. To make the flavor of the cake go with the mirror glaze, you can create a chocolate cake with chocolate mirror glaze. Happy hands-on mirror glaze!

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