What Does Triggerfish Taste Like

If you ever had triggerfish, you would know the taste and flavor. The triggerfish white meat is like sweet crab and shell fishy but unique taste. On cooking, the white triggerfish meat has a sweet flavor, not the same as other seafood, and can be a favorite food for people who are not into eating fish. Once you develop the taste of triggerfish, it can be a part of your regular meal.

 What Is A Triggerfish?

Triggerfish is one of the 40 species of marine shallow-water fish. The triggerfish occupy the tropical and sub-tropical oceans of the world. It is a popular catch in the Mexican Gulf and Caribbean reefs. The most usual places where triggerfish abode is the Florida waters. Depending on the region from where you fish, the names of triggerfish are different. The names include Grey, Reef, Clown Lagoon Balistes, or Titan. No matter what you call them, the taste of triggerfish is an adventure of home cooking in various ways you can enjoy your food.

What Does Triggerfish Taste Like

The fish is amazingly colorful, deep-bodied having large scales, high-set eyes, and a small mouth. Triggerfish are deep-bodied, usually colorful fishes with large scales, small mouths, and high-set eyes. A characteristic of triggerfish is the set of teeth. As a result, the female fish can be aggressive sometimes to protect their egg. The large Titan triggerfish can also attack divers if they are unaware. If a triggerfish bites you, take it seriously and get professional help.

The body of the triggerfish is compressed and oval-shaped. The head is quite large; the mouth is strong-jawed with a sharp mouth. Away from the mouth and at the top of the head are small eyes. It has fins on both sides and a sizable tail. The highest length and weight a triggerfish can reach is 30 inches and 13 pounds, respectively.

 Nutrition Of Triggerfish

One of the delicious sea fish, one serving of triggerfish, contains 85 calories, 1 gram fat, 16 gram protein, and no carbohydrate. The fat is omega fat and thus, not harmful to health. As it is an excellent source of protein, triggerfish is healthy food.

 Catching Triggerfish

Do you prefer to catch a triggerfish with an angler? You need 4 or 6 number size hooks. Frozen sardines, oysters, clams sliced squid’s tentacles are the baits usually used as baits. A 50-pound weighing test line is excellent for a moderate fish.

is triggerfish good for you

Frozen sardine, clams, oysters, octopus squid’s tentacles are the used fishing baits. As the fish comes to the surface, gently place the bait close to the fish. Hold tight and pull the fish up. The triggerfish may be aggressive sometimes, so keep a distance away from the shore with a tight grip. The teeth of triggerfish are sharp and can bite.

 How To Cut And Clean A Triggerfish?

Cut the skin of the fish first. With the tip of a knife, poke into and under the skin and cut inside out. Cut out two/third of the skin towards the tail, using blade of the knife. Cut out the fillet pieces from one side of the rib first. Hold the fish fillet working from the tail end of the fish. Separate the meat from the skin by holding the knife to a 30-degree angle. Keep close to the skin, not too loose, and fish meat.

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With the help of the blade of the knife, turn around and remove the fillet from the head. Continue to use this sharp knife to do the opposite side. You may split each side from the center into two to look like V-shaped pieces of meat. Rinse with water before cooking.

Cooking Triggerfish

Cooking triggerfish is not a big deal, as it does not need many spices. The flavor of the fish itself makes it tasty. There are a few ways that you can prepare triggerfish to get the best feel.

  • Baking Triggerfish

In a baking pan, add olive oil at the bottom so that the fish does not stick. Preheat the oven to 350°F, place the triggerfish pieces in the pan, and spray with lime or lemon juice. Season with pepper and salt.

Place the pan with the fish in the oven. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Turn the fillet pieces and bake for another 10minutes. Reduce the time of baking if you think it will be overdone. The fillet is done if it looks opaque and flaky. Serve hot with a vegetable dish.

Cooking Triggerfish

  • Broiling Triggerfish

By broiling the triggerfish, you can make an enjoyable food. For broiling, cover a broiler pan with olive oil. Place the triggerfish in the pan and a few drops of lime or lemon juice, season with black pepper and salt.

Place the broiler with the fish fillet inside the oven. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Turn the fillet on the other side and add lemon juice and seasoning. Boil it for another two minutes, but do not overcook. Remove from the oven and serve hot with a vegetable dish.

  • Frying Triggerfish

A most popular way of having triggerfish is by frying. The recipe calls for eggs, salt, and pepper. Break two eggs in a medium-sized bowl, Season with pepper and salt. Whisk it to mix well.

Take 2 cups flour in another bowl. Cut the fish into small sizes. Dip the pieces first in the egg mixture and then in the flour. Coat the pieces of fish well.

In a deep frying pan, heat four cups of cooking oil. Heat the oil to about 375°F. Fry the pieces with stirring and turning for about 10 minutes. Remove the pieces of fish with a spoon and drain out the extra oil. Lay the pieces of fish in a serving dish on top of a paper towel. You may add lemon juice and tartar sauce before serving. Serve hot.

Frying Triggerfish


The fishy taste, unique flavor, and texture make triggerfish a favorite food of seafood lovers. The taste also comes with the recipe and cooking style. Once you know the technique of cooking, triggerfish may be one of the reliable food to encompass in your eating regimen.

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